Coffee from Africa

Coffee from Africa

There are no rules set about the differences in coffee, especially considering that certain coffee varieties are more customary in some geographical sites than others. In that light, Africa is one of those continents where coffee is cultivated religiously. But, of course, Africa is quite a huge continent and is bigger than India, China, and the United States combined. So, when you say coffee from Africa, you need to talk about the different regions.

In fact, while Kenya and Ethiopia are well-known coffee-producing African countries, there are also some nations in the continent that cultivate unique-tasting coffee crops like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Burundi, Angola, etc. In a more general term, African coffee is known for being floral, sweet, and fruity. This means that you will find all sorts of notes like citrus and blueberries.

Here are some popular types of coffee from Africa that is demanded all over the world:

Kenyan Coffee

Coffee from Kenya is considered one of the best types of coffee in the world. Most Kenyan coffee brands offer medium roasted beans that are very rich and have an intense and sweet aroma. You can also experience a vibrant wine-toned acidity and sweet notes of citrus and berries. If you are a coffee lover, then this is quite a spectacular option.

Ethiopian Coffee

Coffee from Ethiopia is considered one of the top coffee varieties in the world and for a good reason too! The coffee produced in the region is quite complex and perfectly balances the notes of dark chocolate and lime with a fruity sweetness and citric acidity. The fruity flavors fade away smoothly to offer a chocolaty-finish. Coffee beans from Ethiopia are truly special.

Rwandan Coffee

Coffee from the Rwandan region of Africa is slowly gaining popularity among coffee drinkers all around the world. While the African coffee industry is already filled with tough competing coffee-producing countries, coffee from Rwanda has something that sets it apart from others. Rwandan coffee offers a sweet-tasting flavor profile with hints of caramel and brown sugar. Rwandan coffee should definitely be on your to-do list.

Burundi Coffee

Coffee from Burundi is worthy of the high praises it receives from across the globe. The beans are mostly medium-roasted and produce sweet-tasting coffee with notes of tamarind, dark chocolate, and brown sugar. The acidity is wine-toned and bright. Coffee from Burundi is a great-tasting coffee that deserves much more attention.

Tanzanian Coffee

Coffee from Tanzania is another top-tier coffee from Africa. Mostly, coffee from this region consists entirely of peaberries, which offers a more concentrated flavor profile. The resulting rich coffee has notes of wine and fruits. The acidity is quite bright and the coffee has a light and dry finish. This peaberry coffee is demanded all over the world.

Similarly, there are many more such coffee-producing countries in Africa, such as the Congo region, Uganda, etc. Coffees from Africa are consumed all over the world and remain one of the top exports of the continent. Go ahead and try African coffee right away!