Flavored Coffees

Flavored coffee can either be industrial made or homemade, synthetic or natural, dry or oil flavored. The main objective of coffee flavoring is adding or enhances the taste of coffee as well as make them last longer on the shelves.

Top Flavored Coffees

Flavored coffee

Coffee beans which are flavored are added some compounds which add taste to the beans beside its natural taste. The added flavor does not only make them better but also help them stay fresh longer. These added compounds help disguise flavor change owning to aging, oxidation or even decaffeinating process.

Coffee can either added a natural flavor or chemical one. For instance fruits like lemon or spices can added to the coffees mostly to improve on flavor. Coffee can also be flavored such that when brewed it is like a carbonated drink e.g. soda or liquor which are characterized by the CO2 gas. What coffee beans to use for flavored drink

The type and properties of the coffee bean used for producing the flavored coffee is the major factor determine how the final product will e or taste. Coffee is made up of hundreds of compounds of which some are more intense than others. This includes the aromatic oils, starch, sugars, minerals, acids and caffeine compounds.

Coffee flavor develops from the farm, to processing and then the roasting process. Coffee beans usually have names with information of where it was sourced like the Jamaican blue mountain beans or the Kenya AA coffee with some further information like where it was roasted, flavor profile and certification or quality information. A flavored coffee from the Kenya AA beans will have unique characteristics dependent of the regional flavor profile.

Best coffee beans for flavored coffee drink

Organic high grown and high grade coffee Arabica is the best coffees for making favored coffees. This is because of the quality flavor of the beans coupled with low bitterness and acidity (also low caffeine levels).

These beans have a rich and more flavored with milder flavors compared to the inferior coffee Robusta which is widely used for commercial instant coffees.

Some roasters or coffee companies make flavored coffee beans from single origin good quality beans while others use blend of the Arabica coffee beans. Others use the caffeinated beans, Robusta blends for the favored coffee. It is worth to note that the best flavored coffee should be 100 percent Arabica blend. Some of the regions producing extinguished Arabica coffee bean is Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Sumatra, Kenya, Colombia, panama among others like Jamaica and Guatemala.

Coffee flavoring compounds

These are usually combination of synthetic and natural tasting chemicals and are combined by experts of flavor and chemicals. Majority of the oils used for flavoring coffee are extracted from cocoa, vanilla beans, berries and nuts. Species like clove, cinnamon, ginger and chicory are also used as flavoring agents.

Industrial and synthetic manufacturer flavor include musty, woody, nutty and others usually produced using compounds like the 2, 4-dimethyl-5-acetylthiazole. 2, 5 dimethylpyrazine adds the potato like or peanut like flavor. Some specific blends are mixed to produce certain type of flavor.

Most pleasant flavors will cover up the unpleasant coffee flavor properties while retaining the aroma of the coffee. Most people prefer creamy and sweet coffee flavor.

Some solvents are used to blend different coffee flavor and majority of them are removable via coffee drying. All the synthetic coffee flavors used together with the solvents must be approved for use on food and also should not also have negative impact on processing materials and packaging or anything else the get into contact with. They should also be cost effective.

Manufacturing flavoring

Beans used for the flavoring process go through all the processes that are undergone by other coffee beans. These include harvesting, processing, milling and grading.

How to roast coffee beans for flavoring

Beans that are mild roasted will lack some important favoring aspect if flavored with a flat like cup of coffee. If the beans are roasted too dark, the flavor added will be masked by the intense flavor of the coffee beans. Some example is adding a French vanilla on a dark roast which of course will not even be tasted. The intense quality a French roasted bean will overshadow the creamy and sweet notes of the vanilla flavor. The most ideal roasting degree for coffee flavoring is actually medium-brown.

For the beans meant to be flavored must be cooled quickly before the flavoring process can begin. Some flavor properties are damaged by the high temperatures. A very popular method which is used by the commercial companies is the water quenching method which is fast, economical, and does not unpleasantly damage the coffees natural flavors. Gourmet coffee beans are usually dried with much care mostly with warm air jets.

Adding flavor and flavor oils

The correct flavor proportions to be added in coffee beans is always decided upon before the flavor oil addition and the rate varies between two and three percent. Flavor type and intensity to be added with determine the amount percentage. Since most flavors are very expensive the cost constraints should be also considered. Try and error formulation process is used to decide the right amount.

Flavor oils are usually added to beans before they can be ground and after roasting. Flavor is added gradually using pressure spraying to prevent the having areas of high concentration. The process takes as long as 15 to 30 minutes to ensure even distribution of flavor in the coffee bean. A sleek outline of the coffee beans will indicate regular distribution of the oils.

Flavor can also be added in to ground coffee in dry for and depends on the present coffee moisture in the ground to enhance the color and flavor in the beans.

Flavored coffee is usually packed in oxygen free tight packages which sometimes the containers are flushed with nitrogen to drive oxygen away. Oxygen makes the coffee to stale quick as it reacts with the flavoring compounds.

Homemade flavored coffee

Having a wonderful cup of coffee which is flavored does not mean entirely buying flavored coffee. You can brew your coffee with added flavor or even grid your coffee with something else. Some people harvested several methods and actually developed some recipes for coffee flavoring which are unique. Some to the ingredients used at home mostly include honey, spices, creams and fruit products such as citrus and lemon.

Use of spices

This can be very simple since most people have spices in their kitchen for other purposes like food flavors. These include tangawizi, clove, ginger, black pepper, nutmeg, pumpkin pie, cardamom, apple pie and cinnamon. There is no actual super method to add spices to your coffee brew.

Depending on how strong you want your coffee to taste, some people will add before brewing or after the brew. One method that can be used is adding like an eighth of your favorite spice to coffee grounds ad brew using your preferred method. This is a sure natural method to favor you coffee and also cost effective.

Always remember that mild flavored coffee with less acidity and bitterness is the best for flavoring. This type of flavoring is most traditional where in Middle East the common spice variety used is cardamom. Ethiopia is known for using ginger while Mexico commonly uses cinnamon. You should do some good research while using flavors for certain coffee blends so as to know how to get the best from the coffees.

Adding extracts

Extracts can be added to your coffee brew or to the coffee grounds depending on how intense you want your coffee cup to be. Extracts are either pure or imitated though pure ones are most preferred since they give a more intense flavor. You can add more than one extract to your coffee. Common ones include orange, chocolate, apple, raspberry, peppermint, vanilla, nut and cinnamon. You can have hazelnut together with chocolate for a theme of nutella, orange with vanilla or rum with butter. Some of this should be added little by little to avoid over tasting and masking the natural coffee flavor.

Other homemade flavors include use of home based syrups, creams and the latte of pumpkin spice.

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