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Death Wish Coffee is a brand that sells itself on the premise that they serve the world’s strongest coffee. In every 12 oz serving, there is an amount of 728 milligrams of caffeine. You can buy this coffee either from Walmart or you will also find it online. The coffee beans used to make up the blends offered by Death Wish are selected with careful precision. Subsequently, they are roasted to perfection in order to create a coffee that has the perfect blend of taste and caffeine.

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Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee first came into being in the year 2012 in the city of Malta, in New York State. The owner and founder of Death Wish Coffee Mike Brown started this brand in Saratoga Springs. Mike was there in a tiny coffee shop and he thought that his customers needed something like a rush to kick start their day. What started off as a small experiment and a small-scale business venture, is now a name when we talk about coffee.

There was a contest that was held called ‘Small Business, Big Game’ in the year 2015 where Death Wish Coffee was declared as the winner. This allowed it to have a larger audience through commercials that happened while Super Bowl 50.

In between, there were questions raised about the possible side effects of Death Wish Coffee. One of the major diseases that Death Wish Coffee can possible cause, was said to be botulism. This is because, some believed that this coffee allows the bacteria Clostridium botulinum to grow. However, irrespective of such concerns, no illnesses have been reported as of yet.

Why is Death Wish Coffee the strongest?

Being made from robust coffee beans, Death Wish Coffee becomes the strongest coffee in the whole wide world. This is different from other coffees in the market which are usually made from Arabica coffee beans. The samples of Death Wish Coffee were verified at EMSL Food Chemistry Lab in the year 2015 where the average result turned out to be 205 mg / 100 ml. The fact is that the caffeine content in Death Wish Coffee will differ in accordance with the method of brewing and the way the coffee was grown.

Apart from claiming that they are the providers of the strongest coffee, Death Wish Coffee also gives you a 100% guarantee for their coffee being the strongest. If you think that the coffee was not strong enough for you, then you can give them a reason and show them what you like better. And soon you will get a refund. To maintain the bold and fresh flavor of the coffee, the packaging of Death Wish Coffee is commendable because it is done to preserve the flavor as much as possible.

What does Death Wish Coffee aim at?

Death Wish Coffee aims to charge up people who love coffee. The people who are behind Death Wish Coffee are ardently involved in what they do. This also means that they do not compromise on the taste and manufacture pure organic coffee. They also want to support and encourage the farmers who grow coffee and give their customers only what’s best.

What do they offer?

If you are buying some great coffee from Death Wish Coffee, then you will need super cool equipment as well that maintain a high quality. This is why Death Wish Coffee takes care of your needs by providing merchandise, equipment, accessories, etc. You can buy a thermos coffee cup for yourself or gift it to someone. T-shirts with their logo, apparels of coffee, mugs, coffee maker, brewing materials, coffee sets, etc. are other gifts that you might consider buying.

Other features of Death Wish Coffee

It is said that Death Wish Coffee should not be tried by the faint hearted. So, if you are one among them, we would really want you to be careful when you drink it. It is always better if you get to know about something first before you try it. So, we thought of giving you some more core information about Death Wish Coffee:

  • The coffee beans are grounded
  • Certified organic by USDA
  • High caffeine content
  • Coffee flavor with hints of chocolate and cherry

Is drinking Death Wish Coffee safe?

The single most important thing that anyone who has tried Death Wish Coffee will tell you is its ability to make you stay awake for nights. Now if you feel that you are overburdened by work and try really hard to stay up and work then Death Wish Coffee is the answer for you. But if you jump at the slightest of sounds or your heart starts pounding with a bit of strong coffee, then you better stay away.

Usually, we are advised to not consume more than 500mg of caffeine in one day so one cup of Death Wish Coffee should suffice for it. When you initially try this coffee, take small amounts and then you can up your game later. Also, watch for major changes in your body like sudden increase in heartbeat, anxiety, restlessness, total insomnia, etc. In that case, you have to stop consuming this coffee otherwise the name of this coffee might just get too real for you.


It might sound like Death Wish Coffee just has this one single type of coffee that is universal but they have different blends as well. Also, they come in various quantities and packaging that lets you choose the amount you want. So, you can take Odin cups or you can take a 5-pound bag of the Valhalla Java Odinforce blend. Some of the cups are measured and packed according to single serve so you do not need to worry about the right measurements.

Subscription benefits

Once you are a regular customer of Death Wish Coffee, they make sure that you are entitled to a lot of benefits that will not be available to other customers. You can get a subscription and get coffee once in a week, twice in a week, or on a monthly basis. You will also receive special mails in your inbox that will keep you updated about all their special offers and discounts. Plus, any orders that you make with your subscription account will give you reward points in return. 20% of the coffee products is given to the customers.

We would give a total thumbs up to Death Wish Coffee with so many benefits and offers. Its just that newbies need to maintain a bit of caution. Once you have tried this coffee in the right way, we are sure that you will soon be addicted to it. Their website if basically a coffee lover’s paradise and you should check them out as soon as possible.

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