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Best Java Planet Organic Coffees  in 2021

Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters is a family owned business that has been providing 100% certified organic and Fair Trade Coffee to families and businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area since 2009. Java Planet is committed to providing the highest quality product that also supports a healthy body, a healthy community and a healthy planet, as well as ensuring the growers of the coffee are fairly compensated.

#1 Coffee Cup News - Java Planet Organic Coffee Beans Low Acid Variety Set - Colombia & Guatemala Single Origin Low Acid
  • This single-origin coffee has the full-body Colombia is known for with beautiful fruit tones. It is our best selling coffee adored by our customers seeking low acid and great flavor. Rainforest Alliance Certified.
  • This single-origin Guatemala coffee is shade-grown under guava, plantain, and banana trees which give the coffee it's fruit undertones along with the caramel and chocolate notes. Smithsonian Bird-Friendly Certified.
#2 Coffee Cup News - Java Planet Organic Coffee Half Caff Set - Single Origin Fair Trade Certified Peru in Caff & Decaf -
  • Peruvian coffee is known for being mild, and sweet. We roast this medium-dark to preserve the floral tones that give it sweetness.
  • Water Processed Decaf - We use only 100% organic certified arabica coffee whole beans, grown & processed without chemicals or GMOs. In drinking our coffee you will only absorb beneficial antioxidants naturally found in coffee grown at high altitudes.
#3 Coffee Cup News - Java Planet Organic Coffee Dark Roast 3 Pack Variety Set - Sumatra, Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea
  • This Costa Rican is dark roasted to bring out the chocolate and caramel flavors with a hint of citrus. This coffee is great any way you brew it!
  • This Sumatra is well known for its dark chocolate notes and smooth body. An excellent choice for hot or cold brew.
  • This Papua New Guinea dark roast has chocolate and caramel tones and makes a great hot or cold brew.
#4 Coffee Cup News - Java Planet - Coffee Gift Set - Organic Whole Bean Gourmet Coffee - Specialty Craft Roasted Arabica
#5 Coffee Cup News - Java Planet - French Press Coffee Maker Stainless Steel - Insulated and Durable - 34oz Capacity - Fo
  • STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Our French Press will not break, made of durable double walled steel that will keep the heat in. The handle and knob stay cool while your coffee is hot for comfortable and safe pouring.
  • HEAVY DUTY FRENCH PRESS FILTER - Our coffee maker has a thick tight weave filter to maximize water/grounds separation, for a perfect cup of coffee.
  • PORTABLE - Our French Press is small enough to fit in a backpack or suitcase so you can brew anywhere. Making it a perfect camping french press or travel french press !
  • LARGE CAPACITY - 34 Oz - Our French press is an 8 Cup Coffee Maker.
  • AWESOME COFFEE MAKER! - French press makes a great cup of coffee!
#6 Coffee Cup News - Java Planet Organic Flavored Coffee Variety Set - Chocolate Almond Bliss, Cinnamon Vanilla and CocoH
  • Chocolate Almond Bliss - infused with plant based organic flavor oils of chocolate and almond
  • Cinnamon Vanilla - infused with plant based organic flavor oils of cinnamon and vanilla
  • CocoHaze - infused with plant based organic flavor oils of coconut and hazelnut

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