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Espresso is NOT a Bean, It’s a Brew Method

Espresso is one of the best ways to brew coffee. Espresso is usually enjoyed as a part of a specialty coffee drink like a latte or a cafe mocha. Many people enjoy espresso with a bit of cream or sugar but I prefer to drink like my coffee, black. What is Espresso?...

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My Best Tip for Home Roasting

Over the next several posts I am going to try to share some of what I have learned about roasting coffee in the Behmor 1600 home coffee roaster. If you are a home roaster or if you are a fan of Sweet Maria’s website on the internet you may know that Josh recently...

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – First Time Roasting Coffee

I began roasting coffee at home the way that many people, from what I have read, began home roasting: with a side vented hot-air popcorn popper.  As I said in my first post, the first time I had ever seen someone with home roasted coffee I was intrigued.  I did some...

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