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Bulletproof Coffee differs from your regular latte. It offers a delicious upgrade to your coffee with its high performance boost. From performance driven professional athletes and profit chasing business heads to busy workaholics and parents, Bulletproof coffee offers the energy boost needed to fulfill your daily goals successfully.

An exquisite blend of coffee, medium chain triglycerides oil and butter, Bulletproof coffee satisfies your coffee cravings and hunger too for a long time.


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BulletProof Coffee

BulletProof Coffee is the brainchild of DaveAsprey, a fitness and health enthusiast. Asprey’s discovery of the delicious blend of BulletProof was accidental. While travelling in Tibet, he came upon the Yak butter tea, which he found to be delicious. This spurred on the idea of adding butter to coffee. He found that butter boosts mood, energy, productivity and health on the whole. And best of all, the brew can keep hunger at bay for hours besides being supremely satisfying.

The official recipe for BulletProof Coffee consists of butter, medium chain triglycerides oil and coffee blended together to form a frothy and smooth latte like consistency. The company’s mission is to give people the boost they need to perform better, live healthily and think actively. The blend of BulletProof coffee is a high performing mix of traditional brew and sophisticated technology aided by science, research and testing by medical professionals, customers and top professional athletes.

BulletProof Coffee brand assures that its foods, supplements and techniques used are genuine and pure bringing about a remarkable difference in your performance from your very first BulletProof coffee experience. The company is highly environment conscious and uses only ethically sourced ingredients. It aims at building a sustainable foundation for the wellbeing of future generations.

Why Go For Bulletproof Coffee?

BulletProof brand of coffee proves to be one of a kind in terms of finest quality coffee with wellness at its very core. This is due to several significant reasons:

Organic And Pure Coffee

For maintaining the quality of the coffee beans, it is necessary to source them from the right coffee growing region. BulletProof coffee is sourced from estates that are passive organic and certified by Rainforest Alliance ensuring the coffee beans are grown without use of toxic and harmful chemicals and purely use traditional methods.

The coffee berries are handpicked when the ripeness is at peak level by experienced harvesters. Once harvesting is complete, the coffee beans undergo the stringent BulletProof Process of meticulous screening and testing.

The finest beans are selected and roasted in very small batches in the United States via a painstaking process so every cup of coffee gives you finest flavor and fresh aroma.

Perform Exceptionally

BulletProof coffee is crafted to perfection focusing on infusing energy to your mind, body and your nervous system. The wholesome energy boost from BulletProof coffee brew gives you explosive energy allowing you to perform at exceptionally high levels.

Coffee For Healthy Weight Loss

BulletProof coffee differs from other coffees mainly because of its ingredients, especially MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) oil.

MCT oil belongs to super food category. It helps burn fat and enhances metabolic rate when you take BulletProof coffee regularly. The oil also suppresses hunger cravings and improves endurance during exercise. Thus your daily cups of coffee can actually aid in a healthy weight loss.

Unlike some coffee blends that are brimming with high concentration of toxins that dull your mental agility and energy, BulletProof has selectively picked finest quality and organic coffee bean grounds so you gain the goodness and health it promises.

Fantabulous Flavor Notes

The original BulletProof coffee varieties available now have exceptional flavor notes that include acidic orange flavor, sweet plum and rounding off with cocoa hazelnut taste that are infused in the blend with the addition of orange, nectarine, chocolate and nectarine.

Exceptional Purity Standards

The ground coffee from BulletProof retains the same standards of purity as the brand’s whole bean variety. The herbicide and pesticide free coffee bean from Central America grown organically and harvested with care provides fantabulous tasting coffee that embodies purity through and through. The handpicked beans are free of damaged and unripe beans enhancing the flavor to supreme levels.

Fresh And Flavorful Brew Anytime You Want

Whether you purchase the light, heavy or medium roasted coffee varieties available with BulletProof coffee, the flavor and aroma are retained as fresh as when they were packed as the packing is always done in small flavor sealing batches under the most stringent conditions. This minimizes toxins and improves taste.

Simple 3 Step Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Brewing your perfect cup of BulletProof coffee can be done in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Take 8 oz of BulletProof Coffee and brew it using any method you favor.

Step 2: Add the brewed coffee, 2 tablespoons unsalted butter /Bulletproof Ghee and one serving of XCT or Bulletproof Brain Octane oil to a blender

Step 3: Add BulletProof Collagen Protein for enhanced health and stronger muscles and blend everything together until it turns into frothy mix.

Healthy and energy blasting BulletProof coffee is ready to savor!

Much More Than Creamy Coffee Goodness

BulletProof Coffee is not just your average smooth and creamy coffee brew. The beverage is infused with Brain Octane Oil that curbs the hunger cravings and converts into energy instead of being stored in fat form. This results in energy for your body and mind.

With the ready to drink cold coffee brews, the benefits are further enhanced as it contains zero sugar. This keeps the carb count low avoiding increase in level of sugar in your blood. Thus you get pure energy without any worries about sugar crash or fat accumulation.

Butter For Better Taste

The butter used for BulletProof coffee is sourced from grass fed cattle thus resulting in high Omega 3 fatty acid levels. This makes the coffee extremely good for your heart, muscles and other organs and helps in energy storage and building blocks for your body. And the taste is exceptional and unique.

If you are looking for a healthy, energy inducing and flavor filled coffee brew BulletProof is what you need. Free of toxins and rich in antioxidants, the brew is smooth, intense and with low acidity levels and nil bitterness making it the best tasting coffee you have ever come across.

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