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Colombian coffee is popular for its distinguished mild fruity taste with bright acidic properties and chocolaty flavored brew. The countries Arabica beans have a notable quality that is a favorite in the worlds market. It is exclusively the best coffee variety in the whole world.

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Colombian Coffee

Colombia is among the top worlds producing coffee countries ranking third after Brazil and Vietnam controlling about 12% of total produce worlds. The nations distinctiveness if highly related to it coffee production and exports. Coffee farming is the main source of employment in the rural areas of Colombia. One of the most renowned exports of coffee in Colombia is the fictitious Juan Valdez. The country specializes mainly in good quality Colombian Peaberry Arabica beans

Colombian Volcanica Coffee (Columbian Peaberry)

It is a rare, reasonably priced and elite certified Arabica beans. It signifies five percent best beans from very best crops. This transpires that Colombian coffee have good-end grade.

Notable interesting things of the Colombian coffee

Taste of the Colombian coffee

Colombian coffee is a product of a number of different varieties stemmed from many coffee growing areas in the country. This means is almost impossible to get a particular flavor of Colombian coffee independently. Common features of the Colombian coffee

Majority of tasters describe Colombian coffee as: mid silk body, finish and well balanced cup of coffee. The levels of acidity are either high or medium offering a perky and sparkling brew.

  • Common notable flavors
  • Some traces of the tropical fruits
  • Floral notes
  • Apples or the red berry flavor

The aromas have a spice hint and have similar properties like citrus is easy to drink and a favorite for blending with other flavors produced in other nations.

Type of coffee grown in Colombia

Major coffee types are named after the regions in which they are grown. This include; Manizales, Armenia and Medellin. Medellin supremo is a type of coffee from Medellin with an important specialty. These 3 types of coffee ore usually marketed together under the name MAM an acronym of the 3 areas. In general it has more intense acidity than that produced from the eastern area.

Other types of coffee in Colombia

Tinto Coffee

This coffee unevenly translates to something like inky water. It is locally available in retail shops and streets in Colombia for very little cents and is highly consumed.

Unlike other coffee genres which are popular for their good quality, Tinto is known for identification with the nations culture. It is peoples type of coffee giving a real sense of Colombia cultural experience.

Caturra Coffee Beans

It is one of the very finest Colombian coffees that originated from Brazil. The have a medium or low body with bright acidity. Their major drawback is that it is prone to lust.

Castillo Beans

Unlike Caturra coffee, Castillo is resistive to coffee rust. It is generically related to Robusta beans thus putting doubt to its quality. It contains a taste of citric acid with smooth aroma. It is renowned for its single origin and high grade properties.

Conditions for growth for the Colombian coffee

The countries coffee plants conditions for growth in Colombia favors production of great high acid coffee beans. Central region produces rich in flavor, more acidity and heavy bodied beans. Coffee from Bogota is containing low acid yet with a bright brew. That of Bucaramanga is frequently heavy bodied with mild acid and a very rich flavor.

Below are some of favorable conditions for coffee farming in the country;

  • Coffee growing regions in Colombia have high elevations up to 6400 feet above MSL.
  • The volcanic fertile soils are favorable for coffee growing in the central and mountainous regions.
  • The moderate temperatures with the range of about 8- 24 deg C symbolize coffee growing regions.

Dry and wet seasons alternate throughout the years since it is a tropical nation giving room to homogenous harvesting twice a year; April to June and September to December sessions.

Processing coffee beans in Colombia

Wet- process method is used for coffee beans processing in Colombia; water is used to separate pulp and the precious coffee bean cherries. This contributes to the clean, fruitier and bright coffee.

Most of coffee producers operate small farms distributed in the Colombian highlands and thus almost impossible to use advanced harvesting mechanism. For this reason coffee is harvested through the grains one by one picking. Though this method is tedious and less advanced, the product is of very high quality.

Regions where coffee is grown in Colombia

Two main regions are known for coffee growing namely; Sierra Nevada highlands of the Santa Marta and Andes Mountain slopes sections traversing the country. Mountainous region in the eastern of the country is small and is bordered by all rounds by Bucaramanga and the Bogota cities. Contrarily the central region is relatively larger and usually referred to as coffee growing Colombian axis.

The Federation of Colombian coffee growers (FNC)

It was developed to carter for coffee farmers interests in the year 1927. It have grown and become the top biggest nonprofit making organization. FNC built a character renown as Juan Valdez in 1959 which is a very successive marketing campaign and leading in the globe. Juan Valdez is popular with the consumers and attracted people to seek Colombian coffee beans.

6 Reasons why Colombian coffee is ranked as the best and distinguished in the world

1. Colombian coffee is purely high grade; less caffeine Arabica coffee and their climate highly favor this variety. Other countries still grow cheap and low quality Robusta alongside the Arabica leaving Colombia as number one finest coffee producer.

2. Coffee production in Colombia is not only an economic activity but also a social cultural activity which the country is most identified with.

3. Formation of the fictions Juan Valdez by FNC ensures proper marketing and sales of this Colombian precious product.

4. Colombia have all the vital important coffee growing requirements that include altitudes of 1200 – 1800 meters above MSL, rich volcano soils, ample rainfall of about 80 inches and frost free areas.

5. Colombia has almost all bean flavors varying with regions. The Colombian cultural coffee landscape provides the most coffee and is located in the vast country center. It includes Quindio, Risaralda, Caldas and Valle to the north. Each bean however varies with origin.

6. The harvesting method in Colombia is another factor that contributes to the high end grade of Colombian coffee. It enhances the quality since the coffee grains are picked one by one.

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