#1 Coffee Cup News - Lefonte Coffee Mugs, Glass Coffee Mugs Set, Coffee Mug, Tea Cups, Glass Tea Cup Set - 14oz, Set of 4
  • Lefonte coffee mugs and tea cups large 14oz. coffee mug glasses are the perfect cups for hot beverages, cappuccino, latte, espresso and cold brew iced coffee alike.
  • Sleek and timeless these mug cups will be your go-to glasses for years to come. Try them once and you will instantly love them.
  • Delicate design yet strong construction these beautiful mugs are fashionable and a pleasure to use. Spacious comfort handle is specially designed for easy grip and use allowing to hold the mug with 2-3 fingers as you please.
  • Lead Free Borosilicate Glass - Dishwasher Safe - Set of 4 - 14oz.
  • Makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.
#2 Coffee Cup News - Sublimation Mugs 11 oz Tanglong Sublimation Mugs Blank Sublimation Cups Sublimation Coffee Mugs Taza
  • High Quality 11oz Sublimation Mugs:It is a novel set of 12 colored sublimation coffee mugs made of high-quality ceramics, it is non-toxic and safe for long-term use. Our tazas para sublimacion exterior is coated with a high-quality sublimation coating, which achieves a bright white-coated finish and high-density color that won't wash off even in the dishwasher. It has higher temperature resistance, oven safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe.

  • Amazing Exterior Design:Our sublimation cups height: 9.7cm/3.8 inch, width: 8.1cm/3.2 inch, this is a particularly versatile size.The outside of the White Ceramic Sublimation Cups are white and the inside and handle are colored to make your design more harmonious. There are different colors in a set, 2 of each color, including light green, light blue, dark blue, red, dark red, black, enough quantity and rich colors to meet your various needs.

  • DIY Ideas Customization:These sublimation mug blanks are customized for a variety of DIY ideas and you can print anything on them with a heat press! Choose your favorite picture, logo, or your favorite words to print on the mug. Perfect for using the heat press for photo mugs, promotions, gifts, personal keepsakes, art displays and any creative work you might want.

  • Wide Applications:As you can see in a nice cafe, try our white sublimation coffee mug, it's perfect for your family or friends to use every day at home. It can also be used as party supplies as well as a coffee mug in the office, also suitable as an outdoor camping mug, or the mug can be used in restaurants or bars. We can use it to drink hot coffee, tea, water, milk, latte, hot cocoa, cereal or soup, and more.

  • Perfect Delivery:We are committed to providing the highest standard of satisfaction to every client. If the white coffee mugs you received are damaged, please contact us as soon as possible and we will get back to you within 24 hours!Please note:In order to ensure that the coating does not fade after repeated washing in the dishwasher, our sublimation mugs are made with an AAA-grade premium coating and require a longer heat transfer time, to achieve a good sublimation effect.

#3 Coffee Cup News - BTaT- White Coffee Mugs, Set of 12, 12oz, Coffee Mug Set, Christmas Coffee Mugs, Hot Chocolate Mugs,
  • Set of 12 coffee mug set, 12oz inch, perfect to have your coffee and add sugar and creamer
  • White finish on the outside and inside. Beautiful design to match with variety of dishware with smooth glazed inside to help easily wash coffee stains
  • Large handle to comfortably hold the cup
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
#4 Coffee Cup News - 10 Strawberry Street 12 oz Catering Mug, Set of 12
  • 12 fl. oz Mug - set of 12
  • Covering the tabletop Basics for relaxed meals with family and friends, these everyday dishes are oven-to-table, dishwasher, and microwave safe.
  • Cater to the masses with these convenient 12 piece packs.
  • Oven Safe up to 500°F
  • While dishes are microwave-safe, they may become hot. Handle carefully.
#5 Coffee Cup News - Elama Wave Series Mug Set, 12 oz, Assorted Grey 2
  • ◈A STUNNING ACCENT TO YOUR TABLE◈ The Elama Tahitian Waves 6 Piece 12 oz. Mug Set with Stand in Assorted Colors
  • ◈A FULL SERVICE FOR 6◈ Each mug is creatively crafted into a unique and contemporary shape, adding a little something more special to meal time
  • ◈BEAUTIFULLY COLORED◈ In soft assorted grey colors, this tableware set will surely set a tone at dinner time
  • ◈MICROWAVE SAFE◈ For easy heating
  • ◈DISHWASHER SAFE◈ For easy cleaning

Coffee Mugs

How do you choose a great set of coffee mugs?

Coffee mugs are quite affordable. Hence, most people do not think too hard when buying them. But, you need to remember two points that can help you choose the right one.


The material that is used to make the coffee mug can make a huge difference to your drinking experience and, at times, taste as well. A coffee mug can be made out of many different materials like glass, ceramic, stainless steel, hard plastics, etc.; each material has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. For example, ceramic coffee mugs will keep your coffee hot for a long time but are quite fragile.

Designing aspect

The design of your coffee mug matters as well. A mug that looks great will elevate your coffee drinking experience. If you do not agree with this, try drinking your coffee in a well-designed cup and a disposable Styrofoam cup and you will agree. You also need to consider other things like shape and size. You would require a mug that can at least hold the amount of coffee that you drink on a daily basis.

What are different coffee mugs one can see in the market today?

Some great coffee mugs in the market today are:

Threshold Porcelain Coupe Mug White

If you are looking for a basic coffee mug, you can pick this simple porcelain coffee mug that will not be heavy on your budget as well. This is a great go-to coffee mug if you are on a tight budget. This mug can hold about 14 ounces of coffee and features a strong handle.

The smooth white color of the mug will match with any set of coffee mugs that you own, while still looking modern and crisp. It is suitably-sized and a great cup to have for sipping hot beverages. Additionally, the cup is also microwave-safe. It is a known fact that porcelain is a good heat insulator, so it will not take a long time to heat your coffee back.

Contigo AUTOSEAL West Loop Travel Mug

This is a coffee mug that you can carry along anywhere. This feature makes it perfect for coffee drinkers who are always traveling. The travel mug allows you to keep your coffee hot or cold as you travel from one place to another. This mug has also won many awards.

The mug comes in a wide range of colors and size options: 16, 20, 24, oz. Based on your caffeine needs, you can choose any one of these. You can keep your coffee hot for at least five hours and cold for 12 hours. Another great feature about this cup is that you can use it with one hand only, leaving your other hand free.

Ello Jane Ceramic Mug

If you consume a lot of coffee at your workplace, then you will need an office-friendly and practical coffee mug. This coffee mug by Ello Jane is the most perfect coffee mug for office. It can hold about 18 ounces of coffee, which is enough to last you till you finish with your day’s work.

Heat is retained well, thanks to the slider lid. You can also place the mug in a microwave if you want to heat your coffee up. The handle is made of porcelain. The great designing aspect of the mug makes it look more superior compared to an average coffee cup. It has an in-built silicone coaster at the bottom comes in a wide range of colors.

InGwest Home Color-Changing Mug

This mug will greet you with a smile! If funny mugs are your thing, then this coffee mug by InGwest is the best pick. This mug has an angry and dark face at the start; once you start filling it with hot coffee, the color changes to cherry turquoise and the sad face turns into a smiling one!

Sadly, most color-changing mugs cannot be put in a microwave and this coffee mug is not an exception. Hence, you will have to drink your coffee while it is steamy and hot. This coffee mug can hold about 10 ounces with ease and a great cup to have for coffee drinkers.

Sweese 6202 Porcelain Mugs

This particular mug is great if you are looking to serve coffee to your friends. This is s set of six coffee mugs is a great investment. Each cup can hold about 16 ounces of coffee and have a very balanced feel. The set is nicely-weighted and contains mugs of different colors like blue, white, etc. The cups are chip-resistant and come with a 30-day warranty against chips.

You can pop these mugs into a microwave to heat your coffee and clean them easily in a dishwasher without having to worry about wearing off the finish. The brand also tests the mugs against heavy metals and lead, which means you can drink your coffee that is free of any contaminants from the mug.

Grosche Cyprus Glass Mug

Because this coffee mug by Grosche Cyprus is double-walled, it is one of the best mugs for heat retention. This mug is the best if you are looking for insulated coffee. You will be able to keep your coffee steamy and hot inside the insulated mug.

The mug is made out of handblown glass and looks quite visually stunning. But you need to be careful because this mug is much more fragile that mugs made out of porcelain or stoneware. It is more preferable that you wash the mug by hand instead of a dishwasher. It can easily hold about 16 ounces of coffee.

Without a great coffee mug, the joys of drinking coffee remain incomplete. Hence, you should always invest in a great coffee mug that looks attractive and lasts for a long time as well. You should always research before settling for a coffee mug.

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