Best Cafe Du Monde Coffees in 2022

Cafe Du Monde coffees have become popular through the rich history and partnership between coffee and chicory. Though it was the French that brought the mix to American shores, it was in New Orleans that this blend was perfected. Such a blend has remained popular throughout the years amongst coffee lovers and for good reasons too.

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Cafe Du Monde Coffees

Coffee aficionados who like to brew their own savory beverage at home would do well to give Cafe Du Monde coffees a shot. It is the next best thing to visiting their store in New Orleans and sipping straight from the source.

The history of Cafe Du Monde is as rich as the coffee they make. During the Civil War in the 18th century when there was a coffee shortage, the French began adding chicory to their beloved beverage. Chicory provides flavor and body and makes up a unique caffeinated beverage.


Though its smell won’t get you excited right away, it is its taste that will leave you floored. Cafe Du Monde coffees have a subtle bitterness to them and yet their flavor is surprisingly smooth. The addition of Chicory, the root of an endive plant, brings a faint chocolate flavor to the dark coffee roast and tones down the bitterness to an appreciable level. The profile also contains nutty undertones that are the hallmark of Cafe Du Monde coffees.


With an approximated 100 mg of caffeine in each cup, Cafe Du Monde coffees are quite potent. Even after adding cream, the coffee remains very dark and it doesn’t take much to go full out with these brews. Two tablespoons of sugar for five cups of coffee are quite sufficient and will have you recharged and invigorated for long hours after drinking the coffee.

But different people like their coffee differently strong and black, with or without sugar, with a little more milk, or maybe a little weaker brew. Ultimately, it is up to you to tinker with the combination and get a brew that is suited to your taste and preferences.

The Chicory Magic

Chicory is native to France where it has had long years of use even before it was added to coffee. But it wasn’t until mid 1800s that it was exported to North America thereafter its cultivation gained popularity.

In Cafe Du Monde coffee products, the roasted and ground chicory is mixed with ground coffee which makes the coffee go twice as far. On its own, chicory looks identical to coffee and contains a sweet, tobacco-like smell.

The chicory provides an acrid flavor of its own, redolent of a freshly roasted nut even though it is advertised as having a mellowing effect on your morning brew. It has an incredibly long aftertaste that is one of the best reasons for choosing Cafe Du Monde coffees. A little milk can transform the flavor completely but purveyors suggest a two-to-one ratio of coffee to chicory.

It can be easy to see how such a combination has endured over the centuries, and easier still to imagine why its popularity has remained steady even during the third wave of coffee consumerism that is marked chiefly by experimentation. What started as a way to make-up for coffee shortages has brought about a unique blend that has delighted coffee lovers for many centuries.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020