Gevalia Coffees

In the world of coffee, Gevalia is not a small name. The company, which started back more than a century ago, makes use of the best Scandinavian coffee beans for producing a wonderful and classic cup of coffee. Alternatively, they also have a lot of other flavors for you to choose from.

Top Gevalia Coffees

Gevalia Coffees

In the year 1853, Victor Theodor Engwall started importing the world’s finest coffee beans to the seaside port of Gävle, Sweden. After more than a century as a family business, it was sold to General Foods, Mondelēz International Predecessor Company.

Most of the Gevalia coffee is sold in the Baltic region and places like Denmark and Sweden. But, some are also exported to America. Gevalia began North American sales in 1983 via mail-order delivery service. Gevalia also owes a large part of its current success to a well-known and long-running marketing campaign that started in the 1990s. The campaign featured in movie commercials and print ads.

Why Gevalia Coffees?

Right from exotic varietals to intense dark roasts, Gevalia offers more than 30 different types of premium coffees. Carrying on the legacy of the founder Victor Theodor Engwall, coffee explorers of the company travel all around the world to search for the best available coffee beans. And when they journey to places like the mountains of Colombia, you can be sure that they will not settle for anything less than the best. The company puts in a lot of effort in every cup of Gevalia coffee.

The coffee is sourced from small and large farms around the globe. The company wants to ensure that the future of coffee is a global challenge and is committed to contributing meaningful solutions to the complex challenges that coffee farmers face like economic, environmental and social issues.

The company also believes that buying coffee comes with a lot of responsibility to support the coffee farmers, their families, and their communities. Working towards anecological future for the entire coffee industry aids all those who depend on coffee for their day-to-day wages. The company is proud to be a part of such solutions.

You get a lot of different specialty K-cup pods like:

Vanilla Latte 9CT

The Gevalia Kaffe Vanilla Latte is exquisite café-style mocha in a Keurig K-cup brewer. All you need to do is combine the Gevalia espresso roast coffee with the vanilla latte froth that is made from real mil. The luxurious coffee perfectly balances the creamy and smooth vanilla flavor notes. This Vanilla Latte is an authentic Kaffe moment at home.

Mocha Latte 9CT

You can create the most authentic café-styled mocha with your K-cup brewer. Combine the Gevalia espresso roast coffee with the Mocha Latte froth, and you will get a creamy blend of coffee and cocoa that has a very velvety layer of froth. It tastes delicious.

Caramel Macchiato 9CT

With this K-cup brewer, you can create the best caramel macchiato. Mix the Gevalia espresso roast coffee with this froth and you will be able to taste a smooth and creamy flavor of caramel, which is indulgent. It is exquisite café-styled caramel macchiato that you probably will not taste in most coffee cafés.

Some different roasts of coffee you get here are:

Traditional roast regular grounds

This is one of Gevalia’s most popular blends of coffee in their shopping list. This is a traditional coffee roast that sets Gevalia coffee from the rest of the world.

Costa Rica Special Reserve

Sourced from the authentic highland valleys and mineral enriched soils of Costa Rica, this coffee contains beans from farms that have obtained the Rainforest Alliance certification. This coffee is rich and not bitter at all. The medium-bodied roast allows the delicate citrus and fruity undertones to shine through. You can either have it in your regular coffee or make use of a French Press brewer for the best experience.

Pumpkin Spice Regular Ground

If you think that tasting something familiar lie autumn is your morning coffee, then the Pumpkin Spice Regular Ground is for you. This roast by Gevalia showcases ginger and cinnamon, combined with the full and rich flavor of premium Arabica beans. This coffee roast is also available throughout the year.

Papua New Guinea Special Reserve

This is a rare, complex and well-balanced coffee that comes from Papua New Guinea’s lush mountain regions. This coffee has a lot of character and the delicate flavor notes and medium body can be enhanced by a brush of acidity. You have the option of tasting this flavor in a regular coffee maker or try in a variety of alternate brewers for an exceptionally unique experience.

Guatemala Special Reserve

This coffee is sourced from Guatemala, which is known all over the world for its majestic mountain ranges. The coffee’s delicious and unique flavors are strongly influenced by the high altitude on these ranges. The coffee beans are also achieved from the Rainforest Alliance certification and are medium-bodied. It has the complexity and depth of smoky notes and a hint of cocoa. For the best experience, it is recommended that you use a French Press brewer.

Pecan torte regular ground

The Pecan coffee is a great combination of decadent ribbons of caramel flavors, buttery notes, and nuts. It is available at any time of the year and has an enticing aroma that showcases the smooth and rich taste of the Arabica coffee beans which are grown in the mountains. You can add a dash of cream to transform the toasted pecan flavor into a sweet dessert as well. 

Signature Blend Regular Whole Bean

This is a perfectly balanced and full-bodied flavor of coffee that is wonderfully smooth. It was personally crafted by the Gevalia Master Taster. Its delightful character, aroma and flavor make it perfect for any occasion at any time of the day. The coffee beans are grown in the areas of Arabia, South America, and Mexico, so you can be sure that you will taste only the best.

You can engage your taste buds in cold coffee flavors like:

Gevalia Cold Brew Concentrate

The cold coffee flavor is crafted with care and love to deliver a flavorful, smooth and cold taste, exactly how you would like it. It is made of the best Arabica coffee beans from all over the world. Gevalia Coffees make use of the best cold-brewing methods to deliver a naturally-concentrated and rich coffee, leaving out any acidity or bitterness.

In today’s time, Gevalia’s growth is nothing less than tremendous. They are one of the leading producers of tea and coffee in many different parts of the world. They also produce the highest order of Brazilian and Arabic beans which can be mixed with other flavor inducing ingredients.

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