For a coffee purist, plain old coffee is the best tasting coffee. But not everyone is a fan of pure coffee. Some prefer adding a splash of flavor in the form of French vanilla or hazelnut or some other flavor.  Further flavored coffee has a special taste, aroma and warmth that make it a very popular drink. Here are some important flavors used in coffee.

Vanilla Extract

While sugar and cream enhance the taste of coffee they also add unwanted calories. One way to avoid those calories but get the creamy goodness is to add vanilla extract to your coffee.

Add a single vanilla bean to the coffee grounds when you are brewing to get the best results. For a stronger vanilla flavor, the bean should mix with the coffee grounds for longer time.

If you do not have any vanilla beans, add a few drops of extract to the brewing pot or just a drop to your cup of coffee.


To get a spicy flavor in your morning cup of coffee, add cinnamon to it.

Add a stick of cinnamon to the brewing pot while the coffee is hot. This will ensure the flavor of the cinnamon is extracted fully into the coffee.

Alternatively, you can also add a pinch of cinnamon powder to your cup of coffee. Cinnamon not only spices up the flavor of your coffee, it is rich in antioxidants so helps in boosting your immunity.


Cardamom is a common addition to coffee brewed in Middle Eastern countries. The flavor is exotic and identical to ginger flavor. You can add one or two pinches of cardamom powder to freshly brewed coffee or add cardamom seeds to coffee beans while grinding them to get the full flavor.

Apart from adding unique taste to your coffee, cardamom is rich in essential minerals and fiber which helps in improving blood circulation.


Nutmeg adds an earthy flavor to your coffee. It adds a mild sweet flavor to your coffee giving it a unique taste that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Adding the right amount of nutmeg is a bit difficult but a small pinch of nutmeg powder to your cup of coffee will be sufficient. You can try different amounts until you find the right flavor.


Ginger is similar to cardamom in taste. It changes your coffee into a seasonal and flavorsome drink.

To get the best tasting ginger flavored coffee add 2 or 3 ginger slices to coffee grounds prior to brewing. Ginger powder can be used, if fresh ginger is not available. Use two tablespoons of ginger powder.


To give a seasonal spring twist in your coffee, add lavender. The spice gives a floral taste to the coffee. But since lavender enhances flavor of citrusy brews, avoid using it in dark and strong coffees.

Add dried lavender to the coffee beans before grinding. Avoid adding too much of lavender. Just a sprinkle of lavender would be sufficient.

For coffee aficionados, the addition of flavors such as those mentioned above can enhance the taste and take their coffee craze to the next level. Try these flavors and find out which suits your palate the best.



Last Updated: 04/02/2023