Best Kenya AA Coffees in 2022

Kenya AA Coffees are known throughout the world for their high-quality beans that offer a unique aftertaste and aroma. Regardless of whether you get a pre-roasted packet or a packet of unroasted beans, Kenya AA coffees provide a coffee experience that is unparalleled and a must-try for coffee aficionados.

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Kenya AA Coffees


Kenya AA Coffee beans are some of the finest that are known to man and are also highly favored by coffee connoisseurs. Since they are grown at an altitude of 6,600 feet above sea level, Kenya AA exude an aroma and flavor that is unparalleled by any other coffee in the world. These are consistently rated the best in the world and there is always a high demand for them.


At the high plateaus of Kenya, the coffee beans take longer to grow compared to those at lower altitudes which provide them more nutrients and time to fully develop their flavors. The Kenya AA Coffees are known to have a complex, full-bodied, rich and strong flavor with a mild and pleasant acidity. The aroma of the coffees has floral tones while the aftertaste of the coffee has a wine-like finish with a hint of citrus and berry. Rest assured, Kenya AA coffees are going to leave your senses mesmerized and invigorated.

Ideal for Commercial and Home Use

The quality of Kenya AA Coffee beans has made it supremely popular amongst coffee aficionados. It is a great way to introduce people to the sphere of coffee roasting. Regardless of whether it is for commercial roasting purposes or home use, Kenya AA Coffee beans are a must have. These are also generally sold as single origin coffee and are seldom used in blends.


Kenya AA Coffees are ideal for a Medium Roast which allows for its natural qualities to shine forth. A darker roast would only results in the loss of the nuances which make it so great. However, it can still be done for those who prefer more of a typical ‘coffee’ flavor.

Since these are single origin Arabica coffees, a fresh roast will deliver the best results. Always ensure to look for the ‘freshly roasted’ label whenever you’re looking to buy a brand with Kenya AA Coffee.


Though a 100% organic certification is not seen often with Kenya AA Coffee, it is not because of any negative reasons. In fact, the coffee industry in Kenya is one of the best in terms of regulation and has high standards without complying perforce with Organic or Fair Trade certifications.


Though there are typical fluctuations in price depending on the yearly demand and supply of raw materials such as processing cost, fertilizers, etc, the retail prices for the most part remain steady. Getting a single bag can be quite cost inefficient which is why it is recommended to get multiple bags when getting freshly roasted coffee. At the same time, getting unroasted beans for roasting at home can be done at a lower rate. For this, it is better to order a small quantity to try at first and going back for bulk purchases if necessary.



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Last Updated: 07/22/2020