Best Copper Moon Coffees in 2022

Copper Moon Coffees got its name from the rarely-occurring phenomenon when the Earth, Sun, and the Moon are in perfect alignment with each other, which turns the moon into a copper ball. Like this, every cup of coffee at Copper Moon Coffees is artistic and fiery. Every type of coffee made here is of the highest standards. Their motto is from crop to coffee, which can be tasted in the final products with maximum freshness.

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Copper Moon Coffees

The Copper Moon Coffees is the brainchild of the Gutwein family. However, they were not always in the coffee business, to begin with. From generation to generation, they were only focused on sourcing and roasting Arabica coffee beans initially.

The Gutwein family left their home in Cervenka, Hungary, and relocated to America. Before leaving, the family had a successful flouring business and a farm. But, they went to America with one common purpose, freedom.

After they reached and settled in America in 1920, the family continued with the milling flour business. Soon, they formed the Gutwein Milling Company in Indiana. Phillip and eight of his children instantly became the stockholders of the company. At a time like then, milling flour had a very high demand rate throughout America and the Gutwein family profited from this.

Next, the family decided to explore the wholesale feed business. Over a span of time, the feed business began to increase and the Gutwein family soon dedicated their attention and began a feed mill. But unfortunately, a fire almost ruined the family business in 1950. After the danger passed, Nate Gutwein decided to study in a college and rebuild everything that his family built.

Over the course of time, the Gutwein Milling Company began to expand once more and started to distribute wholesale feed in states like Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana. They also expanded their business into grain farming and livestock.

Year after year, the company continued growth and started expanding their business to different commodities like wild bird food, etc. Today, the Gutwein family has six manufacturing plants in America. The Gutwein Brothers have successfully led a 100-year old family business into a success.

Why did the Gutwein Brothers move into the coffee business?

After the successful acquisition by The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, the Brothers decided to go for the only product category that is recession-proof and global coffee.

All the brothers have been loving coffee for decades. When they attended a trade show in 2005, they saw a coffee business on display and decided to apply their knowledge of marketing, packaging, production, and agriculture into a brand new coffee business.

In 2007, Brad and Cary acquired Copper Moon Coffee from Sun Capital Partners in Florida. Since then, coffee has become their singular business pursuit and passion and they have purchased many different coffee-related brands. The Brothers are continuing their family tradition and heritage of working together, just like the family did when they moved more than 100 years ago to America.

Why Copper Moon Coffees?

Copper Moon Coffees make sure that they blend the most premium Arabica bean coffees with different flavor profiles. They select only the finest coffee beans from around the world. Copper Moon roasted coffee beans are grown only in high attitude places within tropical climatic conditions. The reason is that the soil in these places is rich in nutrients and helps to grow the best coffee beans.

Places where Copper Moon’s special coffee beans are grown include:


One of the Copper Moon’s plantations is located in Nicaragua, which is located within the lush and tropical mountains of Central America. The coffee is grown in the Finca Monet Esperanza Estate, which takes pride in producing the best coffee beans while supporting conservation of the land and the people. The Estate has a reputation for developing American specialty coffee and has received many awards for eco-tourism.


At the Abakundakawa Cooperative, only the most flavorful Mbezi, Jackson, and Bourbon coffees are grown. It is located in the mountainous region of Gakenke district and has five distinct zones. Here, women form a major part of the workforce; more than 2/3rds of the workers here are women. The Cooperative’s most famous coffees are Dakundakawa and Hingakawa.


Located in the high country around Jaen and San Ignacio, this Copper Moon coffee plant produces the best Peruvian coffee that is full of bright acidity with nuttiness, herbs, and oranges. The coffee beans, once plucked, go through a very technical and special wash process. After that, they are fermented very carefully and dried under the sun until the levels are optimum for high-grade specialty coffee.


From the Yirgacheffe region comes the most complex and special Ethiopian coffee, which is a collaboration by small farm growers and a collection of immaculately processed heirloom beans. The region is known to produce distinct fruit and flower-toned coffees from the age-old classic Arabica coffee beans. Copper Moon Ethiopian coffee beans have a very aromatic intensity and complexity with the presence of floral and citrus notes.

Roasting method of Copper Moon Coffees

Copper Moon Coffees make sure that their coffees are roasted in the most loving and careful manner. They make use of perforated drum roasters, which are a lot different than other coffee companies. Copper Moon Coffees make use of drum roasters because they believe that closed drum roasters char the coffee beans.

With the help of perforated drum roasters, a consistent aroma and flavor are maintained at lower roasting temperatures. At the end of the entire process, the roasts are full-bodied and smooth. The most perfect coffee can be blended with these roasts so that you can get smooth and captivating Copper Moon Coffees.

The Copper Moon Coffee Recyclable Cups

Coffee is something that increases in popularity due to ease and convenience. Copper Moon Coffees wanted to develop a solution to recycle waste and boost flavor at the same time. After a lot of hard work and innovation, the company introduced to the world their recyclable coffee cups. These cups make use of polypropylene plastic.

This is one step towards making sure that Copper Moon Coffee customers enjoy their daily dose of coffee while having the minimum impact on the environment around them. The company is proud of this environmental-friendly solution and promises to do more to serve both the planet and the palate.

Copper Moon Coffees have achieved one of the highest standards of recognition today. To make sure this standard is maintained, the company makes sure that each and every part of the company is functioning and playing their part. You will find nothing except a great and smooth taste of coffee here at Copper Moon Coffees.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020