Best Costa Rican Coffee in 2023

Costa Rican coffee is among the very best in the world with strong, well balanced and pleasant flavors not forgetting the amusing aromas. The country exports about more than eighty percent of their produce. The aroma is either fragrant, brown sugar or intense.

#1 Coffee Cup News - Fresh Roasted Coffee, Costa Rican Tarrazu, 2 lb (32 oz), Medium Roast, Kosher, Whole Bean
  • SINGLE ORIGIN COSTA RICAN TARRAZU COFFEE is Intensely Flavorful With Notes of Honey and Chocolate. The body may be considered medium, but it sure doesn’t lack any flavor and produces an incredibly satisfying cup!
  • CATURRA AND CATUAI VARIETALS. Grown at 1,300-1,600 meters. Fully Washed Processed. Medium Roast.
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#2 Coffee Cup News - Copper Moon Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast, Costa Rican Blend, 5 Lb.
  • CAFÉ QUALITY COFFEE BREWED BY YOU: Costa Rican Coffee is known for its bright acidity and clean well balanced flavor profile. Exhibiting mild citrus or fruity undertones with hints of chocolate covered nuts, this coffee offers a pleasantly complex experience with a wine-like eloquent finish.
  • PREMIUM COFFEE BLEND: Costa Rican Coffee is considered to be among the best in the world. We cultivate in volcanic soil at high altitudes which contributes to the characteristics of the beans. Slowly and carefully roasted to a medium level extracting all of those natural and complex flavors.
  • COPPER MOON COFFEE SINGLE SERVE PODS: Copper Moon Coffee allergen free, Kosher certified K-Cups are single batch prepared and perfect for coffee lovers on the go who enjoy the convenience of single serve brewing. Designed for compatibility with most Keurig brewing systems.
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  • HAND CRAFTED ON EARTH: Copper Moon Coffee's handcrafted process begins with hand-picked premium specialty grade coffee beans sourced from 5 continents and 17 different countries, then they go through a delicate small batch roasting process to ensure we bring out the best aroma and flavors in each and every coffee we offer. Whether you enjoy light roast, medium roast or dark roast, each sip of a cup of Copper Moon Coffee embodies a singular & delightful event.
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  • Ideal Flavor Unleashed from Every Bean: Café 1820 Whole Bean Coffee is perfect for those who want to release the flavor from every bean just before brewing. This 100% pure coffee, blended from the 3 best coffee-producing zones, offers an intense color, aroma, and body, creating a perfectly balanced cup of coffee.
  • Intense & Refined Flavor: Indulge in an intense, refined flavor with every cup of Café 1820 Classic Whole Bean Coffee. Fruity undertones and chocolate hints make this dark roast blend a standout choice. Experience a unique fine bitterness that sets it apart from other market coffees, delivering a well-balanced and extraordinary flavor for discerning palates.
  • High Altitude Excellence: Crafted with high altitude coffee grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soils over 1,100 meters above sea level. Meticulous investigation ensures great flavor, color, and aroma, providing consumers with an incredible coffee experience.
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  • A taste of Costa Rica; From the mountains of Tarrazu, our Costa Rica single origin craft coffee brings to you the unique taste of Costa Rica; Fresh and roasted, these coffee beans deliver a smooth, rich taste that makes it a popular flavor choice
  • Artisan roasted coffee beans; Carefully selected coffee beans roasted in small batches so you get fresh coffee; Each bag is packaged in resealable bags to maintain freshness
  • Whole bean coffee and ground coffee; Our ground coffee is suited for use in auto drip machines; Grind the whole beans to the required coarseness for french press, pour over or cold brew methods
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  • Fresh arabica beans; Our Brazilian coffee beans are ethically sourced and each batch is roasted fresh daily; Our medium roast arabica coffee gives you a smooth flavor with low acidity, sweet aroma and unique taste
#5 Coffee Cup News - Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee - Good As Gold Coffee Roasters - Whole Bean (12oz)
  • 12oz of freshly roasted Costa Rica Tarrazu whole bean coffee by Good As Gold Coffee Roasters
  • A wonderfully bright cup of coffee with a delightful honey sweetness and a smooth, rich, dark chocolate finish.
  • Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  • Small batch roasted in our custom-built air roaster
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Costa Rican Coffee

Costa Rica coffee is known for its uniqueness and high level grade. Functional and good solid infrastructure along with the correct conditions for coffee farming enable the Costa Rican farmers to cultivate and process their coffee up to selling and exporting without much struggle. Costa Rica is not among the bulk coffee producing countries but take pride in producing noble coffee than other countries. The Costa Rican coffee is best when freshly roasted rather than branded.

Species of coffee produced in Costa Rica

No cheap and lower quality caffeinated Robusta beans is produced and is illegal to do so. The nation burned growing of the variety to encourage Arabica beans production which is more valuable and liked across the globe. Interesting fact is that Arabica is sensitive to changes due to weather patterns pests where else Robusta prevail almost any other condition. Since Robusta farming is illegal the farmers have no option but deal with Arabica farming. This in turn resulted to the country producing only the best.

Peaberry Costa Rican beans

Only the best coffee beans from only the best trees are picked which basically represent just 5% thus giving the best to consumers. Therefore a cup of this variety is strong with pleasant flavors that are well balanced.

Costa Rican coffee tastes

The flavors of the nations coffee vary mostly according with the method of processing and region where it is grown. Washed coffee beans are characterized by mild and clean finished taste, chocolaty and milk or/and honey flavor hints with smooth and very bright fruit properties.

The natural processed coffee has fruit properties like that of grapes, berries and citrus with syrupy body. The product of honey processing is low acid, sweet flavor with molasses and honey notes with fruitier aspect. Honey coffee is the sweetest of all.

Coffee producing regions in Costa Rica

The best renowned Costa Rican coffee comes from is produced in the Tarrazu region controlling about 35 percent of the total produce. La minita is the most famous variety from this region all over the world with the farm providing distinguished coffee every year.

Another famous coffee farming region in this country is the Doka estate located on Poas volcano slopes along the central valley. This refine provides one of the best coffee grade and flavor in the country. To motivate its regions to provide good coffee, the nation holds an Excellency cup each year to identify the top coffee.

Coffee growing regions in Costa Rica are characterized by high altitudes, rich volcanic soils and magnificent weather: morning sunshine and afternoon rainfall. More than about 80 percent of coffee growing zones enjoy this conditions which are almost perfect.

Below are the eight coffee producing regions in Costa Rica

  1. Tarrazu
  2. Orosi
  3. Wet valley
  4. Tres Rio
  5. Brunca
  6. Central valley
  7. Guanacaste
  8. Central valley

Methods used for processing coffee in Costa Rica

1. Naturally processed- this method becoming a favorite with most farmers since the cost is high for getting water for washed method.

2. Washed- the biggest percent of coffee produced across the globe is processed through washing. The cherry is put into wetting mills and the fruit is forced out using machines and water.

3. Honey processing intermediate between natural and washed method. On the outset of the berries, only part of the fruit is eliminated from the beans and the remaining part dry with the bean. Product for this method is more sweet and sparkling flavor.

The coffee growers in Costa Rica usually leaves the fruit on for longer periods allowing it to get a lot of properties from the fruit as possible (natural coffee processing).

How to roast the Costa Rican coffee

1. Light roast: the flavor have hint of molasses, grape or honey. The taste is very sweet with mild acidic character and tastes very clean. The best way to bring out all this flavors is to brew using a paper filter.

2. Medium roast: this method mostly highlight full bode properties and the great ever sweetness.

3. Dark roast: produces a fine nice full of flavor product. This method gives an excellent clean and pleasant coffee characterized by great aroma.

Major Costa Rican coffee brewing types

Like every other brewing method available in the world sits well with Costa Rica coffee. This is highly attributed by the fact that most of the Costa Rican coffee is processed through washing. Example of the common methods is the pour over (filter brew) and lighter roaster. This method brings out the mild acidity aspect of the coffee. This of cause produces the finest, perky and clean cup of coffee from Costa Rica.

Other methods include automatic dripper and French press which are great for dark roast or medium brew. Espresso is suitable for a medium roast cup of Costa Rican coffee.

It is Important to note the following about Costa Rica coffee

Coffee production in Costa Rica is more advanced than in any other coffee growing nation in the world thanks to the Costa Rica national organization (Icafe). The association established a tax to be charged on all the countries coffee beans exports to fund itself. Only about 10 percent of Costa Rica population participates in coffee farming. Small scale farming is popular in the country as compared to large plantations.

Unlike other regions where all grades of coffee are mixed together, farmers in Costa Rica got the option of having their coffee beans milled at private millers. These millers separate the coffee according to specialty making it easier for buyers to have variety of their choice. Farmers are able to sell at varying prices according to quality.

The varieties of Arabica coffee grown is Caturra, Gesha, Villa Sarch, Bourbon, Typica and Villalobos. Coffee is harvested during December to February period. Elevation of growing area is about 1200- 1800m above MSL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How good Is Costa Rican coffee?
Costa Rica is the only country where it is illegal to produce any type of coffee other than Arabica. It is widely thought that Arabica is the highest quality of coffee beans. A law passed in 1989 prohibits planting of low-quality coffee beans.
Why is Costa Rican coffee so good?
Costa Rica has an ideal coffee growing climate. The beans benefit from Costa Rica’s annual heavy rainfall. The beans thrive in both dry and wet seasons. In addition, the beans benefit greatly by growing in soil enriched by volcanic ash.

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