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Founded in 1993, Colectivo sources coffees from origin and roasts every batch of their coffee by hand in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have developed co-op and farmer alliances so as to deliver a great cup of coffee. This independent coffee store roasts its award-winning coffee with expertise. It offers a wide selection of coffee, tea, beer, food, bread, and baked items in its various cafes located in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. Moreover, Colectivo offers its coffee in many different varieties.

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Colectivo Coffee

Colectivo began with a very small idea of doing something well but gradually evolved into a big organization. The company was started in a Walker’s Point warehouse wherein the co-owners Ward, Paul, and Lincoln connected over vinyl records and a strong need for a great tasting coffee.

Born in 1993, Colectivo has been sourcing its coffees from the origin and then roasting all its coffees by hand. They want to serve a delicious coffee experience by getting involved in each step of the coffee making process, by developing close ties with cooperatives and farmers worldwide, and by traveling to meet them.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this specialty coffee roaster changed its name to Colectivo Coffee in 2013. Before that, it was known as Alterra Coffee Roasters. Colectivo offers it Session RoastedTM coffees, along with Colectivo Keg Company craft beers and Letterbox Fine Tea.

Colectivo also prepares is own fresh baked goods on a daily basis at its Troubadour Bakery. They make their own baked goods and artisan breads with skill and patience. The company only uses high-quality food ingredients and supplies locally to vendors and customers whenever they can.

Colectivo is an independent organization that roasts all its award-winning coffees on traditional Probats in the Riverwest area of Milwaukee. You can visit their Humboldt Boulevard cafe and see how their roasters work.

Colectivo’s contribution to the community

Since Colectivo is locally-owned, it supports the community in its own way. The company makes in-kind donations to the community. Plus, Colectivo forms unique, long-term affiliations with several non-profit entities, particularly the ones working in performing arts, environment, health, and social areas. It forms meaningful relationships with companies that develop the community through its creativity and partnership.

Moreover, Colectivo has its own fundraising program for non-profit groups and schools so that they can raise money by selling high-quality products from local Colectivo stores. The company offers a wide range of Colectivo coffees, Omanhene cocoas, and Letterbox teas at steep discounted prices in order to be lucrative for schools and non-profit groups.

Colectivo Loyalty

Colectivo offers the Colectivo card to its loyal customers. This card helps loyal customers of Colectivo to earn points from their purchases, give it like a gift, or use it as a cash card for purchasing Colectivo coffees. Special members also receive exclusive discounts and insider info from Colectivo.

Colectivo Troubadour Bakery

Colectivo has its own wholesale and retail bakery with the name of Troubadour Bakery in the bustling Bay View neighborhood in Milwaukee. This bakery offers catering options to its customers for both big and small events. Founded in 1999, Troubadour Bakery has an experienced team of bakers who craft every piece by hand while using only real ingredients.

Colectivo Wholesale

Colectivo helps people in fulfilling coffee, tea, equipment, service, and training requirements of businesses. People who want to open a cafe and need a new partner, who can provide high-quality products and services, can take the assistance of Colectivo.

The company offers a wide range of amazing Session Roasted coffees, including special options from their favorite farmers and signature blends. to its wholesale customers. Plus, it offers its Letterbox Fine Teas, including hand-selected teas. to its wholesale customers. Along with this, Colectivo offers products, equipment, service, training, and coffee-friendly fresh baked goods to its wholesale clients.

Colectivo coffees

Colectivo has a wide range of coffees offered under different categories, including seasonal, best sellers, roast, organic/fair trade, origin, and decaf. Plus, it offers weekly special coffees that change every week and subscription coffees as per the preferences of customers. Colectivo coffee can be purchased in different types. These include:

  • Seasonal: Under this, Colectivo offers freshest and high-quality coffees of the season for a limited time period. These coffees come from small farms and highlight the best coffee of every season.
  • Best Sellers: Under this, Colectivo offers its top 10 best selling coffees. These coffees are long-time Colectivo customer favorites.
  • Roast: Under this, three different types of coffees are offered, including light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. Light roast coffees have a wonderful intrinsic flavor. Medium roast coffees strike a good flavourful balance between flavors from the roasting procedure and flavors from the origin. Dark roast coffees have a rich, toasty, and smoky flavor owing to their high roasting temperatures.
  • Organic/Fair Trade: Colectivo offers organic/fair trade coffees that are certified by Fair Trade USA and USDA Certified Organic.
  • Origin: Colectivo offers two types of coffees under origin, including single origin and blend. Single origin coffees come from a single farm or an individual lot with coffees from various farms in a separate geographical area. On the other hand, blends are an amalgamation of different coffees from various origins that result in unique flavors. All Colectivo coffees are blended after roasting in order to mix multiple roast levels to form one blend.
  • Decaf: Colectivo offers decaf coffees that are 100% chemical-free and water processed.
  • Subscription: This coffee category offers favorite coffees to its individual customers who can create their own Colectivo coffee subscription so that they can get their favorite coffee regularly. Moreover, customers can choose their own shipping frequency. They are automatically billed during shipment.
  • Weekly Special: Under this category, coffee of the week is offered by Colectivo. This includes the best coffee of the season. They have Featured Farm Series coffees that are limited and special.

Other Colectivo items

Other than coffees, Colectivo also offers other items. These include:

  • Letterbox Tea: Colectivo offers different types of teas, including white, green, black, herbal, and organic. All these come in traditional and ancient varieties, along with modern infusions and inventive blends.
  • Apparel: Colectivo offers t-shirts that are repped by their baristas as well as customers. They have limited prints on the finest fabrics. It also offers sweatshirts that are ultra-soft. In accessories, they offer caps, beanies, hats, and scarves.
  • Drinkware: Colectivo offers mugs and bottles.
  • Brew Ware: Colectivo offers brewing equipment, grinder, filters, and brew accessories to its customers.
  • Gift Boxes & Subscription: Customers can take the cafe gift box and coffee gift subscription from Colectivo.
  • Gift Cards: Colectivo provides webshop gift card and cafe cash card.
  • Miscellaneous: Under this category, Colectivo offers troubadour granola, hot cocoa mix, sports tea, mint hot cocoa mix, new session coffee pins, and 25th-anniversary silkscreen poster pack.

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