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Why limit yourself to coffee sourced by any particular brand with their strict limitations in flavor or aroma when you can sample the best coffee beans from the world over? Equal Exchange Coffee gives you an opportunity to do just that. The large number of blends they offer are all sourced from authentic and organically produced batches of coffee beans from around the world. This lends their different strains of coffee their unique taste and aroma that are all distinct from one another yet similar in their richness of flavor

Top Equal Exchange Coffees

Equal Exchange Coffees

Equal Exchange is a fair-trading coffee producing company that operates on the cooperative model of production and business policy. Their business model is to facilitate farmers across the world to engage in economically sustainable and environmentally sound practices to grow the best coffee. These batches of coffee are then sourced and processed by Equal Exchange Coffee and offered to customers.

The Equal Exchange cooperative states that its mission is to value and empower every link in the coffee making process, especially the farmer. To this effect, they not only employ fair trading practices but also encourage farmers to engage in farming techniques that have no adverse effects on their environment.

The founders of this cooperative intended it as a counter to the fair-trade movement in the food industry that has been diluted in the favor of big chain corporations. The balance of power that has long coalesced into the hands of big corporations leading to exploitative conditions. Equal Exchange Coffee intends to shift it back to the farmers and laborers involved in the process of production.

Why Equal Exchange Coffee?

Coffee is consumed by lovers of this caffeinated drink from across the world on a daily basis. This gives the big corporations that ow coffee chains access to enormous revenues derived from countries all over the world. Oftentimes, these revenues come at the expense of well being and quality of life of the farmers and other workers involved in the coffee making process.

Equal Exchange Coffee allows conscientious customers the choice to make a difference to the lives of the people involved in the making of the favorite beverage at the ground level. Additionally, there are many more reasons to try out the various blends offered by Equal Exchange Coffee that bear a closer look:

Perfect and unique roast level

Most coffee lovers assume that there are only three types of roasted coffee beans available to them, i.e., light roast, medium roast, and dark roast. While liking lightly roasted or dark roasted is a matter of personal taste, most people tend to prefer medium roasted coffee beans which is considered the optimum quality and thus, the classic.

But another level of roast is the Vienna roast which falls somewhere between medium and dark roast. Equal Exchange Coffee attains a unique flavor by blending the roast of their Mind, Body, and Soul range to fall somewhere between medium and Vienna. This is a clever trick that lends their coffee a flavor palette that blends the best of both worlds.

While a medium roast allows the coffee beans to retain the essence of theflavor, darker roasts make the beans attain that roasted character which is richer in taste. The blend Equal Exchange Coffee achieves in their roast is an amalgamation of both where their coffee retains it essential flavor while also taking on a richer note.

Additionally, they also offer other blends of coffee that come in varieties such as French Roast, Vienna Roast, Full City Roast, and Medium Roast. Their range comprising of the classic and popular roasts combined with more customized roasts, allow them to cater to a wider variety of customers.

Distinctly different blends

The two major strains of coffee on offer from Equal Exchange both serve distinctly different flavors and notes. The Mind, Body, and Soul range offers a brew that is mild on your palette and yet packs the punch of a darker roast. The taste of coffee is accompanied by the bittersweet taste of chocolate, a touch of berries, and a hint of bitterness. All these flavors combine into a mouthful of rich notes.

On the other hand, the Organic Congo Coffee packs in a wider array of flavors. These range from rich notes of chocolate and brown spices to the more subdued notes of vanilla and berries. This blend of coffee is only available in whole bean form to allow consumers to customize the beans to their own preferences.

Organically Produced

Capitalistically driven big corporations own most of the coffee chains that are market leaders in countries across the globe. They only care primarily about maximizing the revenue generated from sales. This is accomplished by using unsustainable practices such as employing criminally underpaid laborers and using excessive fertilizers and pesticides.

Equal Exchange Coffee, on the other hand, sources its coffee beans from farms located in a number of countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America that all engage in organic farming. This ensures that not only is the coffee you consume healthier for your system, but its production also did not the environment and the farmers.

Range of additional flavors

Equal Exchange Coffee has many flavors of coffee for their more adventurous consumers. They keep their menu fresh and exciting by including flavored coffee ranging from toffee caramel and hazelnut crème to decaf coffee. Furthermore, their coffee blends are available in both whole bean as well as drip forms so as to provide their consumers with a greater range of choice.

Competitive Pricing

Oftentimes, despite the desire to switch to consuming organically produced goods, the high pricing of such products makes it financially unviable for people to do so. Equal Exchange Coffee understands the importance of making their goods accessible to a wider group of people in order to bring about a genuine change in the food industry.

To this effect, they offer a number of different varieties of coffee that all come in different price points without compromising on the taste and quality. This encourages their consumers to choose an Equal Exchange blend that falls within their budget without having to break the bank. Even their more expensive blends come in smaller sizes that carry lower price tags to enable customers to sample them.

Thus, it is evident that Equal Exchange offers coffee that is the perfect choice for people who are looking for an organic alternative to multinational coffee chains. These blends healthier to consume while being better for the environment and the farmers producing them. This combines with the rich flavors they pack to make Equal Exchange Coffee a complete package.

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