#1 Coffee Cup News - Ethical Bean Sweet Espresso Medium Dark Roast Fairtrade Organic Whole Bean Coffee, Christmas Breakfa
  • During the season of giving, feel good about enjoying our fairtrade coffee
  • Warm up your winter with our organic whole bean espresso coffee
  • 100% arabica coffee. A medium dark roast that marries beautifully with milk
  • RESEALABLE BAG: Pull-tab zip closure for long-lasting freshness
  • TRACE THIS COFFEE'S UNIQUE JOURNEY: Scan the QR code on each pack using our free app or enter the lot number into our website to follow the journey of your coffee beans from crop to cup
#2 Coffee Cup News - Ethical Bean Lush Medium Dark Roast Fairtrade Organic Whole Bean Coffee (12 oz Bag)
  • One 12 oz. bag of Ethical Bean Fair Trade Organic Lush Medium Dark Roast whole bean coffee
  • Certified fairtrade coffee. Fairtrade certification ensures farmers receive a price that covers their average costs of sustainable production
  • Certified organic coffee. USDA organic coffee is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
  • 100% arabica whole bean coffee. A medium dark roast alive with fruit, smoke and earthy notes
  • Resealable bag with easy pull-tab and zip lock seal for long-lasting freshness
#3 Coffee Cup News - Lush Ethical Bean Coffee: Medium Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee - USDA Certified Organic Coffee, Fair
  • 2 LB LUSH WHOLE BEAN: Our Lush Medium Dark roast premium whole bean coffee bag is a crowd favorite. A full bodied cup, alive with fruit, smoke, and earth tasting notes.
  • ARTISAN ROASTED: Every delicious cup of Ethical Bean Coffee has been crafted with one simple objective in mind - to make the best fair trade organic coffee on the planet. Artisan roasted in Vancouver, Canada, we test it, slurp it, and stamp it with an “e” – so that you’ll love it with the same passion that went into creating it.
  • EASY PULL TAB WITH RESEALABLE ZIP: Each whole coffee bean bag is equipped with a pull tab to open and a zip lock seal to preserve freshness and natural flavours after opening.
  • SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICAN ORIGIN: Our Lush medium dark roasted coffee is sourced seasonally from premium arabica coffee, grown at high altitudes. Scan the QR code sticker on the back of your bag to learn more about where your coffee was grown, when it was roasted, and view insider cupping, tasting and roasting details. A perfect gift for coffee lovers.
  • FAIRTRADE, ORGANIC, KOSHER, B CORP CERTIFIED: We’ve got you covered with credible third party social and environmental certifications. Better for farmers and their families, better for the planet, and of course, better for you.
#4 Coffee Cup News - Ethical Bean Coffee Bold, Dark Roast, Ground, 8-Ounce Bag
  • One 8 oz bag of Ethical Bean Bold ground coffee
  • USDA organic coffee is grown free from harmful chemicals and pesticides
  • Fair trade certification ensures farmers and their families receive a fair price for their coffee
  • A bold dark roast coffee that's edgy on the one hand, seductively smooth on the other
  • Precisely pre-ground for use in any espresso maker or moka pot
#5 Coffee Cup News - Ethical Bean Classic Medium Roast Fairtrade Organic Whole Bean Coffee (12 oz Bag)
  • One 12 oz. bag of Ethical Bean Classic whole bean coffee
  • During the season of giving, feel good about enjoying our fairtrade whole bean coffee
  • Warm up your winter with our organic whole bean coffee
  • 100% arabica whole bean coffee. A classic medium roast coffee with elegant acidity highlighting a nuanced, medium bodied cup
  • Resealable bag with easy pull-tab and zip lock seal for long-lasting freshness

Ethical Bean Coffee

For a newbie coffee connoisseur, it can be quite a task to sample all the different blends of coffee available in order to ascertain the one that suits your taste. Reading blogs and review sites can be a good start but they will only tell you what you are supposed to like. In the end, firsthand experience or tasting is necessary to forming an opinion and Ethical Bean Coffee offers the most extensive range of coffee blends to help you arrive at a conclusion about your preferences.

Ethical Bean Coffee is a fair-trade compliant company that sells organically produced coffee. They hold certifications from a number of American and Canadian regulatory bodies that attest to the legitimacy of their dedication to fair trading practices and organic farming. They source their coffee beans from farmers at economically sustainable price points that are profitable to the farmers.

Additionally, Ethical Bean Coffee also stamps their products with an emark. It helps customers trace the journey undertaken by the coffee beans from the planting of the trees, flowering, and harvesting, to production, sale, and roasting. This ensures transparency and enables the inculcation of consumer trust in the company and the products they offer.

Why Ethical Bean Coffee?

As caffeinated beverages go, coffee is one that a lot of people across the world are addicted to. This results in multinational coffee chains sourcing their coffee beans from all over the world in huge quantities to meet the demand. This production of large quantities of coffee often comes at a cost. It causes the detriment of both, the environment as well as the farmers and laborers associated in the production process.

Ethical Bean Coffee provides dedicated coffee consumers in the country as well as from across the border, with an alternative that is both healthy and environmentally sustainable. There several other benefits that come with consuming Ethical Bean Coffee, so, let us take a closer look at them:

Rich flavors

The various blends offered by Ethical Bean Coffee all pack a number of flavors and underlying notes that combine to lend them a full range of palette. Most of the coffee beans strains are sourced from Ethiopia and corresponding carry all the rich flavors that one would associate with the exotic country. All the blends offer brews that taste simultaneously smooth but also strong with a moderately lasting finish.

Just for an example, the Exotic blend carries flavors and aroma as diverse as citrus, savory fruit, lavender, fir, etc. On the other hand, the Exotic Medium Roast carries a hint of molasses, flowers, and pipe tobacco, alongside the more powerful sweat and tart taste of the coffee fruit. Both these blends offer customers a wildly different but rich array of flavors but are yet similar in their smooth and silky feel in the mouth.

Variety in Robustness

Most people tend to have a preference for a certain degree of roast in their coffee beans. This is because while mildly roasted beans retain their authentic essence to a greater degree, a darker roast results in a stronger brew. Ethical Beans Coffee offers a range of coffee beans in different levels of roast so as to allow customers greater choice. You can opt for a mild or strong brew depending upon the demands of the day that you are having.

Authentic whole beans or convenient ground beans

Ethical Beans Coffee comes in both whole bean and ground bean forms. Many coffee connoisseurs tend to turn up their noses at the idea of ground beans because of lack of control over the grounding process. But ground beans continue to be popular with coffee lovers due the ease of preparation they accord their consumers. Ground beans blends from Ethical Bean take much less time to brew and are especially convenient for people in a hurry.

On the other hand, if you are a coffee purist who loves to assert total control over their coffee brewing process you will love Ethical Beans whole bean coffee. These blends allow you to ground the beans exactly to the level of coarseness that you prefer and thus, lend a more customized brew of coffee.

Healthy to consume

Oftentimes, coffee consumers are in stressful jobs or are students with high workloads which makes them consume multiple cups of coffee a day. This calls for a switch to organically produced coffee that had less pesticides used in its production to reduce any harmful effects such products may have on consumers.

Ethical Beans Coffee provides coffee lovers with that alternative with its coffee sourced from around the world and produced organically without the use of toxic chemicals.

Transparent Business Practices

Ethical Beans Coffee sources their coffee beans through completely ethical channels. This begins right at the grass roots levels by providing farmers with fair monetary compensation. Farmers are also empowered and educated in the practice of environment friendly techniques that does not put undue pressure on the soil.

All these practices along with their business model is made fully transparent to their consumers through their dedicated iOS app. This app allows consumers to track the journey of the product from the farm where it was produced to its packaged form on the shelf they are about to purchase and consume. Furthermore, they also employ third party regulatory committees to ascertain and verify the quality of their products.

Competitive pricing

Considering the artisan roasting and organic nature of the product, it would be natural to assume that Ethical Bean Coffee blends would cost a pretty penny. But to the contrary, most of the popular blends from the company comes at reasonable prices that makes them affordable to just about any consumer. This makes their products more accessible even to people on a strict budget.

Ethical Beans Coffee is more suited to coffee lovers who like their coffee to pack in fresh and aromatic notes that persist in the mouth. The flavors are rich and saturated with underlying notes that are crisp and distinctive. With a silky-smooth finish that goes down easily, these coffee blends offer the best taste and quality that anyone could ask for.

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