Best Juan Valdez Coffees in 2022

Premium quality coffee that is 100% Colombian in origin is a rare treat to coffee lovers. The unique flavor and freshness provide a wonderful coffee experience. Juan Valdez coffee has the distinction of being the only recognized brand globally belonging to coffee growers. Delivered to you directly from the Colombian mountains, the awesome and robust flavor of the coffee speaks for itself.

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Juan Valdez Coffees


The flavor of Juan Valdez coffee is explosive due to the finest quality beans used in the coffee making process. From paying attention to the growing process to the final coffee grounds, every step of preparation at Juan Valdez is done with care. The processes are monitored by coffee experts to ensure quality control.

Why Juan Valdez Coffee Is the Best

As Colombia’s leading producer of premium coffee, Juan Valdez excels in several aspects including

  • Meticulous selection of coffee beans that are 100% Arabica
  • The coffee beans are chosen based on the unique qualities and size
  • Coffee beans are first treated under the utmost quality focused processes, which include washing of beans in spring water, crushing and sun drying them.
  • Handpicked beans are ground to the right proportions and frozen, which helps to seal the flavor and freshness.
  • Diverse coffee varieties are offered including single origin, certified and premium selection coffee
  • The coffee is available as ground, instant and whole bean varieties to meet with different customer needs
  • The coffee cup profile offered at Juan Valdez include mild, bold, balanced and espresso

Juan Valdez Espresso Coffees

The Espresso from Juan Valdez is a sheer aromatic coffee concentrate covered by golden cream. It is characterized by strong and intense flavor and includes Macchiato, Arequipe macchiato, Espresso Viennese and double espresso varieties.

Juan Valdez Whole Bean Coffee

The whole bean organic coffee from Espresso has a robust aroma that you will find hard to resist. The strong brew will become your daily essential with its energy boosting flavor. The perfectly balanced acidity and texture of the full bodied, medium high coffee roast provides an amazing coffee experience

Juan Valdez Instant Coffee

The instant coffee from Juan Valdez comes in an airtight package that helps to keep the flavor and freshness intact. Available in jars of 3.5ounces with resealable lid, the coffee is easy to brew with any type of coffee pot or coffee maker. The coffee is also available as single or two pack varieties.

About Juan Valdez Coffee

Juan Valdez brand graces all types of specialty stores, dining rooms, online stores, airline and shopping centers. The chief mission of the company is to captivate coffee lovers all over the world with its premium quality coffee, while supporting the Colombian coffee growers. The company partnered with Colombian Coffee Growers Federation in 2002 and since then has covered over 32 countries. The stores deliver an exciting array of single origin coffees.

Try Juan Valdez Coffee

Whether you like your coffee black or with a splash of cream, milk or sugar, Juan Valdez coffee provides the most spectacular flavor. The freeze-dried instant, ground coffee or roasted beans from Juan Valdez guarantee you the freshest and most excellent coffee taste that is totally unique. Try Juan Valdez coffee any time of the day and you are in for a rich and flavorsome treat.


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Last Updated: 07/22/2020