Best Jo Coffees in 2022

For some people, a cup of coffee is more than just something to wake the body up. It is a part of their daily lives and they take coffee very seriously. There was one coffee company that emerged when there was a dearth of good coffee joints in New York. The coffee outlets name is Jo Coffees, which came in like a fairy angel and provided a cup of deliciousness for coffee patrons.

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Jo Coffees

Jo Coffee was started more than 15 years ago by founder Jonathan Rubinstein. It was as early as 2003 when he was dreaming of opening a coffee shop. He saw the first location of his dream – the place had a front patio and exposed bricks. He quickly called the number and 24 hours later, the place was his.

He recruited the help of his immediate family members, who became his partners. Jonathan’s mother played the barista, his sister helped co-manage the place and his father kept the records and the books. They did not know anything about coffee at that point in time but they knew it was very difficult to get a decent cup of coffee in New York.

Soon, the Rubinstein family found a great roaster in Massachusetts and they threw themselves into learning the trade of making the best coffee and running the business. They got their competitive edge back on track. But they did not just want people to enjoy coffee; they wanted them to feel good when they came into the shop. Jonathan worked as a barista until his daughter was born in 2009.

The family learned most things about coffee from Amanda Byron, who worked with Jonathan for the first decade of business. Later, she moved back to the West coast. She was also the only person who could pour latte art when the business started. Soon, they began pouring latte art and received compliments for the same.

Why Jo Coffees?

Jo Coffees was founded as a spectacular specialty coffee house with the simple vision of brewing unique and high-quality coffees and creating a welcoming space for the community. Since 2003, the company has expanded to 19 cafes in Philadelphia and New York and roasting operation in Brooklyn. The mission of Jo Coffees remains the same – to present and serve the best coffee with warm and welcoming hospitality for everyone in the community.

At Jo Coffees, they believe that the secret to a great coffee experience relies as much on the coffee as it does the barista. Hence, they promote and foster the continued success and education of the baristas through industrial-grade professional training. As one of the earliest pioneers of artisan coffee in New York, Jo Coffees is proud to continue to grow, innovate and lead the specialty coffee movement.

Commitment to quality

The sourcing team of Jo Coffees maintains a series of stringent standards when choosing green coffee for the menu. All the beans ranging from rotating cast of single origin coffees to the components of house selections have met or exceeded the required quality standards. The company’s protocols require tasting hundreds of coffee samples every year and maintain a seasonal rotation of the coffee beans. They also work closely with exporters and importers to maintain the best care while storing and transporting the coffee beans.


The company is fully committed to flexibility when it comes to buying green coffee. They understand that when it comes to purchasing green coffee, each and every bean has its own unique composition. While Jo Coffees work together with cooperatives and farmers, they also embrace other forms of ethical sourcing established in some regions, if and when possible. Some batches of coffee beans are acquired via certified trade, shade or organic grown.

Importance of sustainable relationships

Jo Coffees work together to build trusting and sustainable relations with coffee farmers, brokers, exports, and importers. They try to work with the same individual each year to guarantee the sustainability of the wholesale partners and the quality of the coffee.

Additionally, these relationships form a trusting foundation that helps both partners to bring out the best coffee from around the world.

You will find a whole of coffee varieties here, like single origin coffees like:

Burundi Kibingo

This coffee is grown in the Kayanza Province in Burundi, where over 2,000 coffee growers from the nearby hills farm more than 7,00,000 coffee trees each year. These beans are processed in the nearby Kibingo Washing station. This coffee is a Jo Coffees favorite and has a fruity and dynamic flavor profile. This coffee also won the 2017 Burundi Cup of Excellence.

Colombia La Familia Guarnizo

This coffee is produced at the El Paraiso coffee plantation in Huila, Colombia. El Paraiso has been providing Jo Coffees with a large number of high-quality and excellent Colombian coffees, in association with the importer/exporter, Caravela. This light-bodied and bright selection of coffee have notes of almonds and stone fruit with medium acidity.

If you have a taste for blended coffee, here are some for you:

The Waverly Espresso

This coffee has been named after the company’s first cafe in New York City. This blend is Jo Coffee’s espresso vanguard. It is seasonally driven and designed to achieve a balance of sweetness and bold with lively fruit notes all year long. This espresso is perfect as a straight gunshot. You will find an expansive flavor profile that is based on two components that bring out the best in each other.

The Overnighter Cold Brew

The Overnighter Cold Brew has been designed specifically to taste nothing short of amazing when brewed in the slow and steeped brewing method. Jo Coffees have found a very fruity and bright flavor in this blend. The blend sits in water for straight 18 hours. Ultimately, you will find out that the taste of the coffee is sweet and balanced.

Jo Coffee also sells a wide variety of brewing equipment like:


The ingenious, convenient and lightweight Aerobie AeroPress coffee maker is a cult favorite. It’s simple and versatile design allows for a delicious, elegant and clean cup of coffee. The AeroPress also have a wide array of brewing styles. It is BPA-free and has a very durable and high-quality plastic body.

8-Cup Chemex Woodneck Brewer

This has been an American coffee-brewing icon since the old times. The Chemix is one of the favorite ways of Americans to present their coffee. This is an 8-cup glass model that features the classic leather tie and wooden neck, which are both removable for cleaning.

Jo Coffees is one of those companies that never let success run over the head. From the best single origin and blends to specialty instant, everything you get here is nothing short of delicious and lip-smacking. Additionally, if you wish to learn how to blend coffees like these, you can also opt for learning classes from Jo Coffees.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020