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For most coffee lovers, the flavor profile of the coffee they consume id the make or break factor that determines whether they love a certain blend or hate it. But unlike a lot of coffee brand, Kirkland Coffee achieves the perfect balance between a rich flavor profile that is also quiet and understated in taste. The flavors unfold one after the other and comprise of dark chocolate and almond notes with accompanying aromatic notes that are a complex blend. A clean but drying finish rounds off the experience of each mouthful.

#1 Coffee Cup News - Kirkland Signature Pacific Bold Coffee, Dark, 120 K-Cup Pods
  • Fair Trade Certified
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#2 Coffee Cup News - Kirkland Signature Signature Swa 100% Colombian Coffee, Supremo Bean Dark Roast-Fine Grind, 3 Pound
#3 Coffee Cup News - KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Medium Roast Coffee, 2.5 Lb, Brown, 40 Ounce (Pack of 36) (00-X9G9IG-62)
  • Arabica coffee beans
  • Ground Coffee
  • Medium Roast
#4 Coffee Cup News - Kirkland Signature Summit Roast Organic Medium Roast Coffee Pods, 120 K-Cup Pods
  • 120 K-Cup pods
  • Organic and Fair Trade Certified
  • Medium roast
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Kosher
#5 Coffee Cup News - Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Coffee Supremo Bean Dark Roast-Fine Grind (Family Bundle)
  • 100% Colombian Coffee

Kirkland Coffee

Kirkland Coffee is a proprietary brand offering from Costco which is a wholesale and retail chain. Costco is membership-only and has stores across most cities in the US. They are in a partnership with Starbucks Coffee which entails the multinational chain of coffee outlets being in charge of roasting the coffee beans from Kirkland Signature Coffee.

Kirkland Coffee is available in both whole bean form for the coffee aficionados who like control over the coarseness of their coffee grind, as well as in pre-ground form. Additionally, this brand also has blends that are organically brewed and fair trade compliant. This makes the brand compatible with those of you who are environmentally conscientious and want your coffee consumption to not harm your health in any manner.

Kirkland Coffee comes in dark roast and medium roast to cater to a wider clientele with a diverse palette. This allows you to opt for a coffee that retains more of its coffee bean essence or for the rich smoky texture of dark roasted coffee according to your preferences and tastes. Most of their coffee lines are made up of 100% Arabica beans while their Signature Columbian Coffee offers 100% Columbian Supremo beans.

Why Kirkland Coffees?

In a market saturated with a large number of brands and big corporation chains, it can be a difficult task to sample through them to find the best ones in terms of quality and flavor. After a while experimentally tasting the many brands that have sprung up to cater to huge worldwide demands, most coffee may start to taste more or less the same.

Kirkland Coffee, on the other hand, is high on quality but has a no frills attached approach to presenting itself. There are many reasons as to why you must try out this brand of coffee if you are a fan of medium or dark roasted ground or whole bean Arabica. In the next section, let us take a closer look at the best features of Kirkland coffee that makes the brand a must try.

The distinct flavor

The Starbucks roasted blend from Kirkland Coffee carries the signature Starbucks taste that is rich and smoky without any extra undertones. While coffee beans usually carry fruity or floral notes, the Starbucks intense dark roast overpowers any such underlying flavors. This offering is perfect for those who love the burnt coffee taste of Starbucks brew but do not want to pay the premium price that comes attached to it.

On the other hand, the Kirkland Signature House Blend offers medium roasted coffee beans that carry all the essential flavors and notes that coffee is known for. For coffee lovers with the refined palettes to recognize it every mouthful of Kirkland Signature Medium Roast contains complex notes. These include burnt cedar, almond, dark chocolate, a citrus aroma that inks at grapefruits, and sweat earth.

Between the Starbucks and the Signature Medium Roast, the diversity of flavor profiles on display is truly laudable. These along with other lines available from Kirkland Coffee attest to their versatility and ability to cater to the different palettes and preferences of a diverse clientele.

Complex blend of aroma

The aromas offered by the various lines of coffee blends offered by Kirkland Coffee is as diverse as its flavors. Signature Medium Roast from Kirkland carries aromatic notes of almond and dark chocolate while the Starbucks dark roast carries the rich charred notes characteristic to coffee beans put through intense roasting. On the other hand, all the various coffee lines have a light finish in the mouth that completes the experience of each mouthful leaving a somewhat dry aftertaste which is nevertheless still quite rich.

Organic and fair trade compliant

Kirkland Coffee is dedicated to improving the quality of their coffee by minimizing any toxic effects t might have on consumers. It is known that the indiscriminate use of pesticides and insecticides increase the yield of crops and help farmers meet market demands. But such methods yield crops that can over time be toxic to your system. Kirkland Coffee’s organic blends are cultivated through completely organic means making them good for your health and also for the environment.

The brand is also inclined towards improving the quality of the lives lead by the people involved in its production by fairly compensating the farmers for their labor. This is evidenced by the fact that are certified to be fair trade compliant. Fair trade practice enables a positive change in coffee culture by preventing the labor of the coffee farmers from being unjustly exploited. This, in turn, is expected to empower them to grow better quality coffee.

Roast quality

The coffee roasted by Starbucks usually carries a charred undertone due to the intensive dark roasting they subject their beans to. This lends the Starbucks brews their signature flavor and aroma which is has a burnt and smoky profile. While this character makes Starbucks coffee somewhat bereft of nuance in terms of flavors due to the overpowering nature of the roast, many people also love their coffee for the same reason.

On the other hand, Kirkland Coffee which is roasted by Starbucks carries the same smoky flavor, but without the premium pricing. While the burnt earthy aroma hits you right away when you open a bag, the taste itself is quite balanced with the flavor filling every mouthful.

Reasonable pricing

Most fair-trade brands advertise many qualities ranging from complex and rich aroma and flavors to fully organically produced coffee. But these products tend to come attached with an exorbitant price tag that is off-putting to most coffee lovers. The whole point of fair trade and organic coffee is to induce a change in coffee culture by empowering farmers and protecting the environment.

But the high pricing of such products is a detriment to the movement and only serves to drive customers away. Kirkland Coffee proves its commitment towards inducing true change by offering competitive price points for their coffee blends. The prices are affordable for just about anyone and especially attractive due to the many adds on features that they come with.

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