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For some people, the best cup of coffee is the one that is currently in their hands. But there are a lot of people for whom coffee is much more than just an alarm clock; it is more of poetic experience. These people measure out their lives in coffee spoons and would rather know the beans at every coffee shop in town.

Naturally, there are a lot of companies that offer the best gritty diner coffee, but the Diedrich Coffee is different. Staffed by Type-A coffee geeks, the company takes an insane amount of care in every step of the process right from visiting its coffee farms to developing the most unique roast profiles that bring out each bean’s uniqueness and individual flavor qualities.

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Diedrich Coffee

Founded in 1980 by Stephan Diedrich, the Diedrich Manufacturing Inc. started out as one of the best and most innovative coffee roasting equipment. Stephan has been involved in the world of coffee from a very young age; he was raised in a coffee farm in Guatemala. He garnered a lot of skills and knowledge about coffee, which included the roasting and the agricultural aspects as well.

With the growth of the small retail coffee industry in the late 1970s, Stephan realized that a new and improved coffee roasting method was required to grow the consumer demand for specialty coffee. The coffee roasting technology had not changed for the past 70 years; atmospheric gas burners were still being used as roasters and could not evenly distribute the heat on the roasting drum. This resulted in cold and hot spots. Also, these roasters did not allow finite air movement through the roasting drum. These two limitations greatly prevented the specialty coffee roasters from developing into unique coffee blends.

This is when Stephan came into the picture. His innovative Diedrich IR-12 Coffee Roaster took the coffee industry by surprise. The design and development of the coffee roaster were such that it allowed the maximum retention of inherent coffee flavors. With the correct combination of timing, airflow, and heat, the IR-12 was able to replicate the environment and control the roasting environment needed to many different types of coffee beans.

Patented with a scientific heat exchanger technology and infrared burners, this coffee roaster had a lot of control on the roasting environment that could produce the most perfect cup of coffee. The Diedrich Coffee Roaster quickly became one of the most sought-after coffee roasters in America. But Stephan did not stop there and added a lot of new roaster models and kept expanding into ancillary equipment.

Stephan developed and sold his first industrial size roaster in 1985 and soon entered into the new segment of coffee equipment market. In less than 20 years, Stephan and Becky, his wife, grew Diedrich Manufacturing from a small start-up to one of the best coffee equipment manufacturers.

Today, Diedrich Coffee is known all over the world for high-quality services and products. The company is always looking to improve the performance and the build quality of the coffee roasters by making use of the best innovations and technology on the market. Right now, Diedrich Coffee is fully committed to the cause of making the most efficient and eco-friendly roaster in the market today.

Why Diedrich Coffee?

Diedrich has committed to elevating the art of coffee roasting to another level. Right from large-scale commercial production to coffee shops, Diedrich’s full spectrum of products enables small and big roasters to craft the most perfect cup of coffee. Some products by Diedrich company are:

Cocoa bean roasting machines

Unlike other manufacturers today, Diedrich has designed roasters that are capable of handing cocoa. Just like it takes time and effort to find the best cocoa available, the company takes its time to bring out the best available roasters today. Below is a small insight into the company’s cocoa roaster:

Chocolate is a complex food and has its own peculiar characteristics. These characteristics are formed from many different factors like fermentations, terroir, and genetic heritage. When the cocoa beans finally get into the hands of a chocolate maker, its character is not yet defined, but already shaped. The roasting process is a very important part of the flavor of the chocolate. The cocoa needs to be roasted at a temperature of anywhere between 190 F and 325 F for a time duration between 5 and 25 minutes.

The decision on the roast is taken based on the chocolate maker’s mood on that certain day, preferences, experiences, perception and palate when the roast is being done. The flexibility of the process allows the chocolate maker to bring out the genetic heritage of the chocolate, handled and curated with respect and love.

Diedrich’s roasters are built specifically to cater to the needs of cocoa, not coffee. They have a completely re-engineered design and include components like a roasting drum, burner placement, and cooling bin. Each and every roaster in the Diedrich care are manufactured by hand at the North Idaho facility and makes use of the best American components and parts.

Diedrich automation

Second-gen Roasters roast profile automation by Diedrich has revolutionized the world of coffee roasting. It is designed for both CR and IR series. The updated Z II automation has simple screens, makes use of industrial grade hardware, and offers the ability to precisely control and fine-tune the roast. It is very easy to understand and handle. The appliance provides detailed roast profiles that record every six seconds for a regular 25-minute roast. Additionally, it can be accessed from any VPN, tablet or smart phone.

Some other coffee roasting products are:

6 Sensor data logging package

This allows you to refine your roasting process further by adding data logging package to your roaster. You will be able to capture and record precise temperature information during the roasting process. The four sensors capture the drum and bean temperature, total exhaust, and the drum exhaust and the information can be sent to your tablet or computer via USB port.

Roasting lamp

This halogen roasting lamp can be mounted directly on the top of the trowel. This appliance provides a constant source of light when you are pulling out roast samples, no matter what time of the day it is, the weather conditions, or how the room lighting is. With this, you will be able to see the true color of the bean.

Diedrich Roasters is one of the companies in the world that manufactures the best roasting machines. These large appliances are made to handle cocoa only; so you can be sure that you will be able to brew a hot and delicious cup of cocoa beverage, thanks to the finely cocoa grounds from the Diedrich roasting machines.

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