#1 Coffee Cup News - Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker Featuring Hanging Filter Basket and Thermal Carafe
  • Performance Coffee brewer makes an 8-cup carafe in about 6 minutes
  • Powerful and precise 1500-watt heater maintains an optimal brewing temperature between 195°-205°f
  • Optional pre-infusion mode mimics the artisan pour-over brewing method by pausing the water flow allowing the Coffee grounds time to bloom
  • Showerhead design facilitates even saturation of Coffee grounds
  • Audible signal when brewing cycle ends
#2 Coffee Cup News - Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Electric Kettle, 1.0 Liters, Metallic
  • Adjustable in one-degree increments between 140˚-212˚F (60˚- 98˚C).
  • 1000 watts for quick heating
  • Real-time temperature display
  • Hold Button heats and holds at temperatures between 140˚-208˚F for up to 60 minutes. Temperature Set Button for quick access to preset brewing temperatures
  • Count-up timer makes it easy to keep track of the brewing process
#3 Coffee Cup News - Bonavita 8 Cup Coffee Maker, One-Touch Pour Over Brewing with Thermal Carafe, SCA Certified, Stainle
  • One-touch brew operation with auto-off
  • Carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead are dishwasher safe
  • Powerful and precise 1500-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195°-205°f (91°-96°c)
  • Optional pre-infusion mode wets freshly roasted ground Coffee to allow DEGASSING before brewing
  • Flat-bottomed filter basket and larger showerhead allow for even better saturation and uniform extraction
#4 Coffee Cup News - Bonavita BV1901PW Metropolitan 8 Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe One-Touch Pour Over Brewing, BV1
  • SPECIALTY COFFEE AT HOME: Bonavita's stylish and modern coffee maker with tempered glass pot brews an 8-cup carafe in about 6 minutes. This artisan cafe-style brewer is perfect for every at home coffee lover with a sleek and minimal design that adds a trendy, fashionable touch to your kitchen or office
  • AWARD WINNING RESULTS: Golden-Cup Standard Coffee Maker; Curated features mimic the artisan pour-over brewing method; Hanging Flat-Bottomed filter basket for less mess & Larger Showerhead creates perfect flavor; Enjoy automatic pourover style cafe quality coffee in the comfort of your home
  • BETTER FLAVOR, FAST: Powerful 1500-watt heater maintains professional recommended brewing temperature of 198°-205°f (91°-96°c) for optimal flavor extraction; Glass carafe and heated non-stick base keep coffee the perfect temperature longer
  • PROFESSIONAL COFFEEHOUSE TASTE: Showerhead design and Hanging Flat-Bottom filter basket work in harmony to evenly saturate coffee grounds for uniform flavor extraction; Optional Pre-Infusion Mode allows freshly roasted ground coffee to bloom before brewing enhancing the nuances of the coffee's flavor
  • POUR OVER MADE EASY: Hanging-Filter Basket for quick clean up; Easy One-Touch brew operation; Auto-Off feature; Audible Signal when brewing cycle ends; Carafe/Carafe lid/filter basket/showerhead are Dishwasher Safe; All plastic is BPA-free
#5 Coffee Cup News - Bonavita 5 Cup Coffee Maker with Thermal Carafe One-Touch Pour Over Brewing, BV1500TS, Stainless Ste
  • Powerful and precise 1100-watt heater maintains optimal brewing temperature of 195 Degree-205 DegreeF (91 Degree-96 DegreeC)
  • Optional pre-infusion mode saturates freshly roasted ground coffee to allow degassing before brewing
  • Carafe lid, filter basket, and showerhead are dishwasher safe and all plastic is BPA-free
  • Specially designed showerhead for ideal extraction in small batch sizes
  • One-touch brew operation with auto-off

Bonavita Coffee Maker

Did you know that America is the country that amounts for the largest consumption of coffee in the world. Statistics show that 16 percent of Americans drink about 5 cups of coffee each day on average. Many of these coffee consumers admit that the taste and enjoyment derived from drinking coffee are the main reasons when they drink it in the first place.

Coffee would not have a great taste if it is not prepared in the right way or through the right methods. Technologies today have made it possible to completely forgo the old methods of brewing coffee and instead adapt the use of coffee makers. Among the top leading manufacturers of coffee makers is Bonavita.

History of Bonavita

Bonavita is part of Espresso Supply Inc. Espresso Supply has been in the coffee industry for over two decades with an excellent track record for providing or satisfying the needs of customers. The company is especially concerned with helping businesses to get coffee makers and smallwares that help them grow.

The current headquarters of the company is in Seattle, Washington but they serve customers in all the states in the US and they also extend operations all around the world.

Bonavita is a company that prides itself in the making of high quality coffee makers and kettles that take coffee drinker’s level of satisfaction to an entirely new level. The equipment are German engineered which ring a bell of premium quality.

Made with stainless steel, the coffee makers from Bonavita are designed to last for a really long time. The handling is also perfect and the quality of the Brew is also top notch. When compared with other coffee makers Bonavita matches and even surpasses the standard requirements in terms of ideal Brew time, temperature and other paramount requirements when it comes to making a cup of coffee.

What makes Bonavita so unique?

The company’s mission is ‘making it better’ which means that Bonavita strives continually to provide products and services that improve the total coffee experience of a customer.

During the manufacturing process, Bonavita coffee makers are made with that end consumer in mind. This means that everything that consumers would want to have in an ideal coffee maker is already provided. The coffee makers Brew coffee to light, dark or black as per the customer’s need which makes consumers have an extent of control.

Bonavita coffee makers also several you the standard water temperature for that perfect cup of coffee. Alongside optimal temperature Bonavita coffee makers are great in achieving an evenly saturated coffee ground which goes a long way in making it have a great taste.

Bonavita product types

Bonavita makes quality coffee makers and kettles. Here is a pick of their best products:

1. Bonavita Metropolitan

The metropolitan coffee maker from Bonavita gives you the feel of the good old classic design and feel of brewing the perfect cup of coffee. The coffee maker brews the coffee under 8 minutes at the standard temperature of between 198 to 204 degrees.

Other features of this great coffee maker are, a 40-minute calibrated hot plate timer, pre-infusion mode before brewing, one piece case that allows you to have a more simplified experience, a glass carafe that allows those who are sensitive to the taste of stainless steel flavors to enjoy too and a spray arm that just makes using the coffee maker so easy.

The only disadvantage that the metropolitan has is that it has no elegant design, instead it is so simple. No frills mean that there are no timers, no temperature moderators, no warning lights and inbuilt water filters.

2. Connoisseur coffee maker

The connoisseur coffee maker from Bonavita is an update on the BV1900 version. This version is simple too but it adds more features that make it ergonomic friendly. The redesign on the coffee maker allows you to salvage every drop of your brewed coffee. The basket design also makes it a better heat retention device.

There are other great functionalities of this coffee maker. The new carafe design (in this case stainless steel) helps you to makes much less of a mess when pouring your coffee. The stainless steel body also makes it so easy to clean the equipment. Then the one-touch operation give you peace of mind when making your cups of coffee each morning.

The Bonavita connoisseur coffee maker does not include a drip stop which would have gone a long way in making it an all-round utility coffee maker.

3. 8-Cup Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe

If you live a really busy life and don’t have the luxury of waiting by your coffee maker before your cup of coffee is made then you would absolutely love this coffee maker from Bonavita. The 8-cup coffee maker with glass carafe from Bonavita gives you the quality that Bonavita is known for and also a warming plate.

The warming plate is a welcome addition because it has a 40 minute timer and also an alarm system that notifies you when your coffee is ready. Busy people can go about completing other tasks until the alarm reminds them that their perfectly brewed coffee is ready.

People with sensitive taste buds that can differentiate the taste of stainless steel from glass would be glad with this equipment with glass carafe. The alarm sound is also not the annoying ‘shut up’ kind of alarm rather it has a gentle ‘come get your coffee’ kind of alarm.

The basket sitting on the carafe is a no-no for a lot of users but it still does not cloud the fact that the 8-cup coffee maker is great option for busy people.


The Bonavita brand compares adequately with other brands in the coffee maker industry. The prices for their equipment are also well within the budgets of customers. The 2 year warranty on their products is something customers would like to see change as many prefer to buy products with longer warranties.

However, if you are looking for a coffee maker that brews that perfect cup of coffee then Bonavita will do you no wrong.

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