Harney and Sons Tea

Harney & Sons Tea was founded on a commitment to deliver customers the finest quality tea possible.  It is not only the Harney mission to deliver quality tea products to their customers, but also to educate the world of tea history and taste. Harney and Sons Tea has made a lot of groundbreaking innovations in the market. They have produced a lot of Unique Tea flavors that are in high demand in the market.


Top Harney and Sons Teas

Bestseller No. 1
Harney and Sons Tea Bags, Paris, 50 Count (Pack of 2)
49 Reviews
Harney and Sons Tea Bags, Paris, 50 Count (Pack of 2)
  • Includes 2 boxes of 50 Harney and Sons Paris Tea Bags (for a total of 100 tea bags)
  • In homage to the city he has created this blend, reminiscent of one of their most popular blends
  • It is a fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, and a hint of lemony Bergamot
  • This complex tea is the blend of three teas, the leaves are black and natural and artificial flavors are added to create this spectacular tea.
  • This tea has a medium body.
Bestseller No. 3
Harney and Sons Fine Teas Hot Spice Loose Tea, Cinnamon, 16 Ounce
254 Reviews
Harney and Sons Fine Teas Hot Spice Loose Tea, Cinnamon, 16 Ounce
  • An assertive blend of black teas, three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves.
  • Harney & Sons's most popular flavored black tea.
  • Caffeinated
  • No Sugar Added.
  • Perfect way to start your day, or recharge your afternoon.

Harney and Sons Tea

Harney and Sons were founded 34 years ago in Salisbury, Connecticut by John Harney. John Harney started the company in his basement in 1983. He started making tea and serving them to inn guests. Upon discovering that the guests were coming back for more tea, Harney decided to go into full-time tea making.

This singular action led to Harney starting the company that has now become a global company that serves tea to millions of people around the world. The company’s headquarters also sits on a large 90,000 square feet in Millerton, New York, with over 200 employees.

The Company is still family owned and is being managed by John Harney’s Sons who preserve the legacy of professional tea making by John Harney. Harney and Sons have been offering top quality to its customers for many years and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Harney and Sons Tea has made a lot of groundbreaking innovations in the market. They have produced a lot of Unique Tea flavors that are in high demand in the market.

Here is a few detailed information about Harney and Sons Tea, Harney and Sons Tea products available on the market, and why you should consider buying Harney and Sons Tea, and known side effects of drinking Harney and Sons Tea.

Types of Harney and Sons Tea

Harney and Sons have a lot of tea on the market available for purchase, but here are the commonly known Harney and Sons tea products in the market;

Harney and Sons Organic Tea with Coconut

John Harney started making organic tea many years ago because he thought that people loved it. It has since then become a signature of Harney and Sons, knowing that their customers prefer organic tea to normal tea, they made this product. This organic tea is a blend of Organic Tea and Coconut and is one of the very unique flavors in their tea line.

The Organic tea with coconut comes in a glass bottle for easy storage, and it also combines ginger, coconut, vanilla, and lemongrass. It is best served with hot tea.

HRP Victorian London Fog 

This is another special tea on the Harney and Sons tea line. It can be said to be among the special ones as it won an award in the customer creation contest organized by Harney and Sons Tea. The tea is an Earl Grey tea. Earl grey tea originated during the Victorian Era and has since then gained ground among tea flavors around the world. The tea was inspired by the then British prime minister, Earl Grey.

It comes in a well-designed tin that is easily noticeable anywhere. It is sweetened with cinnamon and made to give you that taste of earl grey tea.

Hot Cinnamon Spice

Harney and Sons decided to make a very unique flavor of tea, and they came up with the Cinnamon Spice. If you love that unique taste of Cinnamon then the Hot Cinnamon Spice is the right choice for you. T

The product comes with 50 bags of Cinnamon spiced teabags, with one bonus Egyptian Chamomile, 1 Green Citrus Gingko, 1 Decaff Earl Grey equalling 53 bags of tea in total. It takes less than 5 minutes for a hot Cinnamon spice to dissolve completely and mix with hot water.


Why Should you Buy Harney and Sons Tea?

Harney and Sons Tea comes with a lot of benefits to its customers. Here are a few benefits of drinking Harney and Sons tea;

Their Tea Don’t Cost Much

Harney and Sons tea offers the cheapest tea on the block. You can easily get Harney and Sons tea when you want because it is pocket-friendly. If you are looking for a tea that is not expensive and offers quality, then you are looking for Harney and Sons Tea. With their customers in mind, they decided to make quality tea available at the lowest price possible.


Harney and Sons tea is very easy to use. Harney and sons sell tea in the form of tea bags, all you need to do is put do the tea bags in water and wait, and you have your healthy cup of tea. Portability is another benefit of purchasing their tea. You can easily carry the number of teabags you feel will be enough for you in your purse or bag. This also means that you can get tea for your guests at any time without having to bother about running down to the tea shop to get tea for them.

Unique Flavors

Harney and Sons offer a unique flavor of the tea. John Harney in his early tea blending days was known to make varieties of tea, giving the tea a very uniquely flavored touch. This was the reason many of the guests he prepared tea for kept returning for more tea. This quality has been kept and has been passed on to Harney’s Sons. Today, Tea lovers like to experiment with their tea by flavoring their tea especially, so Harney and Sons have decided to make different flavors of tea for their customers.

Health Benefits

Harney and Sons Tea comes with a lot of health benefits. Unlike another tea brand out there, Harney and Sons decided to make their tea with plenty of health benefits. Their Cinnamon tea helps to fight against fungi and bacteria in the body. Their tea has natural elements that aid the body in fighting cold and flu. Tea is popularly known to aid weight loss, and Harney and Sons Tea is no exception. Aside from all these health benefits, Harney and Sons Tea can help to reduce inflammation in the body, and also work as a natural pain reliever.

Side Effects of Harney and Sons Tea

Even though Harney and Sons Tea are made with natural ingredients, they may have side effects. Commonly known side effects that come with drinking tea may include: 

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea in rare cases

It is advised that before you decide to start taking Harney and Sons Tea for medical use, you should consult with your doctor. 

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