Best Cafe Yaucono Coffees in 2022


Cafe Yaucono has been a Puerto Rican coffee brand that has been highly renowned throughout the world for the sumptuous coffee roasts that are provided at highly affordable price. The coffees produced in Puerto Rica are some of the best coffees in the world and are known for their rich flavor and sweet aftertaste enjoyed by millions of people.

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Cafe Yaucono Coffee

If you are someone who doesn’t like grounding coffee at home and still is looking for a world-class brew, you cannot go wrong with Yaucono Coffee. The company has various flavors to choose from that can reinvigorate your morning like never before. Never again would you have to go through the drudgery of roasting your own beans to get the best of the flavor and aroma of sumptuous coffees.

With Yaucono coffees, you get Puerto Rico coffees that are a class apart and are enjoyed by millions of people, especially with some steamed milk, some sugar, and a dash of cinnamon. The careful preparation and taste of Yaucono coffees has made it a favorite for generations.

Tasting Profile

Cafe Yaucono coffee profile is strong and smooth, and even the dark roasts have very little bitterness to them. The roast is mixed with prime coffee and produces balanced flavors with the perfect medium-tasting roast. There is very little acidity which ensures that your stomach won’t be irritated if you happen to indulge a bit. The aroma is quite strong as well which is made evident the moment you open the package as it will fill up the air and freshen you up.


Cafe Yaucono now comes in a new metallic bag which helps to keep the coffee fresh for longer periods of time. It also ensures that the aroma and the flavor of the coffee are not taken over by other flavors from the air. The packages are available in regular, instant, decaf, and espresso. The coffee is ground to a high level of fineness which ensures that the brew comes out full-bodied and smooth. All this is available at an amazingly affordable price.


Cafe Yaucono coffees are cultivated at high altitudes of Puerto Rico in a whirl of cool, moist air and soil that is rich in minerals. This ensures that the coffee beans produced there are nothing less than gold. Everything from cloud cover, soil composition, tree shade, and the altitude combine to produce the beans which stay on the bush much longer than those at a lower elevation. This longer ripening process acts as a way of  pre-brew which imbues the beans with a rich flavor and somewhat sweet aftertaste.

Cafe Yaucono is one of the three biggest roasters of Puerto Coffee and controls a major chunk of its coffee production. It has a rich and diverse history that is more than a century old. In this time, Cafe Yaucono has grown into an iconic brand that represents the coffee culture and tradition of Puerto Rico. This is the coffee that is found in most Puerto Rican households and continues to be preferred by customers all over the world.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020