Best Whole Coffee Beans in 2022

Coffee whole beans are usually described by the taste, aroma, acidity, origin, roasting method and type. For instance the coffee Arabica is referred to be of a high grade and quality than the coffee Robusta which is usually high caffeinated.

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Coffee Beans – Whole

There are is many coffee varieties in the world with different tastes, aromas and acidity levels. There are a lot of preparation methods for the coffee to reach the cup all the way from the farm to roasting then brewing. Whole beans are defined with country of origin and or may be a farm. For instance the Ethiopian whole beans from yirgacheffe are famous for its quality and the distinguishable taste that stand out from the rest.

Two Major Whole Bean Categories

Arabica Bean

Coffee Arabica are believed to have their home of origin in Ethiopia which grows good coffees even today. Some countries like panama are believed to specialize in growing the specialty Arabica bean usually referred to as Geisha or Gesha which is good quality and attracts good prices. Other countries famous for production of this bean are Kenya, Guatemala, and Indonesia among other many countries that produce good coffees.

Arabica beans are high grade and usually referred to as the best coffees all over the world. They are usually high in quality and very rich in flavor. Arabica also have low caffeine as compared to their counter parts Robusta coffees. These beans are very specific as they have to be grown in higher altitude with enough moisture and fertile soils. The beans are very valuable and they have to be grown in the best conditions for them to achieve their potential. Coffee brands of whole beans or blends which are hundred percent Arabica bears an assurance of good quality.

Robusta Bean

Robusta beans are usually known for their high caffeine and usually seen as low grade beans as compared to the Arabica beans. The beans are not very demanding and can grow in low altitudes, more resistance to coffee diseases and can grow in almost any other condition or soil. For this reason the beans are cheap while either selling or buying.

People who want their coffee with rich flavor but with increased caffeine; they buy blends of Robusta with Arabica beans.

Whole beans with country of origin

Coffee can be from a specific single country, region or estate. This are usually referred to as single origin coffee beans. For instance the Sumatra coffee beans from Indonesia or coffee from Brazil. On another case coffee beans can come from different country and blended together.

Each country have their own coffee profile for instance the Ethiopian coffee are popular for being fruitier and sweeter while the Brazilian coffees are known with their heavy and dark roasts. People looking for certain flavors may go for the single origin coffees. Blended coffees are for those who prefer complex, rich and unique flavors.

However, you have to be choosy when buying blends to buy those which were mixed to improve flavor but not simply to cut on prices. For this case go for artisan roasters blends.

Other things that relate to defining whole beans

1. Acidity- some people prefer acidic coffees while some don’t and others their bodies cannot handle the acid. There are the low acid and high acid coffees. Much acid in coffee is believed to have the effect to make you more focused or keep you awake while the low acid is healthy friendly and actually good for your stomach. Acidity in coffee can also be describe as bright, live, sweet, sour, fruity, citrus or just pleasant.

2. Brewing method- coffee can brewed using many methods though some are better for certain coffees than others. For instance while some coffees may be good brewed as dark black, some may be just okay with more sweetening and milk addition. Other coffees are just fine with cold brewing.

3. Organic and non-organic- organic beans means that they are grown naturally free of any chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Organic coffees are eco-friendly and are usually grown under shaded environment. Since the birds like the lush vegetation and tree the soil is rich and oxygen in coffee growing regions is in high supply. Most of the organically produced coffees are certified by some bodies such as USDA. On other hand non organic are produced using chemical farm products.

4. Coffee taste- the taste is usually characterized by properties such as sweetness, bitterness, chocolaty, fruity, mild or intense acidity, winey taste, Smokey or even biscuit like. Some coffees are rich in flavor and they are more intense while others are mild.

5. Aroma- the aromatic quality of coffee can either be intense or weak, pleasant or offending. Other may be just be characterized by specific properties such as sweet, chocolaty, citrus, berry like among others.

6. Specialty coffees- this are some high bred coffee beans which are unique and attract really good prices. Some of these beans include Gesha, bourbon, blue mountain beans among others. Some countries like panama, though their quantity in coffee producing is not high they produce specialty and expensive coffee beans popular known as geisha. Jamaica is also popular with their blue mountain which is grown at specific conditions. Specialty coffees are usually certified and on high demand most of the time which exceed the supply.

Some of best coffees in the world

Coffees can also be described with quality, awards or price. There are a lot of high-end beans with recommendable taste, aroma, body, textures or versatility all over the world. Some great high end coffees are listed below.

Blue Mountain beans – Coffee from Jamaica

This is a very good quality coffee and among the most exclusive coffee beans. Its supply is very limited owing to some restriction in producing this specialty coffee by Jamaican government. Besides being rare it is also quite expensive.

The coffee is usually served best as a smooth medium roast. The coffees are best as single origin so as to witness their greatness in flavor. You can go for blends if you cannot afford the single origin though money should not limit you on getting this special coffee. Note that blends are not that cheap either.

Some major characteristics of the coffee are like the full body, rich flavor, mild acidity and intense aroma. The coffee can by mouthwatering even before brewing it.

Kenyan AA beans

These high grade coffee beans are produced with much carefully produced and also organically grown. The AA on the coffee beans usually represents its very good quality. The harvesting method for it highly contributes to it quality- careful handpicking.

In the processing stage of the coffees the farmers first peel of the skin of the coffee fruits and then soak the in water filled tank- wet processing. The farmers can be able to differentiate between the ripe and unripe beans prior the de-pulping process. Then the beans are sun dried. Attention to detail during the production, sorting out and processing of the coffee gives them their exemplary quality.

Kona beans from Hawaii’s Koa coffee

This is a rare coffee which is very tasty and is grown in Hawaii Kona district. The climate of the region is just perfect characterized by rich soils with high mineral content and a lot of trees. The coffee have fantastic flavor and popular for full body roasts. The koa company specializes in this special coffee with complexity of flavors and authentically grown.

Mandheling Sumatra coffee from Indonesia

The beans are noticeable for their greenish tint. This is attributed by the fact that they are organically harvested and are wet processed. The taste of the coffee is earthy, thick, heavy and pungent.

Other really good coffee beans include the Tanzanian peaberry well known for the intense flavor, Sulawesi Toraja, geisha from Ethiopia and Costa Rica and monsooned Indian Malabar coffee. It is honorable to mention the popular and most revered yirgacheffe Ethiopian coffee beans.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020