Best Green Mountain Coffees in 2022

One of the big names that come up when we talk of fair trade coffee is Green Mountain Coffee. They are one of the leading brands that trade in fair trade coffee and are registered with the name Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. However, this is a lot more than just another business deal for them. They seek to make the lifestyle of their growers much better through the process and, in turn, help the families of growers as well.

If you buy coffee from Green Mountain Coffee, you will be among thousands of other people who are helping fair trade. Your donation will support hardworking growers and their associations. The farmers will have stronger networking and their business quality will increase over time. This will also give them more exposure to a globally located market. You also have the added benefit to choose from different types of coffee like bags, ground, whole beans, and even K-cup pods.

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Green Mountain Coffees

In 2001, Green Mountain Coffee was among those first companies, which made a deal of providing coffees that have received the certification of Fair Trade. They aim at both satisfying their customers and making the standard of living better for the coffee growers. Their goal will have long term benefits for both the farmers and the customers. So, every time you choose a cup of Fair Trade coffee, you choose great coffee for yourself and a better life for the growers.

Going by the name, the place of origin of Green Mountain Coffee is in Vermont, which harbors some of the lushest and gorgeous mountains. In these mountains, time does not rush and the coffee at Green Mountain Coffee is made with utmost care and patience.

In 1981, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters first started off in Waitsfield in Vermont. There was a tiny cafe where they served coffee for the first time in that small town that hardly had more than a population of 1500.

After this, the company started getting famous by word of mouth and finally they thought that it was time to go into the sales market. Thereafter, the tiny cafe was sold off and the company moved its central office to Waterbury in Vermont. This is the place where they currently manufacture and distribute their huge production of coffee and other related products. The property extends for a space of 90,000 square feet.

After this, the company has never had to look back. In the last decade, they have seen an increased growth in sales and centers in many regions were opened. Most of the business that Green Mountain Coffee does is with the wholesalers. Starting from convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants to corporate offices and universities, Green Mountain Coffee has made its mark everywhere and people love it.


Since a lot of people had earlier heard about Green Mountain Coffee or drank it somewhere, they always wanted to have it the second time. But, most of them did not know where to go or look for this coffee. This problem was solved when in 2006, Green Mountain Coffee bought Keurig. Since then, the company has been providing their products to a larger population. Now, people sitting at home can purchase this coffee online or by placing an order through the mail.


There are many filters that the website of Green Mountain Coffee provides when you want to shop with them. Coffee can be sorted on the website by type, region, etc. and there are coffee machines as well that can be sorted further with filters.

So, for instance, if you want to buy coffee by the region, then you can choose from Cameroon Coffee, Bolivian Coffee, Congo Coffee, Brazilian Coffee, Cuban Coffee, El Salvador Coffee, Ghana Coffee, India Coffee, etc.

The ambiance and the weather of the mountains, where the coffee is grown, provide the perfect environment for great coffee of Green Mountain Coffee to flourish. As a result, you get coffee, which not only tastes great but also has the rich flavor and aroma of original coffee beans.

The benefits

Coffee making comes with a lot of responsibility for people at Green Mountain Coffee. This is because, with every batch of coffee they make or the profits they earn, they try to do some charity. So, the profits they earn are also given to multiple charities that are socially involved in various services. The percentage that is given is at least 5%.

Not just this, the company has also come up with paper cups that are organic and bio degradable. The cups have a surface that is made from plastic that is biodegradable and procured from sugar. This makes a huge difference to the environment and decreases a lot of harmful effects.

Most preferred coffees

When it comes to choosing coffees at Green Mountain Coffee, you will really be spoilt for choices. But of course, some coffees are better than other coffees. Although we like every single variety of coffee that Green Mountain Coffee manufactures, with some difficulty we came up with a few favorites. Here they are:

Our blend

Smoothness is the adjective that goes for this blend. This is balanced with a slight touch of bold aroma. This can be said for one of the variants that go to stores and restaurants.

Breakfast Blend

Up for pump up mornings? The Breakfast Blend by Green Mountain Coffee is the answer. There is a noticeable rich taste of coffee in this blend but it is smooth like nothing else. Talking about balance, very few other coffees can beat this blend.

Fair Trade Vermont Country Blend

To get a taste of both worlds, this blend is just what you need. This comes with a perfect blending of both dark and light beans. So, equilibrium is the key. This is one of the tastiest coffees you will ever have and it leaves you with an aftertaste that is fresh and sweet.

Summer Safari Blend

This blend is pretty dark and strong. Coming from the east of Africa and the south of America, this blend combines sweet, nutty, and deliciousness all in one.

Apart from this, you also have the option of buying coffee machines and equipment from Green Mountain Coffee. Whatever the product be, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. And, of course, the coffee is highly rated, needless to say. So, turn the magic on with your favorite blend from Green Mountain Coffee and get your day started with a refreshing aroma of the best coffee that you can possibly have.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020