Best Boyds Coffees in 2023

Boyd’s coffee is one of those brands that offer the best coffee you might have ever tasted in your life. Each blend of Boyd’s Coffee will offer you tantalizing taste and will effectively stimulate your physical capabilities. The company offers you completely compostable single cup coffee pods, convenient portion packs in case quantities, and ground coffee in retail bags. Boyd’s coffee is rich in flavor with different varieties. The company was sold to Farmer Brothers in Texas in 2016.

Boyds Coffees

Established in Portland in 1900, Boyd’s Coffees was always known to be a brand that had a passion to make the best coffees. It was one of those coffee roasters in America that first introduced the Rainforest Alliance Certified coffees and the USDA Certified Organic Coffee. Ultimately, the desire to make the best-tasting coffee while doing their part for the environment drove Boyd’s Coffees to become what it is today.

Why Boyd’s Coffees?

Boyd’s Coffee is roasted using Arabica coffee beans. Multiple layers of coffee beans are used to create the most distinctive Boyd’s coffee blends you will taste today. Boyd’s Coffees make sure that the quality of the coffee is never compromised. Frequent cupping is conducted to assess the type of coffee bean being used and the roasted blend.

At Boyd’s Coffee, you will find a whole lot of coffee flavors like:

Regular Coffee

Boyd’s regular coffee contains milk (or cream) and about two cubes of sugar. It relies on gravity to drive water through the grounds to make the best coffee cup. The coarser grounds strike a balance between releasing a very tasteful flavor without dissolving or wasting the particles. But, too much saturation in the grind can make the coffee bitter.

Decaf Coffee

While the caffeine levels may differ on the roast and brew levels, it is very much possible to remove the naturally occurring caffeine from the beans. This method is called decaffeination. There are three primary ways of doing it using the water method (Swiss Water Method), carbon dioxide, and solvents like ethyl acetate or methylene chloride.

Of course, at Boyd’s Coffees, the Swiss Water method is used because the pure water and carbon filters remove 99.9% of the caffeine and also tend to accentuate the body of the coffee.

Organic Coffee

As the name suggests, Boyd’s organic coffee is made without adding any artificial substances like herbicides, pesticides, and certain additives. There have been many reports on how pesticides and chemicals are used to grow food and it directly affects your health.

Hence, having Boyd’s organic coffee saves you from the dangers of these dangerous additives. For a coffee to be labeled as organic, the coffee farm’s fertilizers must be 100% organic just like Boyd’s organic coffee.

Rainforest Alliance Coffee

Rainforest Alliance is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to conserve the environment by promoting sustainability in businesses like tourism, forestry, etc. This organization certifies coffee when it is produced under some set standards. These standards are set to protect the environment and the rights of the workers.

Coffee brands, such as Boyd’s Coffees, carry the Rainforest Alliance seal. For coffee, farms are required to maintain a minimum of 40% canopy coverage that consists of at least two strata. Also, a minimum of 12 native tree species must be present per hectare of the cultivated land.

Flavored Coffee

Boyd’s flavored coffee beans are covered with flavored compounds to bring out the natural savor of the coffee beans. These flavors help lengthen the shelf life of Boyd’s coffee by disguising the changes in the flavor that may occur because of processes like aging, oxidation, or decaffeination.

Flavored coffees have been in existence for a very long time. But, with the taste for gourmet coffee growing popular in the 1900s, the need for exotic tasting coffee beans increased as well.

Also, at Boyd’s Coffee, you will find different roast levels of coffee like:

Medium-light roasts

Boyd’s medium-light roast results in coffee beans that are light brown in color and has a light body texture. There is no oil on the surface of the coffee beans. Boyd’s medium-light roast coffee beans taste very acidic and retain the most amount of caffeine from the coffee bean.

For medium-light roasted shade, Boyd’s coffee beans are heated at a temperature between 180 C and 205 C. Once the heat gets hold of the coffee beans, they start cracking. The heat is then removed after the first crack. Medium-light Boyd’s coffee beans are not roasted beyond the first crack.

Medium roasts

Boyd’s medium roasts result in browner coffee beans with more texture. This type of roast does not have a grainy flavor; rather, you will have balanced acidity, aroma, and flavor. While the caffeine might be lower than medium-light roast, it is still more than the other darker roasts.

The temperatures needed in Boyd’s medium roasts are between 210 C and 220 C. The beans are removed after the first crack and just before the second crack.

Medium-dark roasts

Boyd’s medium-dark roasts have a darker color that looks very rich. You will see some oil on the surface of the coffee beans. Boyd’s medium-dark roast has a heavier body in comparison to the above two roasts. The amount of caffeine is substantially decreased in Boyd’s medium-dark roast.

Boyd’s medium-dark coffee beans are roasted from the start to the beginning of the second crack. The temperature is kept between 225 C and 230 C. Boyd’s medium-dark coffee roast has omnipresent aromas and flavors with a spicy taste.

Dark roasts

As the name suggests, Boyd’s dark roasted coffee beans have the darkest shades and are almost black in color. You will see a clean sheen of oil on their surface, which can be seen evidently in your coffee cup when these beans are brewed. The taste of Boyd’s dark roasted coffee is smoky or bitter. Also, this type of Boyd’s coffee roast has the least amount of caffeine.

For dark roast flavor, you will need to heat Boyd’s coffee beans at a temperature of 240 C-250 C. You need to remove the heat at the end of the second crack. By this time, the body of the beans will be thin and the taste will be characterized by flavors of charcoal and tar.

It does not matter what type of roast or flavor you like. Boyd’s Coffee will serve you the best coffee with a smile. You will have the time of your life. You can also look for various other Boyd’s souvenirs like bags and cups.

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