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Air roasting is a more advanced method used to roast coffee. Coffee roasted using this method bears a unique, delicious and very clean finished flavor.


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Air Roasted Coffee Beans

Only a very little percent of the total coffee produced in the world is roasted using this method. This simply adds up to just about one percent. The quality of coffee produced using this method in enriched in flavor of the green coffee beans and tastes and smells fresher.

It is funny though those most coffee consumers just check the origin and brand of coffee and rarely questions the roasting method. It is important to note that the roasting method highly contributes the final flavor of coffee in a cup.

Background of Air Roasting Coffee

Coffee roasted using air roasting method has a distinguishable quality from coffee roasted using other methods. The most popular one in the world is use of drum roasting. Someone called Michael Sivetz, a coffee industry consultant and chemical engineer pioneered this method. He wrote a discourse referred as coffee technology which was the first one of the type. He also made the very first roasting machine for commercial use for roasting coffee. This developer sold like hundreds of this unique roaster all over the world and other developers are imitating his design method to develop new ones.

Process for air roasting coffee

Here is an example of how companies air roasting coffee goes about it. Though different roasters may go about it differently, the following method almost covers everything.

1. The coffee beans are suspended and roasted on 680 degree Celsius bed of hot air and is commonly known as fluid bed. This is a vortex found inside roasting chamber. This vortex makes it possible for each and every coffee bean inside the chamber to be perfectly and evenly roasted.

2. Once the beans inside the chamber pop and also crack inside the chamber, chaff a cover around the bean is normally blown and pushed away towards a separate chamber. This chaff is removed because if it stays it would burn then get smoked which will give the coffee a bit smoky and bitter taste that would hinder the original natural taste and aroma of a certain bean.

3. The temperatures in the air roasting chamber are distributed evenly amongst all the roasting coffee beans. This ensures that all the beans are uniformly roasted and to the desired level. Note that the coffees are put in the chamber in small quantities for the same reason.

4. The moment the roasting level that is desired is reached the heat source is cut using digital control and also trigger the cooling process.

Some companies using this air roasting method in the world produce among the best tasting coffees in the world. Most coffee roasters use the drum roasting method. Note that air roasting alone cannot produce the best coffee taste. The beans you are roasting also must be high end since air roasting will just best highlight the properties and flavor of these coffees.

How different air roasting is from drum roasting

Majority of the drum roasters used today to roast coffee utilizes hot air which is introduced in the roasting chamber. This hot air makes the coffee bean flip-flop and touches the roasting surfaces something similar to how clothes tumble inside a dryer.

On the other hand using the air roasting method, the beans are put in to a hot fluid chamber containing heated air at high temperatures. The beans are kept in a continuous motion inside the chamber and are roasted by the hot air without touching any surfaces.

The point is that in drum roasting beans are roasted through a surface while in air roasting method the coffee beans are roasted by hot fluid bed of air.

This indicates that the air roasted coffee beans are more uniformly roasted and cases of burnt coffee are very rare provided the heat is put off at the right moment. Coffee beans roasted using the drum method on the other hand may incidentally get scorched by the surface be un-uniformly roasted with some beans being over roasted or under roasted.

It is quite obvious that air roasting produces a cleaner coffee than the other methods bringing out the coffee flavors as natural as possible. The method gets lead of all the characters that can make the coffee burnt, bitter or smoky giving the beat premium product.

Why use the air roasting method for processing coffee

High graded coffees like the Arabica specialty beans deserve a good roasting method that will best highlight the real properties of the commodity. Production of the high end green coffees have greatly advanced with farmers, millers and even transporters and stores improving on their handling of this precious commodities.

This have intern helped to retain the green beans moisture and is not affected by the different conditions. The moisture assists in making coffee more aromatic. For this reason there is need of using an appropriate method such that the efforts of the team involved with the coffee till it reaches the roasting stage is not compromised.

For this reason air roasting is very conversant with such high end coffee beans with richness of flavor and aroma. This is because this roasting method will preserve all this pleasant flavors and aroma to deliver them in the final product, in the cup of coffee.

It is important to note

Coffee roasted using this method varies in the type of roasting. For instance the air roaster can roast them as medium dark which is suitable for flavoring with caramel sugars for a creamy and strong espresso making.

A medium roast is also possible with the air roaster of a cold or pour over brewing. Some coffee beans, like those that are high grown like the blue mountain beans go well with a dark roast so as to best high light the flavor of the bean in a cup of coffee. The temperature is controlled for each roasting method.

Heat is applied not only uniform to each and every bean but also the total surface area of the individual coffee beans. This ensures that the taste and aroma of the coffee beans remain vibrant and intense


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