Kimbo Coffees

Coffee lovers often find themselves in need of a special pick me up drink when no regular coffee brew will do the trick. In such moments, it is only an espresso coffee that will work to successfully lift the spirits. Kimbo Coffee understands the value of a good espresso coffee and as such, takes special care to prepare the highest quality espresso for customers. With blends containing a balanced ratio of Arabica to Robusta beans, Kimbo Coffee offers the perfect combination of full-bodies flavors and complex aromatic notes.

Top Kimbo Coffees

Bestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 2
Kimbo Lungo Nespresso Compatible 100 Capsules NEW FLAVOR
  • You will get 100 capsules total all Lungo type
  • Imported from Italy
Bestseller No. 3
Kimbo Decaffeinato Espresso ESE Compostable Coffee Pods [100/box]
  • Formed with the lush qualities of espresso that characterize a rich and bountiful cup, and roasted for convenience to be sipped on with restful pause. Kimbo's Decaffeinated Espresso Compostable ESE-Pod will warm your palate and soothe your senses with fully refined decadence.
  • Blend - 85% arabica / 15% robusta
  • Size - 100 ESE Compostable Pods
  • Imported from Italy
Bestseller No. 4
Kimbo BIO OrganicNespresso Regular Line Compatible 100 Capsules
  • Organic 100% Arabica blend
  • Work only on *Nespresso Regular Line ( does not work with Vertuoline machine)
  • 10 capsules x10 packets total 100 Capsules
  • Imported from Naples Italy
Bestseller No. 5
2 Cans of Kimbo Antica Tradizione Ground Coffee 8.8oz/250g
3 Reviews
2 Cans of Kimbo Antica Tradizione Ground Coffee 8.8oz/250g
  • 95% Arabica, 5% Robusta
  • Medium To Dark Roast
  • Perfect crema
  • Medium caffeine content
  • Ground to Medium Coarse to be used in Drip Grind and French Press coffee makers
Bestseller No. 6
Kimbo Napoli Espresso ESE Compostable Coffee Pods [100/box]
  • Resounding with lively flavors to invigorate your spark, this Napoli blend will have you eagerly savoring every sip. Kimbo's Napoli Espresso has been crafted through traditional Italian dark roasting methods and refined to develop its ample flavoring so that the espresso you hold in highest regard can also be your everyday cup. Conveniently packaged in 100 compostable pods for an unhurried and relaxed experience.
  • Blend - A tasty blend of arabica and robusta beans.
  • Size - 100 Compostable Pods
  • Imported from Italy
Bestseller No. 7
Kimbo Italian Nespresso Compatible Capsules for Espresso (Armonia, 10 Capsules)
4 Reviews
Kimbo Italian Nespresso Compatible Capsules for Espresso (Armonia, 10 Capsules)
  • Kimbo Armonia 100% Arabica espresso capsules (Nespresso compatible)
  • Please Note: For use in machines that accept "Nespresso OriginalLine" style capsules only; these capsules do not fit any other type of machine.
  • Makes a very smooth well ballanced cup.
  • One box of 10 capsules.
Bestseller No. 8
Kimbo Espresso Pods Cialde Espresso - 18 in a Box
8 Reviews
Kimbo Espresso Pods Cialde Espresso - 18 in a Box
  • Traditional Neapolita Espresso
  • Smooth Creamy taste
Bestseller No. 9
KIMBO Espresso Extra Cream Beans 2.2 Lbs Bag
6 Reviews
KIMBO Espresso Extra Cream Beans 2.2 Lbs Bag
  • Best Espresso coffee from Napoli
Bestseller No. 10
6 Cans of Kimbo Antica Tradizione Espresso Ground Coffee /250g
  • NEW! Kimbo's classic Export blend now comes in our new tins. This blend sold to Kimbo lovers all over the world is very close to the Espresso Neapoletano but just a little softer and slightly less intense. Produces a rich deep and satisfying espresso also works in moka percolators and cafetieres.
Bestseller No. 11
KIMBO Espresso "Decaf" Beans 1.1 lbs bag
  • Decaf espresso - from Italy
Bestseller No. 12
Kimbo Premium - Marrone Gusto Forte Whole Beans 2.2lb/1kg by Kimbo
  • Kimbo Premium - Marrone Gusto Forte Whole Beans 2.2lb/1kg
  • 35.2 Ounces

Kimbo Coffees

Kimbo Coffee was founded about 50 years ago in Naples, a city renowned for its coffee making techniques and blends. The three brothers Francesco Rubino, Gerardo Rubino, and Elio Rubino started experimenting with different roasting techniques resulting in the development of their trademark espresso.

The rising popularity of their brew became apparent with people coming over from far and wide to sample it. This lead to the germination of the idea to take their Neapolitan brew to coffee lovers all over the world. With the advent of vacuum-pressed coffee packaging, it became possible for Kimbo Coffee to be shipped out to whichever part of the world the demand for it arose.

Now, Kimbo has developed into a coffee giant that is ranked second throughout the European coffee retail market. The company understands the values the selection of the highest quality green coffee as well as the preparation process that follows. It is due to this reason, that experts from Kimbo oversee the growth and cultivation of the plants even before the beans are chosen, processed, and shipped out to Italy for further preparation.

Why Kimbo Coffees?

Coffee is the most popular caffeinated drink consumed by millions across the world. As such, many coffee chains and local shops have sprung up to meet the high demands of coffee lovers. But what you will find at most of these places is regular run of the mill coffee with no distinctive features to tell one blend apart from the other. In many cases, the quality of the coffee itself is not much to write home about.

Kimbo Coffee, on the other hand, offers coffee that is selected and prepared with the greatest care for quality and it is evident from a single mouthful. So, without further ado let us take a closer look at the best features of Kimbo Coffee that make them a brand to try out.

Rich flavor profile

The various Kimbo Coffee blends are often achieved by blending Arabica and Robusta beans and especially so in the pre-ground varieties. This lends the Kimbo espresso a unique flavor profile that is rich, full-bodied, with the perfect balance between sweet and tart leaving a smooth finish in the mouth. Some blends carry floral notes with hints of spice and almond while others come in intense aromas balanced with delicate flavors.

Variety of blends

Most of the different types of blends offered by Kimbo Coffee come in different ratios of Arabica to Robusta beans with only a few comprising of hundred percent Arabica beans. This allows customers to choose a blend that best suits their tastes and needs.

While some coffee lovers the understated taste of Arabica, others may need a brew that packs a stronger punch. Kimbo blends in customized ratios such as 80:20 Arabica and Robusta component in Kimbo Espresso Napoletano range, 50-50 composition in the BIO: Fairtrade & Organic, or the 65:35 Arabica to Robusta ratio in the Prestige line.

Application of distinct roasting techniques

Samples of beans are put through a number of tests to ascertain their quality standards before being shipped to the Kimbo roasting plants in Italy. The roasting takes place in three phrases comprising dehydration to eliminate excess atmospheric moisture, the actual roasting, and finally cooling. The dehydration and roasting is done at temperatures ranging between 160 to 250C while the cool down process is done in room temperature.

The experience and expertise of the people associated with Kimbo is central to the unique flavors and aroma of their coffee roasts which the beans acquire during the roasting process. After all, it is the degree and technique of roasting that lends coffee its strength or weakness of color and taste.

Innovative blending

The taste and aromatic profile is to a great extent dependent on the blending process that the coffee beans are subjected to. While some coffee beans possess a rich enough flavor profile to be made into single origin coffee, they can still be somewhat one-note. Many people prefer this as it allows them to enjoy the essence of the coffee beans in its pared down state.

But most of the coffee lines offered by Kimbo Coffee come in various blends that are perfected with care and precision. Each batch of coffee beans are selected by sensory profile and blended with batches that complimented each other. The blends are achieved by combining beans from different origins that go well with each other to achieve the perfect combination of balance and complex flavors.

Coffee Machines

Preparing good coffee is dependent on not just the quality of the coffee beans and the blend but also the equipment used to brew the drink. Kimbo Coffee takes care of your brewing needs by offering a range of machines that vary from grinders and French press to bean to cup coffee makers. These machines can be used for both commercial brewing purposes as well as by individuals using them at home for personal consumption.

Airtight packaging

The quality of packaging can determine the degree of freshness that your coffee beans carry. Many a times it so happens that despite the coffee being of a high quality and expensive to boot, due to shoddy packaging the beans carry a musty aroma and when brewed smell off. Kimbo Coffee pays special attention to coffee packaging by carrying out the process of packing whole beans in a protected atmosphere. The ground beans, on the other hand, are subjected to a slightly different process comprising of vacuum-packaging.

Organic coffee

Kimbo Coffee offers the BIO: Fairtrade & Organic range which is prepared through organic means and acquired through fair trading practices. This line caters to the conscientious customers who want their coffee to be sourced from farmers who practice organic farming. These practices, not only helps conserve the environment but also has a positive impact on the health of the consumers.

The process of making coffee right from nurturing and growing the plants to the processing of the beans is integral to the quality and flavor profile of the brews they lend. The human element is crucial to this process and it is this element that can be trusted in the making of Kimbo Coffee due to their long standing status as the pioneers of high quality espresso makers in Europe.

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