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Coffee and Fair Trade

A regular coffee consumer should be aware of the kind of coffee they are consuming. Fair trade coffee means that it has been procured through a process that meets the standards of fair trade. The organizations that deal with fair trade make sure that partnerships are...

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Interesting Folklore That Revolve Around Coffee

Folklores are often given the tone of fantasy and myths that are the only stuff that people imagined. Over time, these got codified in stories and have been passed on through generations. However, myths and folklore are a little more than just fantasy. They come from...

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What is Peaberry coffee and what makes it so special?

Most coffee enthusiasts must have stumbled upon the peaberry phenomenon that has sprung up in the last couple of years. In fact, you might have found yourself asking the question – what makes it such a premium coffee, etc. What is a peaberry coffee bean? A peaberry is...

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