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Something magical happens around coffee and tea. Just the thought of it warms the heart and soul. There’s more to sharing a cup of coffee together than meets the eye. We want to bring the coffee community closer together by offering a site that allows you to find that perfect magic.

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To help people learn about the tools that will help them brew coffee in a way that meets the needs of their lifestyle. CoffeeCupNews‘s content is structured in a way that meets people where they are in their coffee journey and leads them to a deeper level of perfecting their craft.

 Whether you like to brew your own from whole bean, brewed pour over, espresso, K-Cup, roasted in your own equipment, latte art poured by you or go to a coffee house everyday this is a site you can feel welcomed. 


 Our Main Goal…

To help people find and make really good coffee at home. This is and will remain the main driving force behind everything we do on this site. We carry out this vision through coffee reviews, machine reviews, how to’s and informational posts.


Our Mission…

To keep a site fresh, informative and updated to allow users a place to always find great information relative to their coffee needs. A place where you use as a reference to find, experience and love new coffee and tea.



Passionista. Bringing coffee lovers the latest industry trends, insights, and news. Mary started drinking coffee out of desperation studying for college exams but soon realized a true passion for it. It has been her goal to seek out, understand, and experience new regions and brews. When not drinking coffee with friends, she is outside on the trails, in water or skiing down a hill somewhere.


Passionatour. Bringing the passion to life through web design and programming. Dwayne's love for coffee started about four years ago and quickly discovered new technologies. With his favorite super automatic espresso machine he now enjoys lattes at home before he begins his day. Dark roast is by far is favorite.

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