Best High Brew Coffees in 2022


High Brew Coffee is a brand that offers a wide variety of cold-brewed and flavored or sweetened milk iced coffees in ready-to-drink cans. The coffee is made from Fair Trade Arabica coffee beans. Some of these coffees are sweetened using stevia and sugar. High Brew coffees are bold and smooth in taste without any bitterness.

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Best High Brew Coffees in 2022


About High Brew Coffee

High Brew Coffee was founded by David Smith who also co-founded Sweet Leaf Tea. He worked tirelessly for 13 years in order to make his small tea firm huge. However, he sold this firm in 2011.


Smith discovered how cold-brewed coffee can feel really refreshing in warm nights. During his adventures with his wife on the open seas, both David and Elizabeth stayed alert by drinking cold brew coffee that had natural caffeine and was bold and smooth in taste. This was when Smith got the idea for High Brew Coffee and this was how this company was born.


High Brew Coffee was established in 2014. The company offers different flavors of cold brew coffees that have low calories. All these coffees are made from 100% natural Direct Trade Arabica coffee beans.


These coffees are cold brewed over time without using any heat. This is why every batch of High Brew Coffee is bold and smooth in taste and packed with natural energy and very less sugar. High Brew Coffee comes in a ready-to-drink can that you can just buy and drink.


How is High Brew Coffee brewed?

High Brew coffees are made from 100% natural Direct Trade Arabica coffee beans using the cold-brew process without any heat. This is why they have a natural flavor without the acidity that is found in regular coffees brewed traditionally.


Additionally, due to this High Brew coffees have more antioxidants, double caffeine, and relatively less acid. High Brew coffees are delicious, refreshing, and have low sugar. These coffees are brewed in the following way:


  1. Premium beans: High Brew Coffee selects the finest coffee beans from Colombia.
  2. Roast: The coffee beans are then roasted in a light-medium roast, which enhances their natural taste.
  3. Grind: The coffee beans are then coarsely ground for a cleaner post-brewing filtration procedure.
  4. Soak: After this, the coffee grounds are soaked in filtered water and ambient temperature for several hours. In this process, no heat is used.
  5. Patience: Instead of heat, time extracts the natural flavors from the coffee beans. This provides High Bew Coffee a smooth, bold, and sweet taste that is not bitter.
  6. Filter: The coffee grounds are then filtered, which provides double caffeine and less acidity to the coffee as compared to conventional hot brew coffee.
  7. Finish: In the end, they mix natural cane sugar, natural flavor, and reduced-fat milk as per the flavor of the coffee.


After this, the High Brew Coffee is ready!


Different types of High Brew Coffee

All High Brew coffee flavor options are delicious and smooth, such as Mexican Vanilla, Double Espresso, Salted Caramel, Toasted Coconut Latte, Bourbon Vanilla Latte, Black & Bold, Creamy Cappuccino + Protein, Milk Chocolate + Protein, and Dark Chocolate Mocha.


Apart from these, High Brew Coffee also offers 3x caffeine or triple shot flavors. As the name suggests, these flavors have three times the level of caffeine in one cup of cold coffee. These flavors include Espresso Triple Shot, Vanilla Bean Triple Shot, and Black Triple Shot. You can try any of these high brew coffees as per your taste.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020