Espresso is one of the best ways to brew coffee.

Espresso is usually enjoyed as a part of a specialty coffee drink like a latte or a cafe mocha. Many people enjoy espresso with a bit of cream or sugar but I prefer to drink like my coffee, black.

What is Espresso?

Espresso is brewed coffee. It is not by definition a different bean but a different brew method. It is smaller than a cup of coffee but it can be just as strong in terms of caffeine. It is a small amount of finely ground coffee brewed with nearly boiling water. It is usually .8 to 1 1/2 ounces of liquid in total. In order to brew it you need an espresso machine. The machine brews coffee under pressure which is what gives the coffee the creamier, thicker consistency and the layer of crema on top.

Brewed Coffee

If you have never tried espresso I would highly recommend giving it a try. Many coffee’s taste better brewed as espresso than as brewed coffee. Coffee shop’s usually have an espresso blend that is used in all of their specialty coffee drinks but many single origin coffees that are good brewed as a pour over have explosive flavor when brewed as espresso. It can bring out and accentuate the coffees most desirable qualities making for the best cup of coffee you have ever had in your life. Watch out though, once you start down the road of espresso infatuation you may never return. My obsession with finding the perfect espresso has brought me to the point of owning my own Rancilio Silvia and brewing every coffee I come into contact with through it. It has become a regular part of my whole bean evaluation process.  I love this brew style and find it to be the fullest envelopment of my tongues flavor sensors. The many other brew methods all have their place and many coffees don’t perform well as espresso. I find the differences in what a coffee tastes like brewed as drip, pour over, stove top, chemex, trifecta and espresso fascinating.

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