Local Coffee Shop Closed? Here’s How to Make Your Favorite Drinks at Home

Local Coffee Shop Closed? Here’s How to Make Your Favorite Drinks at Home

Physical distancing is in full effect in most parts of the world right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that many folks are spending much more time at home, it may not be possible to get over to your favorite local coffee spot to sit and enjoy your coffee. Many cafes have adjusted their businesses to provide takeout service only, or only roasting their beans and not serving coffee, but some are not able to do either of these. And even if you could do takeout, isn’t it nice to sit, sip and savour your coffee? If this sounds like all the issues you’re having, I’ve got you covered. Here’s how to make all your favorite cafe drinks at home during these unprecedented times. 

The First Step for Any Good Coffee: Grinding

Depending on what drink you want to make, you may or may not require some specialized equipment. The most important thing to start with is a good coffee grinder. We’re just going to assume you have a proper coffee grinder and not mention it in the specific sections below. Freshly ground coffee, using a good burr grinder is the first step for a great cup of coffee, due to the uniformity and freshness of the grind.

Drip Coffee, K-Cups

If you’ve gotten this far in life and you don’t know how to make drip coffee, use a Keurig or make instant coffee, we’re not sure this article will even help you out with that. If you just want drip or K-cup coffee, just go get yourself a coffee maker and filters, Keurig machine and K-cups, and have at it. We’ve got a few different options here on the site you may want to look at. 

Dalgona Coffee

Got instant coffee laying around the house from that camping trip you took last summer? Well, I’ve got a special recipe for you to try. From social media challenge, to global phenomenon, Dalgona Coffee is now found everywhere you look online. And yes, I realize the irony of that statement since it’s being included in this article. Dalgona coffee is a gloriously smooth and creamy whipped coffee made with equal amounts of instant coffee, hot water, and sugar.

Start by combining 2 tablespoons of instant coffee, 2 tablespoons sugar (cane sugar is best) and 2 tablespoons of hot water, and then mixing or whipping until stiff peaks form. This should definitely be done with an electric mixer, but it is possible by hand. Serve it on top of hot or cold milk and you’re good to go! 

Pour Overs

If you’ve never had a pour over coffee, perhaps scoffing at the idea thinking it’s just an overly complicated and expensive drip coffee, now may be the time to try it out yourself. Making pour over coffee is methodical, meditative, and can produce a wonderful cup of coffee that accentuates the flavors of your beans. To make pour over coffee, you’ll need some specialized equipment. 

The simplest setup involves a reusable metal coffee filter you just place over your coffee mug and pour hot water over coffee grounds. You can also use paper filters, which all have different sizes to dictate what gets through to your cup or is held back in the filter. A gooseneck kettle is typically recommended to allow for a slow, even pour of hot water of your ground coffee, and a scale is also recommended so you can hone in your ratios, though typically 1g of coffee to 16g of water is the standard. As you can see, there’s actually quite a bit to pour overs, so it’s worth investigating more if you find it interesting. 

Espresso, Americano, Long Blacks etc.

If the reason you go to a cafe is to get espresso or an americano, well, you will definitely need some new gear if you want to make these at home since the key to making espresso is forcing nearly boiling water through the coffee under high pressure. For an americano, you just add water to your espresso. For a long black, just add less water! 

Espresso machines are not cheap, but now may be the time to make the investment if you’re going to be needing your coffee fix regularly. Once you’ve got your espresso machine, there are a few key tenants to making espresso to adhere to. Typically you want around 7g of coffee, the temperature of the water to be around 88F and 131 psi of pressure, so the temperature in the cup is around 67F, with around 25ml, poured over 25 seconds. There are so many variables to espresso, and they can change due to variations in bean size, grind size, roast level, even the humidity and temperature on a given day. There is lots to learn here too, so 

Cappuccinos and Lattes

If you’re looking to make cappuccinos, lattes or other milk drinks like cortados, you’ll need an espresso machine to make your espresso (the building block of all these drinks) as well as a steam wand and your choice of milk. Dairy milk always foams the best, but oat milk, almond milk and cashew milk are new dairy-free alternatives that baristas around the world are starting to use more and more. To make a traditional cappuccino, you make a double espresso and top it off with foamed milk. A cappuccino you’d get at a modern coffee shop is more like a small latte, with ratios of ⅓ espresso, ⅓ milk and ⅓ foam. A latte, by comparison, is typically a shot of espresso and steam milk with ratios of ¼ espresso, 1/2 milk and ¼ foam. There are also some other variations such as macchiatos, flat whites and cortados with their own varying ratios. 

The most important thing to note from this article is that regardless of the type of coffee drink you want to make, you’ll need to get some equipment that comes standard in most coffee shops. We’ve got some great articles elsewhere on the site to help you choose the equipment you’ll need which we’d recommend checking out next. 

How To Make Coffee At Home The Way You Like It?

How To Make Coffee At Home The Way You Like It?

For many people, a cup of coffee has become an integral part of their morning routine. This simple beverage can give you all the energy you need to start the day. When getting your coffee, you might turn to a professional barista. They will often have the best tools and coffee beans so they can provide the best flavor.

But what if you could save time and money by making professional-level coffee at home? This might not be as difficult as you think.

Get Quality Beans

The ingredients you use can have a big impact on the way the quality of the coffee that you can create. When doing this, you should strive to find the freshest coffee beans. There are a few ways you can identify them.

First, make sure that you choose a package that has been sealed. It should also have the roasting date on it. While coffee doesn’t expire, it does lose its flavor over time. For this reason, if it was roasted more than three weeks ago, it’s probably past its peak flavor. You might want to try experimenting with different blends and strengths to find the one that you enjoy the most.

You might also want to consider where the beans come from. In the U.S. there are a few states where the conditions are right for coffee production. These are Hawaii and California. However, Puerto Rico, which is a territory of the U.S., also has a thriving coffee industry. Outside of the U.S., the most popular coffee countries are Brazil, Africa, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Colombia. Each of these areas will have a slightly different flavor, so feel free to experiment to find your favorite coffee region.

Get The Right Machine

Once you’ve found the right coffee beans, you’ll need to know how to prepare them properly. To make this easier, there are multiple machines that you can use. Let’s look at some of the most popular approaches.

First, you might want to use an espresso machine. These can make it easier for you to prepare high-quality coffee from home. These work by forcing steam through the coffee. This will help you extract the best possible flavor, so you get a full-flavor coffee experience.

It’s also possible that you might want to use a French Press machine. This is one of the oldest ways of producing coffee. The coffee and boiling water mix in the machine. Then, the press comes down, trapping the grounds and letting you enjoy a great cup of coffee.

A third option to consider is the semi-automatic espresso machine. This will give you more control over the way that your coffee is prepared. For example, you’ll be able to grind the coffee for yourself. You’ll also have control over the brew time. In some machines, you might even be able to steam and froth your milk using the machine’s attachments. This will make it easier for you to customize the drink to suit your exact needs. By doing this, you’ll get a perfect cup every time.  Because of this, these have become one of the most popular coffee machines on the market. If you are thinking of getting one for yourself, but are unsure what to look for, check out this informative best semi-automatic espresso machine for home review.


Many people assume that making professional-quality coffee at home is too time consuming or confusing. But this isn’t the case. As we saw, all you have to do is pair great coffee beans with an excellent coffee machine. So, use these tips to create coffee at home just the way that you like it.

What is fair trade coffee? Why is it an ethical issue?

What is fair trade coffee? Why is it an ethical issue?

Most of us have thought of the journey of coffee beans, right from plucking the bean from the tree to the delicious flavors in our cups. This entire journey of coffee is thanks to the amazing work by coffee farmers. The entire process is quite a lucrative business. But a closer look will reveal complex and unfair practices that work against the farmers. Hence, fair trade coffee came into being as a response to offer a more sustainable and fairer way of trading, especially for coffee farmers.

Similar to the organic certification, a fair trade certification will let you know the origins of the product. All products that have been certified as fair trade share a common history – the farmers and manufacturers who grow or make the product receive a fair price and their environment and communities benefit as well.

Fair trade coffee certification guarantees the following:

Fair price

Farming families receive fair prices for their harvest and premiums that are tailored specifically for community development projects. In some cases, the higher premiums are offered if the coffee has an organic certification as well. Farmers are also eligible for the pre-harvest credit.

Community development

Fair trade workers and farmers are offered fair trade premiums in business development and social projects like quality improvement training, healthcare services, and scholarship programs.

Democratic and transparent organizations

Fair trade coffee farmers and workers decide how to invest in fair trade revenues, which is proof of the democratic process within the business.

Environmental sustainability

Harmful GMOs and chemicals are banned in this certification to protect the health of the coffee farmers and preserve the ecosystem for the future generation. Only environmentally sustainable farming methods are used to protect the surrounding flora and fauna and improve soil fertility.

Fair labor conditions

Coffee farmers under the agreements of the fair trade certification enjoy the freedom of association, fair wages, and safe working conditions. Forced labor of children is strictly prohibited.

Direct trade

Importers purchase the goods from fair trade producer groups directly, which eliminates unwanted middlemen and empower the farmers to learn about the business and the industrial capacity to compete in the international marketplace.

Why is fair trade certification so important today?

Throughout the world, farming families follow generations of traditions to cultivate and grow food and crop products that we relish and enjoy each day. However, most of these families, especially in developing nations, do not receive a fair price for their crops.

These isolated communities in rural areas lack access to the direct market and often end up selling their premium crops at prices well below the production cost to local middlemen who feign global prices. In turn, this creates a cycle of debt forces the farmers to abandon their land and dispose of their years of agricultural heritage. This also destroys the cultural and social fabric of these communities. When the farming world suffers, the whole world suffers – large scale farming that compromises the environment, inferior-quality products, and force immigration.

Hence, you should always opt for fair trade coffee, which has a positive impact on small-scale farmers. If you purchase a fair trade coffee product, this means that you are helping those farmers improve their lifestyles, their children’s lives, and the lives of their communities.

#1 Coffee Cup News - AmazonFresh Organic Fair Trade Sumatra Ground Coffee, Dark Roast, 12 Ounce
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  • 100% Arabica coffee grown in Sumatra
  • Fair Trade certified, USDA Organic coffee
  • Roasted and packed in the U.S.A.
#2 Coffee Cup News - AmazonFresh Organic Fair Trade Peru Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 12 Ounce
  • Fragrant medium roast Peruvian coffee with a smooth finish
  • One 12-ounce bag of ground coffee
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  • Roasted and packed in the U.S.A.
#3 Coffee Cup News - Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Nantucket Blend, Fair Trade Certified, Ground Coffee, Medium Roast,
  • Smooth and balanced, with toasty flavors and a sweet brown sugar finish.
  • Medium roast, caffeinated coffee
  • Certified Orthodox Union Kosher (U)
  • 100% Arabica coffee
5 Best coffee brands from around the world

5 Best coffee brands from around the world

Coffee is known to be the most consumed beverage in the world. Since different parts of the world grow different types of coffee beans, the taste and purity can vary a lot. This has allowed multiple brands to capitalize on the unique nature of coffee grown in countries all over the world. In this article, we choose 5 different coffee brands that have left their mark on the world.

  1. Koffee Kult – Colombia

This brand is well-known for its strong flavor that has a velvety and smooth after-taste. Colombia is considered the one of the best places for growing coffee, and this family owned business has become popular throughout the world. Koffee Kult has many variants, from light to medium to dark roast coffee beans, and is sure to cater to the taste of every coffee lover.

  1. La Colombe – USA

La Colombe is known all across USA for its dark, chocolaty and robust flavor. The taste is considered by many to be bold and versatile which has made its way into the morning routines of many coffee enthusiasts all over the world. Their coffee pairs well with cream and milk, but can be sipped black just as well.

  1. Hacienda La Esmeralda – Panama

Grown in Panama, Hacienda La Esmeralda is a world-renowned coffee brand known for its unique taste. Since the coffee beans are grown under the shade of old guava trees, the beans take on a taste that is incomparable to any other. It is also among the most expensive coffee brands in the world. In order to get a pound of Hacienda La Esmeralda, be prepared to pay around a hundred dollars. But all things considered, the price is worth it.

  1. Mount Hagen – Germany

Most coffee purists frown at the sight of instant coffee, with the exception of Mount Hagen. The arid crystals of this brand are sure to mesmerize your taste buds and offer you a flavor that is sublime and majestic. It is hailed as one of the best instant coffee brands in the world and is the go-to brand for many who want to feel like an astronaut with a single cup in the morning. This is the kind of coffee that people can drink four to five cups of daily just for its flavor.

  1. Lavazza – Italy

This brand is found in over 90 countries all over the world. With more than 10 variants on offer, Lavazza is made with 100% premium Arabica beans which make for a rich and organic brew. The taste of Lavazza coffee is considered fruity, honey-like, and even chocolaty sometimes. The extensive variety provides something for everybody, be they looking for an intense, dark coffee, or simply a mild caress with a citrusy flavor.  With less than $8 for a 12-ounce bag, you can get the taste you want without hurting your pockets.

It is interesting to see how coffee beans grown in different parts of the world can be so different from each other. What’s better is the unique variety of taste they all have to offer. Whether you are a coffee addict or simply an admirer, there is something available for everybody.



Why Your Grinder Is The Most Important Piece of Coffee Gear?

Why Your Grinder Is The Most Important Piece of Coffee Gear?

Imagine that you find $50 on the streets and you decide that finders are keepers and want to buy equipment to take your coffee brewing to a whole new level. You have two choices to choose from – a brand new coffee maker and a shiny coffee grinder.

As astonishing as it might sound, purchasing a coffee grinder will prove to be more rewarding than purchasing a coffee machine. A grand grinder will alter your coffee drinking experience unlike anything else before. Your beverage will be much more delicious and flavorful. You will have the choice to pre-determine your grind’s strength and flavors. After some time, you will be able to brew coffee that will rival the coffee shop next door.

Whether you are completely new to the world of coffee or have been drinking it since pre-school, the ultimate truth remains the same – a great coffee grinder is the key that you need to unlock the secrets of the most delicious coffee.

Below are some reasons why a coffee grinder is necessary:

There is nothing that can be compared to freshly ground coffee

No one would purchase stale coffee, at least not intentionally. And for that matter, pre-ground coffee is considered as stale coffee. These pre-ground coffees do not contain any flavor and are bitterer than it has to be. It also feels thin on your tongue. This happens because oxygen breaks down the organic molecules and destroys the delicate textures and delicious flavors.

On the other hand, freshly ground coffee features some incredible wild flavors like apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, blueberries, etc.

You can use any type of coffee brewer you want

Pre-ground coffee is mostly available in the fine grind size. Except for auto-drip pots, a very few numbers of coffee makers are able to make use of grounds this size. For instance, the French Press brews the best coffee when the coffee beans are ground to coarse size.

With the help of a coffee grinder, you have the option of setting the grind size according to the type of coffee maker you own. Right from the fine setting needed for espresso to the coarse setting for the French press, you will be able to set the grind size that compliments your coffee brewer.

The choice to brew better coffee

A coffee grinder will enable you to brew better coffee. In case you are not satisfied, you can easily fix the problem. The secret of making great-tasting coffee simply needs to your taste and adjust the grind size each time you brew. If the change is correct, your next cup will taste a lot better than before.

Everything is connected to controlling coffee extraction. Brewed coffee is a result of water mixing with ground coffee. The water first pulls out the bright flavors, which mellow out the harsh compounds. Lastly, deeper notes like nuts and chocolate are extracted. This is only possible with the help of a coffee grinder.

From the above, we come to know that a coffee grinder is one of the indispensable components that is needed to brew the best coffee. Buy one today and know the difference!