Instant Coffee 

Instant coffee is very popular as one of the ready to drink beverages. You Just have to add your boiled water and stir to mix to make you cup of coffee. It is that simple since the variety is soluble in water.

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Instant coffee

Some of the common names used to refer to instant coffee include powder, soluble or crystal coffee. The coffee is made for commercial use by either spray or freeze drying. Offering a quicker coffee preparation option is one of the many instant coffee advantages. The coffee are also lighter to ship as compared to the ground or whole beans plus also offering a longer shelf life though can easily get stale of if exposed to moisture.

Brief history of Instant Coffee

Instant coffee was first made by a France gentle man called Alphonse Allais in 1881. A more advanced instant coffee which is very popular even today, Nescafe, was invented in 1938 and was most refined.

Other popular brands of instance coffee today include international roast, black salami, Robert Timms, Maxwell house, international extra and Folgers.

Producing instant coffees

Like the ground coffee, the green bean is roasted first. Most roasters use hot gases for combustion and rotating cylinders for the process. 8 to 15 minutes are taken for the bean to roast and the process stops at 165 degrees Celsius. The roasted beans are then finely ground after cooling.

To have the volatile and soluble coffee content extracted water is used. These contents are responsible for the flavor and aroma of the coffee. Water used for this process is pressurized and the concentration of coffee to make the crystals is increased by the use of freezing or evaporating the concentration.

Drying methods

1. Freezing

Water is removed from coffee using sublimation method. Though this method is very expensive, the instant coffee produced using this method is high end quality. The extracts of coffee is frozen rapidly and then broken to smaller granules.

The granules are the grouped with size after being sifted. They are put into the drying chamber using trays made of metal. A vacuum with a suitable strength is created inside the chamber where radiation is used for warming in the drying chamber. Conduction and convention can also be used but result to irregular drying of the granules and a final low quality product.

The condenser help remove the frozen water in the granules. The dried coffee granules are then retrieved from the chamber and packed.

2. Spray drying

Spray drying is a method that is often preferred to the freezing method since it uses less time, able to perform mass production and can give round fine particles.

Spray method use very high temperatures which are not the case with the freezing process. It is also less expensive and referred as a low quality method as compared to the freezing method. The hot temperatures scorch the coffee beans. Note than even when brewing ground coffee, of boiling or hot water is used in place of boiling water so as not to destroy the flavor.

Best beans for instance coffee

Arabica coffee beans is the very renown coffee variety I the world and known for being good quality with sweet flavors like fruit, nuts, caramel and chocolate with low caffeine. On the other hand coffee Robusta is an inferior of the Robusta bean and regarded for it bitter taste and high levels of caffeine. The flavor of the Robusta is commonly earthy, pepper like and smoky tasting.

The best coffee for the instant coffee is the high quality Arabica and mostly freeze dried. One hundred percent Arabica coffee blends will give a good tasting instant coffee.

It is ideal that the Arabica coffee beans will produce a better tasting instant coffee that their counterpart coffee Robusta. However it was believed that Robusta beans which are cheaper. The main Robusta drawback is the bitter and harsh flavor it gives.

Hundred percent coffee Arabica instant coffees are good tasting and also more expensive than the blend of Robusta and Arabica.

Brewing tips for instant coffee

  • Freeze dried coffee beans are you best choice. Freeze drying will preserve more flavor than the spray dried coffee beans.
  • Fresh and filtered water is recommended to be sure the instant coffee flavor is not interfered with. The water should be very pure to prevent the flavor and aroma compounds from reacting with other compounds.
  • Do not add all the water at once on the powder coffee is add the coffee granules to the water. It is recommended that you firs make a coffee paste with one tea spoon of water. Sweetening or any other flavor you may need to add to the coffee can also be mixed without adding all the water for a standard coffee cup. This makes the coffee good tasting and well dissolved.
  • For 8 ounces of water add one tea spoon of the instant coffee if no instructions are given by the manufacture. After this you can add more water or the dissolver coffee to your liking. This will help you now the ratio of water to coffee for similar instant coffee.
  • For a good tasting cup of coffee, let the boiled water to cool a bit to avoid having a scorching flavored coffee
  • Though you can add your some coffee flavors like sugar to your coffee and mix to a soft paste before adding water, you can also add them as a final result. This may include on top ice cream, syrup, milk, honey, vanilla extract, coco, cinnamon or ginger.
  • For a tastier, smoothie, thick and cream like coffee, mix your instant coffee with whole milk (hot) instead of hot water.
  • Iced instant coffee is another way of treating yourself with a wonderful cup of instant coffee. Just use some cold water instead of hot water plus ice to enjoy your coffee.

Some really good instant coffee brands to consider

1. Sudden coffee- this is a medium roast coffee with a flavor profile with tones of chocolate, fruity and melon like. It can also be light roasted with ginger and cantaloupe flavor aspects. The coffee is made from pure single origin coffee beans.

2. Waka instant coffee- the coffee beans are sourced from Colombia. The instant coffee has a smooth finish with citrus flavor tones. Four percent of their coffee sales are sent to developing countries to help provide clean water.

3. Giraldo farms coffee- this is also one hundred percent Columbian Arabica beans and also organic coffee. It is mostly characterized by hazelnut and vanilla flavors and also gives a decaffeinated coffee option.

4. Mount Hagen instant coffee- this is kosher certified organic and fair trade coffee with complex, rich, spicy, smooth and slightly sweet flavor.

Instant coffee for your health

Any type of coffee has been criticized for being health hazardous especially for the high caffeine content. Instant coffee is believed to have low caffeine content than the brewed ground coffee.

However this will rely very much with the roasting process, bean type and also how strong you make your coffee. At some extent instant coffee may reduce your caffeine content (not a must). To be more sure, Arabica one hundred percent instant coffee which is dark roasted can help you in taking less caffeine. Arabica beans is low caffeinated that the Robusta bean and dark roasting will reduce the caffeine further.

Decaf instant coffee can also be a choice for you. You can also check the flavor profile and origin of the coffee beans as well as other information of the instant coffee package. Note that even with decaf coffees other unnatural chemicals used for the decaffeinating process can harm your health.

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