Black Rifle Coffee is a coffee roaster founded and owned by former Special Forces Green Beret Evan Hafer in 2014. Since its formation, the company has grown tremendously and aims at employing veterans; the brand has a 50% hire ratio for vets and has a collective military experience of over 200 years across its ranks. In this Black Rifle Coffee review, we will go through some aspects of the coffee brand.

The story behind the name

The company was named Black Rifle Company when Hafer retired from the arm forces and started the company. He stated that the black rifles they used to carry were life-saving pieces of equipment. At first, the company started off with just some specific types of coffee roasts. Today, Black Rifle Coffee is known to produce several different flavor profiles and blends. These coffee products will make you feel more patriotic as you drink it.

What is Black Rifle Coffee known for?

Black Rifle Coffee Company names and packages its coffee products after firearms like Silencer Smooth and AK47 blends. Each package is designed very intricately and features symbols that relate to the roast’s name. This makes the coffee products perfect for servicemen and gun enthusiasts. Black Rifle Coffee should never be mistaken for brands like Bulletproof Coffee, since they almost have the same name.

The brand offers coffee in two unique formats – K-cups and bagged coffee. Most of the coffee beans are offered in both the formats, but you need to be sure that you order the right one for your brewing process.

Another great aspect of Black Rifle Coffee is that the company also roasts to order. When you order a coffee from the brand, you can rest assured knowing that the roasting process has been done just a few days prior. This blows out most other coffee brands out of the competition since they commonly roast their coffee beans at least six months before brewing it. This means that you only receive the freshest coffee around.

Coffee products offered by Black Rifle Coffee

Overall, the coffee products offered by Black Rifle Coffee have received a lot of positive criticisms by satisfied customers. You will definitely get a solid cup of joe here that tastes better than others. As said, the coffee will be roasted out fresh and served.

The flavor profile and the aroma of the beans are impeccable, quite delicious, and rich. There is no hint of bitterness. The initial taste will be smooth, even for a medium-roasted coffee. Additionally, some of the coffee products can also serve as a great pre-workout beverage as well, since coffee burns cleanly and adds some paunchiness while you exercise. Even the packaging of each coffee product is quite impressive.

About Coffee or Die

Coffee or Die is the company’s online lifestyle magazine that was first launched in 2018. It covers a wide range of topics that focuses on things that are informative, entertaining, and interesting to America’s coffee drinkers or on places and people, often heading out to austere and dangerous locations to report these stories.

Final thoughts

Black Rifle Coffee is one of the top coffee manufacturing brands that are making a huge difference in the lives of veterans by hiring them. Even the products manufactured are quite a mouthful and filled with rich flavors and aroma. However, some products are said to be quite costly for the quantity that is offered.

Last Updated: 04/02/2023