Robusta coffee is one of the most well-known coffees in the world. In fact, it’s the second most popular coffee variety after Arabica coffee. A lot of people prefer Robusta coffee owing to its low price. Unlike Arabica coffee, Robusta is less expensive and aromatic.

Robusta coffee beans are sometimes mixed with Arabica coffee beans to get a finer taste. Even though Robusta coffee has a somewhat bitter taste, it’s still very popular. Coffees that contain 100% Robusta coffee beans are very rare to find. Similar to Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee hails from Africa, the Western areas.


Robusta coffee beans have high caffeine content as compared to Arabica coffee beans. Even though high caffeine is great to kickstart your day, caffeine has a bitter flavor. Robusta coffee has 2.7 percent of caffeine and Arabica coffee has only 1.5 percent of caffeine. Moreover, Arabica coffee has almost 60 percent more fat and 50 percent more sugar as compared to Robusta coffee. These two factors have a huge impact on the coffee’s flavor.

Price and production

As mentioned above, Robusta coffee is nearly half the cost of Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee is easy to grow in huge quantities. It can be produced on lower altitudes and is less sensitive to environmental conditions as well as insects. This results in high yields of Robusta coffee.

The Robusta coffee plant has chlorogenic acid (CGA), which is an antioxidant as well as an insect deterrent. Robusta coffee beans have 7 to 10 percent of this ingredient as compared to only 5.5 to 8 percent in Arabica coffee beans. All these factors result in the lower price of Robusta coffee beans.

This is why a lot of coffee producing firms use Robusta coffee to make mixtures and thus minimize their costs and augment their profits. Additionally, Robusta coffee is more often used as an instant coffee since its taste isn’t significant.


Robusta coffee is usually used to make espresso blends, particularly the Italian-style espresso blends. This is owing to the superb crema that of Robusta coffee. Its crema is thick, durable, and flowing in texture, which works wonders for any coffee blend.

Nevertheless, this results in a bad flavor. It’s difficult to get the perfect ratio of Arabica and Robusta coffee, which has a good crema but at the same time doesn’t make the Robusta coffee too dominant. This depends on your taste.

There are many high-grade Robusta coffees available on the market. Coffee lovers claim that high-end Robusta coffee is more subtle as compared to low-end Arabica coffee. Nonetheless, high-quality Robusta coffee is not commonly used, which deteriorates the evaluation of this coffee.


Robusta coffee beans are round in shape and small in size as compared to Arabica coffee beans that are more oval in shape and larger in size. Robusta coffee has a coarse to neutral flavor range. It has a distinct character, which is similar to oatmeal with woody and earthy flavors. The character is usually compared to burnt rubber, which seems an odd comparison.

So, this was all about Robusta coffee beans, including its taste, form, price, and production. Robusta coffee is also known as Coffea Canephora. Both Robusta and Arabica coffees have their own characteristics; it depends on your taste buds as to which one you choose.