Coffee Drinks

A coffee drink is simply mixing a cold or hot water with some ground coffees. There are many brewing method including the French press, espresso, filter, pour over or the dripping method.


Top Coffee Drinks

Coffee drinks

Coffee drinks vary owing to the brewing method, the coffee bean type, roasting, grounding and processing method. What varies is the flavor richness, undertones, aroma and even the acidity level while some coffee drinks will be served as dark some are sweetened, creamed or even flavored. Common coffee notes depending on the type of coffee bean and origin included fruity, bitter, smooth, fine, fruity, bright acid, chocolaty among others.

Infused coffee drinks

Cafetiere / French press

This brewing method is also known as press pot or the coffee plunger. The press is a coffee brewing machine which was developed originally by Attilio Calimani, an Italian designer in the year 1929.

The brewing method mostly favors a coarse grounded coffee unlike the dripping method. This is because finer coffee grounds can easily pass via the filter and to your coffee. Ground coffee are put in an empty vessel and then hot water of about around 93 to 96 degrees is added(coffee is added to tasting). The plunger is tightly screwed and pressed for after about four minutes to have the coffee grounds separated in the base of the vessel as the coffee is poured out. Some people may prefer to brew the coffee longer while others are just okay with the optimal four minutes.

Cold coffee brew

Cold brewing is an ancient Japanese brewing method for some centuries and is believed to have originated from there also. The coffee can be nitrogen infused to produce a brew known as nitro cold coffee.

The fact that the grind coffee beans do not have contact with hot water at all, flavor profile delivered by this method is usually chemical flavor unique from any other method. Contents soluble at higher temperatures like the volatile oils, acids and caffeine are lowly extracted resulting to low acid and caffeine brew. However, more coffee-water ratio is used with this method which may be/or not will compensate for the solubility like in other brews.

This method is also called cold pressing or extraction of cold water. This process involves steeping the coffee beans ground for a certain period, normally extended, in cold water. A period of a half day to a full day is used to soak coarse grind coffee beans. Chilled or roomed temperature water is usually used. After steeping, the coffee grounds are filtered from the water using metal sieve, filter paper or a French press depending on the brewing system. The resultant concoction can be either added milk or water for dilution then served over ice, hot or with some elements like chocolate.

Filtered or drip coffee

This method simply involves passing hot water through a filter containing ground beans of coffee slowly. The water passing via the coffee absorbs the properties of the coffees like the flavors and the goes below the filter. This method uses gravity to function. The coffee grounds are retained in the top of the filter with brewed liquid being collected with a container or a vessel. Paper filters were first used in Germany to filter coffee around 1908 by a person called Melitta Bentz. Mesh wire filters which are reusable are used to reduce wasting. Africa and Latin America is popular for using cotton or cloth reusable bags.

Boiled coffee drinks

Turkish coffee brew

Fine grounded coffee like fine powder is used for the Turkish coffee. The coffee is immersed in water the heat until it just starts boiling. The foam produced using this method is at maximum though the foam reduces if the coffee is left to boil longer. Sweetening is added in this coffee. It can be served as plain with no sugar, little sugar which is half a spoon, medium sugar and a lot of sugar.

Moka pot brewing

Moka pot is a coffee maker which brews coffee on top of a stove. Hot water is pressured using steam and passed on the coffee grounds. The pressure is a bit lesser than that in an espresso. This brew is stronger since the pressure used is more than gravity making more caffeine and flavor to be extracted.


An espresso machine is used to force almost boiling water in small amount through very fine ground coffee beans which is compactly packed. The machine was developed initially and become famous in the United Kingdom especially to make cappuccino, coffee with milk. Coffee drinks made by espresso are denser than other coffees because it got very high concentration of suspended and dissolved contents. The coffee is characterized by cream foam floating on the top.

Some espresso distinct drinks

  1. Cafe Americano – preparing coffee by adding hot water to espresso making it have a different flavor but with the same strength
  2. Cafe Cubano – it is a traditional drink from Cuba usually made by mixing coffee beans with sugar prior brewing. The drink is usually very strong with a lot of sweetening.
  3. Cafe Lungo – similar to cafe Americano but unlike in it all the water is brewed in the lungo and is usually smaller than an Americano.
  4. Cafe Crema -it is an Italian drink meaning creamed coffee is older name for the espresso.
  5. Cafe Zorro- double espresso and is added with one to one ratio with hot water. Also called double shot.
  6. Espresso Romano- simple means serving coffee espresso with lemon and got no link to Rome.

Percolated coffee drink

The drink is brewed by having hot or boiling water pass through grounded coffee in circular motion until the desired flavor is reached. Some are standalone while others brew on stove tops. These brewers were replaced by drip brewing.

Vacuum coffee brewing

Two chambers are used to brew coffee where both vacuum and pressure from vapor are applied to make coffee.

Coffee mixing with other ingredients

Coffee and milk

Milk can be added to coffee as condensed, steamed or even brewed together. Most traditional coffees like the Vietnamese coffee is made with condensed milk and sweetening to deal with the coffee bitterness/ caffeine.

Latte/ cappuccino are a coffee espresso mixed with steamed milk. This is because espresso is thick enough and makes and really stand up in the steamed milk

Espresso coffee

Coffee brewed with dripping or filter method/any other method is mixed with the espresso to increase the richness in favor or the intensity of the coffee. The mixture got so many names like the red eye.

Mixing coffee with tea

Black tie- made by a mixture of double espresso, tamarind (crushed), iced Thai traditional tea (sweet, chilled and spicy coffee), cream or condensed milk and sugar.

Single espresso shot can also mixed with sugar, tamarind, cream or condensed milk, blossom orange water, and iced Thai tea to make red tie. Chai tea is made with tea and espresso single shot. There are many recipes to make tea with coffee most of them traditional.

Mixing coffee with alcohol

Liquor coffee is coffee served with alcohol. Sugar may add in the mixture the coffee cream or condensed milk put on the top. Sugar helps the cream to stay floating. Some major coffee liquor drinks include the karsk- moonshine coffee, Irish coffee- coffee with Irish whisky and the caffe coretto- liquor shot mixed with espresso shot.

Flavored coffees

Cafe Miel- miel is French word referring to honey. This coffee is made with mixing honey, steamed milk, cinnamon and espresso.

Mocha / mochaccino- made with steamed milk and chocolate or milk chocolate with a 2/3 espresso.

Caffe Marocchino- similar to an espressino made with cocoa powder dust with steamed milk and espresso.

Iced coffee

Iced coffee can be made either by brewing the coffee over ice, coffee pour over ice or iced cream being made to float on coffee. Some popular coffee drinks is the freddo espresso most popular in Greece and is usually foam covered ice.

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