Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers in 2022


If you love your coffee rich in nutrient and flavor, the Cold brew coffee will definitely be your first option. This type of coffee comes with the complete feature of a perfect coffee. The production process makes it easy to get the rich result needed in every coffee cup.

It one of the easiest methods of producing coffee as it requires less expertise for the production process. And its limitless health benefit has been a major reason why many over the year has chosen this type of coffee.

#1 Coffee Cup News - Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker, One Quart, Black
  • The Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a durable BPA-Free Tritan pitcher with an airtight lid and non-slip silicone handle. It produces 4 servings of smooth cold brew with any type of coffee grounds and is less acidic than traditional coffee brewing
  • THE FINE-MESH COFFEE FILTER in this cold brew coffee maker keeps grounds out of your freshly brewed pot - differing from other coffee machines. Tritan plastic withstands hot temperatures if you want a hot cup of coffee. Fits in most refrigerator doors.
  • PREMIUM BOTTLES AND LIDS: Our innovative line of insulated hydration solutions come in a range of sizes. We offer water bottles in 18, 24, 32, 40, and 64 oz sizes, beverage makers and pitchers in 1 Qt and 2 Qt sizes.
  • BPA FREE HYDRATION SOLUTIONS: From insulated stainless steel water bottles to beverage makers and pitchers, as well as a variety of product accessories, Takeya USA products help you stay cool, refreshed and hydrated for an active, on-the-go lifestyle.
  • INNOVATIVE HYDRATION SOLUTIONS: Takeya brings over 55 years of Japanese design heritage to our line of insulated, BPA-free water bottles & our sustainable iced tea, fruit infusion, & cold brew pitchers.
#2 Coffee Cup News - County Line Kitchen - Cold Brew Mason Jar iced Coffee Maker, Durable Glass, Heavy Duty Stainless Ste
  • Easy to Use Cold Brew Maker: Simply add coffee, steep overnight, and enjoy fresh cold brew in the morning. Simple cleanup with dishwasher safe components.,
  • Stainless Steel Filter: Constructed of high-quality mesh that prevents coffee grounds from entering the jar. heavy-duty filter is durable and long lasting creating perfect iced coffee for years to come.
  • Easy Pour Dispenser, Leak-Proof Lid: Flip Cap Lid allows for easy brewing, pouring, and storage. Tight seal means your jar will never have a leak.
  • Durable Mason Jar: Ball Mason Jars withstand rough handling and don't leach harmful chemicals.
  • Multi-Use: Works great for tea and as an infuser. Brewer components are food-grade and BPA free.
#3 Coffee Cup News - BTaT- Cold Brew Coffee Maker, 1 Gallon Mason Jars Drink Dispenser, Gallon Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Ic
  • 1 gallon cold brew coffee maker: smooth, delicious cold brew coffee and tea at home with our cold brew coffee maker. Easily make 1 gallon of perfect cold brew coffee or ice tea.
  • Low air flow lid: lid make up tightly onto the jar, it lets enough air to prevent vacuum effect but keeping your cold brew fresh for up to 14 days.
  • Removable stainless steel filter: custom designed, removable, easy to clean, rust-free, 18/8 superfine dual-mesh, stainless steel filter keeps coffee grinds get into your cold brew.
  • Mason jar base: durable and reliable, made out of strong soda-lime glass.
  • BTaT cold brew coffee maker is designed to make cold brew coffee for you for years.
#4 Coffee Cup News - Bodum K11683-01WM Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker, 51 Oz, Jet Black
  • Includes two lids: One for the fridge overnight, and one with a plunger to press down the coffee grounds in the morning
  • 51 Oz. Capacity.
  • Innovative locking lid system keeps your Coffee hot or cold and helps prevent spills
  • All components are 100% Dishwasher Safe for easy clean-up.
  • All Plastic Parts are 100% BPA Free!
  • Included Components: Flat Lid
#5 Coffee Cup News - Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker System with Extra Filters and Silicone Stoppers Bundle
  • Patented cold brew system uses regular coffee beans to create incredibly smooth coffee concentrate with 67% less acid than coffee made with hot brew methods, it's easier on sensitive stomachs and all with no electricity required
  • Get more out of your coffee grounds, as the coffee concentrate stays fresh for up to 2 weeks with no change to the flavor
  • Also ideal for making tea, served hot or cold
  • Toddy Cold Brew System comes factory sealed. Additional items in bundle are packed externally
  • Extra Toddy Filter (2-pack) and Toddy Silicone Stopper (2-pack) are individually packaged
#6 Coffee Cup News - Presto 02937 Dorothy™ Electric Rapid Cold Brewer - Cold brew at home in 15 minutes - No more waiti
  • Make smooth, flavorful cold brew coffee at home in just 15 minutes. No more waiting 12 to 24 hours.
  • Rapid cold brew technology spins coffee grounds through water “tornado” to make cold brew fast.
  • No bitterness because coffee grounds are never exposed to high temperatures.
  • Fill carafe with water, adjust whirlpool speed, add coffee grounds, and brew.
  • Spinning water rapidly circulates coffee grounds for quick, complete flavor extraction.
  • Makes 22 ounces of cold brew per batch.
  • Speed control dial adjusts whirlpool speed.
  • After brewing, press plunger to filter coffee.
  • Glass carafe, filter, and grounds cup are dishwasher safe.
  • Power base with detachable cord for easy storage.
#7 Coffee Cup News - KitchenAid KCM5912SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker 38 Ounce Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Smooth, rich-bodied flavor: Cold brew and iced coffee maker keeps your favorite beverage available and tasting great in the morning or any time throughout the day.
  • Small footprint: Ideal fit for any refrigerator or kitchen counter.
  • Easy to use: Simply fill with coffee and cold water, steep and enjoy.
  • 19 servings: Mix 2 oz of coffee concentrate with every 6 oz of your favorite milk, water or ice.
  • Long-lasting: the KitchenAid cold brew coffee maker brews 38 oz of coffee concentrate that stays fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.
  • Always on tap: Turn your fridge into a coffee bar with a built in stainless steel tap that dispenses your cold brew from your refrigerator. Coffee maker also has a carrying handle for easy portability.
  • Streamlined Design: Beautiful, streamlined design with glass and stainless steel components to preserve taste, for easy use and cleaning.
  • Versatile and reliable: Reusable Stainless Steel Steeper allows you to brew the beverage of your choice and is labeled with fill level indicators to take the guesswork out of the brewing process.
#8 Coffee Cup News - Vinci Express Cold Brew Electric Coffee Maker | Cold Brew in 5 Minutes, 4 Brew Strength Settings & C
  • Cold Brew Coffee Just Got Faster! The Vinci Express Cold Brew Coffee Maker allows you to make homemade cold brew coffee in just minutes instead of waiting the traditional 12-24 hours.
  • 4 Coffee Brew Strengths to Choose From - Select from Light (5 Minutes), Medium (10 Minutes), Bold (15 Minutes), or Extra Bold (25 Minutes).
  • New Technology - Vinci's patented Circle Flow brewing technology ensures a Fast, Bold, Delicious Cold Brew with a Smooth, Clean, and Virtually Sediment-Free finish.
  • Brew, Serve & Store in One Container - Compact for easy storage in the refrigerator for up to 10-days. Includes two lids- one for brewing and one for storing.
  • Includes Self Cleaning Function - Includes a clean setting that flushes residual coffee from the unit, then cleans with fresh water, and drains the brew path for the most hygienic brewing.
#9 Coffee Cup News - Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker with 6 Brew Sizes, 5 Brew Style
  • Coffee and tea brew settings: Brewing technology offers an array of coffee and tea options
  • Cold brew coffee and tea: Brew over ice at a lower temperature for smooth, naturally sweet flavor in 10 to 15 minutes
  • Smart basket recognition: System recognizes basket and displays coffee or tea drink options
  • Separate coffee and tea baskets: Brew coffee or loose or bagged tea to keep flavors separate
  • 6 brew sizes: Brew anything from a single cup or travel size to a half carafe or full carafe in your coffee maker
  • 5 brew styles: Choose your strength with classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, or specialty
  • Brew directly into a cup with the coffee brewer: Use any brand of coffee or tea, loose leaf or bagged
  • Tea type: Select your tea type and the system knows the temperature and number of steeps needed
  • 50 Ounces (10 cup) thermal carafe: keeps your coffee and tea hot upto 2 hours
#10 Coffee Cup News - Cold Brew Coffee Maker - Iced Coffee Maker, Brewer System - Glass Pitcher, Stainless Steel Spout, Re
  • DELICIOUS & CONVENIENT: Enjoy the rich taste of cold brew coffee in bulk with our glass pitcher & save money by reducing visits to your local coffee shop to buy iced coffee! Whether you have been a coffee fan for years or just starting to try cold brew coffee, our jar is easy to use & clean!
  • SERVES UP 16 CUPS: This large capacity cold brew maker fits nicely in your fridge while serving up about 16 mug fulls of cold brew. Easily store 2 weeks’ worth of ice cold coffee with our gallon sized mason jar!
  • SEALING LID KEEPS YOUR COFFEE FRESH: The airtight lid seals tightly to the mason jar keeping your cold brew fresh for up to two weeks so you can brew once in a while & enjoy fresh, delicious cold brew every day.
  • ADJUSTABLE STAINLESS STEEL SPOUT: Our adjustable stainless steel spout is easy to use & gives you convenient access to serving up cold brew right from your fridge shelf. Effortlessly control the flow rate of your cold brew from a slow drip to a steady & powerful stream!
  • CUSTOM DESIGNED FILTER: The filter is made out of fine mesh, ensuring that no coffee grounds or residue escapes from the filter. Built with high-quality, food-grade stainless steel that is resistant to bending - it fits perfectly in the base and is easy to remove.

About Brew Coffee Makers

If you love your coffee rich in nutrient and flavor, the Cold brew coffee will definitely be your first option. This type of coffee comes with the complete feature of a perfect coffee. The production process makes it easy to get the rich result needed in every coffee cup.

It one of the easiest methods of producing coffee as it requires less expertise for the production process. And its limitless health benefit has been a major reason why many over the year has chosen this type of coffee.

Types of Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee can easily be produced even by those with less knowledge about this type of coffee, here is a list of top Cold Brew Coffee maker that can be used for this production:

1. Primula PCBBK -5351 51oz Black Pace Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

This is the first Cold Brew Coffee maker on our list. This little device houses some amazing features that have made it perfect for many. This Cold Brew Coffee maker is very easy to operate, and it delivers perfect flavor with less acidic content.

It is also very easy to clean and maintain after use, and it can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Its durability and dependability have also made it perfect for all brewing process. In just three steps, you are done with the production process. The coffee maker smart design makes it fit perfectly into any refrigerator; it also comes with a fine mesh which makes your coffee as smooth as possible.

2. Takeya 10310 Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

This Cold Brew Coffee maker is another machine that makes brewing of cold coffee easier. It is very easy to operate as you need to only add your coffee in its jug, brew in the fridge for up to 36 hours, and serve when you’re satisfied with the result. It delivers the perfect taste.

This Cold Brew Coffee maker is a durable BPA free Tritan Pitcher, and it comes with an airtight lid and a silicone handle. The fine mesh of this coffee maker makes it possible to get rid of ground in your cup. It also carries a design that can fit perfectly into any refrigerator.

3. Semko Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

The Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker is one other top coffee maker that comes with a thick borosilicate glass carafe. This coffee maker is very easy to clan and can be used with dishwashers. It delivers coffee that is 70% less acidic and coffee rich in flavor.

The machine lifespan is significantly increased thanks to the borosilicate glass it was made with which is both thick and strong, and it also has the power to withstand strong temperature in case you want to heat up your coffee.

The coffee maker also has a stainless-steel filter which has smaller holes which makes it perfect for both serving and storing coffee. As specified in the name, the coffee maker is also airtight, hence storing your coffee is easier.

4. Bean Envy Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

The Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker is a 32 oz capacity coffee maker that comes with premium quality glass. It is one of the few Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker that can be used homemade cold brew and iced coffee.

The calibration on the coffee maker aids efficient measurement, and with the help of the silicone rings, the freshness of the coffee can be maintained. Its amazing design is second to none as this makes it perfect for your home and office.

5. Cusinium Large Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Cusinium cold brew coffee maker comes with professional calibration which makes it easier to produce authentic coffee with less acidic content and more flavor. Its design makes it fit for your refrigerator.

With the device effective filtration, you can be sure that no ground coffee will be deposited in your cup after brewing. Beautiful enough, the machine comes with a 100% risk-free guarantee.

The Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

There are several reasons why many have kept a cold brew coffee maker both in their home and offices, here are some of the reasons why many love the cold brew coffee;

  1. Unmatched Nutrients

Yes, the unmatched nutrient in the cold brew coffee makes it perfect for all who need coffee for the nutrient. Due to the mode of brewing this coffee, no heat is added, hence no nutrient escape from the coffee. The entire flavor is also deposited in your cup, no matter how long it is kept in the fridge the flavor never changes. Compared to other coffee that changes taste after being kept in the fridge, the cold brew coffee never changes.

  1. Weight loss

In every cold brew coffee is caffeine content, this content help in losing a significant amount of weight. Most have enjoyed getting a cold brew coffee after a workout as this help the coffee carry out its activities best. Ordinary coffee also does this, but cold brew coffee is more effective.

  1. Help keep the body in shape

Taking cold brew coffee has been confirmed to help one look younger. In this day where all we take deposit negative contents in our body, taking a cup of cold brew coffee every day will significantly help get rid of these negative contents and makes one younger.

  1. Less acidic content

Heating coffee gives birth to several acidic contents that does not only alter the taste of the coffee; it also makes it a fraction unsafe for drinking. But with the help of cold brew coffee, all you get is the perfect flavor, no addition, no subtraction.

These are fractions of reasons why many have elected having a cold brew coffee maker in their home. It is the best you can get for your home and offices.

How to Make Best Class Cold Brew Coffee

Here is a little guide on how you can make the Cold Brew Coffee at home for your personal consumption or for any other purpose;

1. Get the grind right

Not all grind is perfect for Cold Brew Coffee, and a larger grind might make it hard for the coffee while brewing overnight to get bitter. Hence, the smaller grind is most preferred.

2. Use a lower ratio of water to coffee

It is best to let the ratio of coffee be higher than that of water; this makes it easier to get the full content of flavor and nutrient on time.

3. Strain Slowly

Depending on the machine used, the next step is slowly straining the brewed coffee this must be done slowly as it can also have an effect on the taste of the coffee. The Cold Brew Coffee makers listed above are the best ones you can make use of.

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