Many people are just stuck with an espresso, cappuccino, or latte when it comes to strong coffees. They don’t think about other coffees that they can consume when they crave for a strong cup of coffee.

Espresso comes in many different versions. For instance, Brazilians drink their coffee with lime, Americans put an additional dose of espresso to their brewed coffee, Hungarians aromatize their black drink with coffee and sugar, and so on. So, let us take a look at four different types of strong coffees that not many people know about.

  1. Red Eye

Red eye coffee is made when you mix any brewed normal drip coffee with an espresso shot. This coffee is known as red eye since it’s required when someone’s eyes are red after a night watch or normally. This coffee seems like Doppio, however, Doppio is made of two espressos. In fact, in Italian, doppio refers to double. This label refers to the amount of water as well as coffee. You can choose several varieties of red eye coffee as per your choices.

  1. Black Eye

Black eye coffee is quite similar to red eye coffee. However, in black eye coffee, there are two doses of espresso and one cup of brewed coffee. Moreover, black eye coffee is not related to the color of the eye of the consumer in any way. It has this name because it comes from the black blur that you see on the coffee surface during interfusion.

  1. Green Eye

Green eye is the strongest coffee on this list. In this coffee, there are three espresso shots. This type of coffee is ideal for people who can withstand strong coffee. This coffee originates from the United States of America and most of its fans are there only.

  1. Guillermo

Guillermo is also one of the strongest coffees on this list. It is prepared with one slice of lime that is put at the cup’s bottom and coffee is brewed over it. The sour taste of lime further accentuates the coffee’s natural sweetness.

If you feel this is too sour for you, you can also go for the Sicilian version. You can prepare this coffee in the same way but with an orange peel and brown sugar before you brew espresso on it. This coffee is quite popular among Brazilians.

However, people who have a sensitive stomach should be careful while drinking this type of coffee since coffee and lime together are acidifying. And, make sure you don’t drink this coffee at night unless you want to stay awake all night.

So, these were the four not-so-popular strong coffees that you should definitely try being a coffee aficionado. No matter which one of these strong coffees you opt for, you must consume them in moderation since they have lots of caffeine.

The human body can process about three to 400mg of caffeine per day, which equals three to four cups. This means two cups of black and red eye coffee and one cup of green eye coffee, which is the strongest one. You can have these coffees in the morning when you wake up after a hard day’s night.