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The coffee, kopi luwak, besides being a world famous commodity for being the highest priced, the coffee is also high end and produced from the high grade Arabica. It is naturally produced from the civet cat which gives it a unique taste. Its popular flavor profile is complex and strong aromatically.

#1 CoffeeCupNews - Wallacea Coffee Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans, Gayo Sumatra Indonesia, 250 grams (8.8 oz)
  • 100% PURE WILD CIVET CAT COFFEE BEANS (NO HARM!) - Now you have a chance to enjoy the most authentic and expensive coffee in the world. These beans are not a fraudulent blend but pure gathered from Asian Palm Civet. We are supported Indonesian government and Gayo Coffee Protection Society Foundation, 100% guaranteed that there is no animal has been ABUSED or HARMED to produce this coffee beans (Please watch our video)
  • SOURCED FROM TAKENGON CITY, ACEH, SUMATRA, INDONESIA - Grown above 1.400 meters, Gayo Arabica coffee has thrived and is consistently rated as one of the best among Indonesia’s many coffee growing regions. Our "Kopi Luwak' is a combination of one of the best Arabica coffee in the world and legendary natural selection process from Asian Palm Civet. This supreme combination thus creates a luxurious cup of coffee. We have worked closely internal and externally with over 89 locals farmers
  • Nutrition: kopi luwak has more malic acid, citric acid and it is full of inositol, which helps the body in numerous ways than any other type of coffee tested.
  • THE COFFEE EXPERIENCE - This coffee is perfect for a person who has a sensitive stomach or caffeine intolerance. The natural enzymes in the civet's intestines make the beans less acidic and remove some caffeine from the coffee beans. You can now enjoy coffee every day without worrying about having an upset stomach or heart racing or palpitations. This adds to the high aroma, the smooth taste and the low bitterness of Kopi Luwak Coffee.
  • WHOLESALE PRICE - Takengon Aceh Sumatra is one of the biggest wild asian palm civet habitat and coffee plantation. We are here to provide coffee lovers a chance to consume coffee luwak on daily basis by giving the best price
#2 CoffeeCupNews - Shangri-La Coffee - Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee Whole Beans - Ethically Sourced - 250 Grams (8.8oz) (Othe
  • Wild Ethically Sourced Premium Kopi Luwak Coffee
  • Roasted Whole Coffee Beans - 250 Grams
  • Imported From Indonesia
  • Tasting Notes: Smooth, not bitter, with a complex aroma. Hints of Caramel & Chocolate.
#3 CoffeeCupNews - Monkey Business Coffee - Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee Whole Beans - Ethically Sourced - 125 Grams (4.4oz)
  • Wild Ethically Sourced Premium Kopi Luwak Coffee
  • Roasted Whole Coffee Beans - 125 Grams
  • Imported From Indonesia
  • Tasting Notes: Smooth, not bitter, with a complex aroma. Hints of Caramel & Chocolate.
#4 CoffeeCupNews - Wild Kopi Luwak, the World’s Most Exclusive Coffee, Sustainably Sourced From Sumatra, Indonesia (1
  • 100 grams (3.5 oz) whole bean Kopi Luwak (wild civet) coffee, sustainably collected by a small organic farmer’s cooperative in North Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • Noticeably not bitter, intensely aromatic and have a complex flavor profile.
  • Great gift for the coffee connoisseurs.
  • Proceeds go towards education and vocation training for the people of Lintong Nihuta, North Sumatra, Indonesia.
#5 CoffeeCupNews - Cafés Granell Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee Whole Beans, 100grams (3.5oz)
  • 100% GENUINE WILD KOPI LUWAK BEANS– Considered one of the most unusual and expensive coffees in the world.
  • SOURCED FROM PLANTATIONS IN SUMATRA – Wild Asian Palm Civets roam freely in the highlands of Indonesia, selecting the choicest coffee cherries for their personal consumption. All beans are sustainably harvested. NO ANIMAL HAS BEEN HARMED, ABUSED OR EXPLOITED IN ANY WAY IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS COFFEE.
  • SMOOTH TEXTURE, RICH TASTE – The civet’s digestive system breaks down the proteins that give coffee a bitter taste. The result? Coffee that is smooth, earthy, and nutty – a superbly aromatic, highly satisfying cup of java.
  • THE PERFECT COFFEE LOVER GIFT – Perfect for coffee connoisseurs, adventurous foodies, or the person who has everything.
  • OVER 75 YEARS OF QUALITY – Cafe Granell has been family owned and operated in Valencia, Spain since 1940. Offering the finest coffees for three generations.
#6 CoffeeCupNews - Premium Kopi Luwak From Indonesia Wild Palm Civets Arabica Coffee Beans (10 Grams)
  • To produce this coffee, coffee berries are eaten by the Luwak cat. In the stomach of these animals, the berries come in contact with proteolytic enzymes, which change the composition of the coffee berries. After the Luwak excretes the beans, the farmers from Kaya Kopi collect them. Then, the outer layer of each bean is removed, and the beans are carefully clean, sun-dried and roasted. By the time you receive your Luwak coffee, it is 100% clean and safe to consume.
  • Noticeably not bitter, Kaya Kopi Luwak is intensely aromatic with a complex flavor profile that is smooth, earthy and sweet with a hint of chocolate. It is a taste no coffee fan should miss. There is no need for sugar or other ingredients to cover the natural bitterness of coffee.
  • Kaya Kopi Luwak starts it life at 4,000 feet (1,200 M) above sea level in the heart of the Pangalengan Highlands of West Java, Indonesia.
  • Kopi Luwak coffee is the ideal drink for visits from special guests, to relax, or just to enjoy the perfect taste of the best coffee available.
  • Please note: 100% of the coffee from Kaya Kopi comes from free-range wild Luwaks living a healthy life. We don't think any animal should be harmed because of us! Further, Kopi Luwak from wild civets tastes much better than from caged animals. This is because the free-living Luwaks eat only the ripest berries and also have a proper diet and therefore the right enzymes in their stomach to improve the coffee taste.
#7 CoffeeCupNews - Ground Wild Kopi Luwak, the World’s Most Exclusive Coffee, Sustainably Sourced From Sumatra, Indon
  • 100 grams Ground Arabica Organic Kopi Luwak (wild civet) coffee.
  • Sustainably collected from free and wild Civets by a small organic farmer's cooperative in North Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • Noticeably not bitter, intensely aromatic and have a delicate yet complex flavor profile.
  • Great gift for the coffee connoisseurs.
  • Proceeds go towards education and vocation training for the people of Lintong Nihuta, North Sumatra, Indonesia.
#8 CoffeeCupNews - 100% Wild Genuine World's Most Expensive Coffee, Kopi Luwak Robusta House Blend Ground Gourmet Coffe
  • Original Kopi Luwak (Civet Coffee), The World's Most Exclusive Coffee. Produced in Java & Sumatra, and Roasted in Malaysia
  • Our Civet Coffee is the age bean that keeps for more than 3 years. Aging bean will have more stable moisture and temperature compared to another coffee bean where it indicates the aroma is more enriching. We ensure that our bean is keeping well to prevent mold and rot. At the same time, we also keep rotating beans to ensure that exposure to air humidity is even. We strive our best to produce the best Civet Coffee that we can for our customers.
  • We support animal should stay happily in this Earth. No animal be abuse in producing this Civet Coffee as we believe no animal should sacrifice for human's wants.
  • Perfect Gift Item for Adventurous Gastronomers
  • 50% Civet Coffee Beans + 50% Super Beans
#9 CoffeeCupNews - Kopi Luwak Coffee, Wild Gathered, 100% Pure, Whole Bean, 16 Ounces
  • 100% Authentic Kopi Luwak Coffee Beans. Wild Civet coffee sustainably collected by a small farmer’s in North Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Wild Cage Free Civet coffee sustainably sourced and collected by small farmer’s in North Sumatra, Indonesia so no animals are harmed
  • Intensely aromatic with a complex flavor profile, rich, strong flavored, and amazingly full-bodied, a perfect cup of coffee to savor
  • Whole Bean, 1 Pound Bag, The Most Expensive Coffee in the World famously known from the movie The Bucket List
  • Medium roasted whole beans for a remarkable taste.
#10 CoffeeCupNews - Kopi Luwak Direct Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee, 2.4 oz / 70 Grams
  • ▶ ▶ ▶ This Listing was targeted with unverified negative reviews, claiming this coffee isn't sourced from wild living civets - which is not true. This Wild Kopi Luwak coffee grows in the volcanic area of Mt.Matutum in the Philippines. The plantation nestles in the heart of the Philippines’ Luwak habitat, home to ≈2800 wild civets. They are free to choose which beans they eat, and to eat their natural diet, which enriches the flavour of this coffee.
  • ◈ ◈ ◈ It's cultivated at a sustainable plantation of high quality arabica coffee plants in the highlands of the Philippines. The coffee never receives artificial fertilisers or chemicals of any sort to increase the output of coffee plants, relying on the perfect combination of soil, altitude and climate at Mt Matutum to nurture the plants. “Quality Before Quantity”
  • ◼ ◼ ◼ More than Fair Trade - The coffee is produced in partnership with the B’laan tribe, the traditional residents of this land. They get paid for their labour with wages far in excess of ‘fair trade’ standards, in appreciation of the hard work involved in collecting and processing the beans.
  • ◉ ◉ ◉ Trusted by Gourmets Worldwide - Customers of this coffee value the exceptionally high quality of this product
  • ◨ ◨ ◨ Very smooth taste with unique aroma. It's cherished by connoisseurs around the globe. Order today and taste it yourself.

Coffee Kopi Luwak

The most world’s expensive coffees are the Kopi Luwak. The strange method of producing this coffee is the major factor making this coffee very costly. The coffee is usually made from some coffee beans that are already digested by an Indonesia animal like cat that is commonly known as civet cat or palm civet. This is also the primary reason why the coffee variety is referred to as civet cat or the cat poop coffees.

These cat feces/wastes are collected and processed to finishing to be sold as the famous coffee, Kopi Luwak. The coffee has a very unique flavor profile and other properties. Is value is defined by its scarcity, peculiar production method, high demand, unique taste and actually it the world’s most expensive coffee type.

Pricing of Kopi Luwak Coffee

While a normal cup of cup will go for about two to five dollars in just an ordinary coffee shop, the kopi luwak coffee goes for about 35 to 100 dollars per cup at a similar shop. Half kilo gram or pound of kopi luwak coffee goes for about 100 t0 600 dollars while average coffee will just go for roughly three to ten dollars per the same amount.

Production of the coffee luwak is about 500 to about 1000 pounds or 250-500kg annually while number one coffee producer in the world Brazil produces averagely 900 tons kg (mio tons yearly).

What’s the big deal with the Kopi Luwak coffees?

The producing process of the coffees makes the big difference. The plant used for producing the kopi luwak coffee is some ever green indigenous of Asia and Africa and tropical evergreen crop. The plant was also, around the 1600s, imported by the Latin America.

The coffee beans are by fact seeds which contain a protection against animals, the caffeine. However, this is immune to the cat known as the civet. This cat belongs to the mammal viverridae family and is a relatively small animal. These animals usually feed on the very ripe coffee cherries in the Indonesian nation. Therefore they like harvest the beans when ripe thus producing good quality coffees. This cat is locally known as the luwak.

Digestion of the coffee cherries

When the cat eats the coffee cherries, the pulp and cherries are digested living only the coffee seeds/beans undigested. The beans undergo some fermentation and thus giving the kopi luwak its great and unique flavor. The cat then removes the coffee beans as feces after about twenty four hours. In the south eastern Asia the feces from this cat are treasures and are usually got from the farmers to be processed as coffee.

The coffees are then washed and dried. They are the pounded to remove the skin go through sorting and finally roasted. Not that this cat is wild and eat the coffees at their own leisure.

Brewing kopi luwak coffee

Kopi luwak coffee is brewed like any other coffee both using French press, espresso or even the pour over and dripping method. However not that to enjoy the most out of the kopi luwak coffee do not use flavoring ingredients such as cream, milk and sugar as you will not be able to get the rich special flavor. Do not kill or cover the taste but rather just enjoy it.

Important to note

It is very important to note that kopi luwak coffee is produced is usually animal authentic and friendly. This suggests that the animal have independently and freely eaten the coffee cherries from the farmers coffee gardens and then produced them as waste. These feces are what the farmers collect in their farms and sell for processing as coffee. Since the coffees attract very high prices though they scarce, the farmers are trying to engineer methods to produce more coffees using UN ethical methods.

Producing fake coffee luwak

Almost more than 70 percent of kopi luwak coffee found in the market is not the genuine kopi luwak or is not a hundred percent pure. Even some Indonesian business people are packaging fake low grade coffee commodities under the banner of coffee luwak and getting good money like 300 dollars per 500 kg coffee.

Use of caged or farmed luwak to produce coffee

Animal harmless coffee seeds are collected on the coffee farms and them collected by the farmers for roasting. However some farmers started to use UN natural method to produce the coffees so as to benefit from the lucrative market. They are no longer concerned about the quality coffee produced naturally but the money coming from selling the coffee beans.

For this reason the coffee farmers have found several civets and domesticated them feeding them on the coffee cherries so that they can out put it as feces. This is an animal enslaving activity and actually does not produce the high quality coffee produced from the wild cat. Since these animals are wild, they fight when closed together in one place and then they eventually scum to death owing to distress to be wild again.

Quality of wild versus the farmed civets

Traditionally the luwak animal only fed on the best and ripe coffee fruits and are of course produce the pest coffee quality with automated filters. On the other hand the coffee produced from the caged civet cats is not from the best coffee cherries but the offered to the cats by the farmers to fight hungry.

Wild civets fetch and choose the coffee cherries from a bush like environment which offers more variety as compared to the domesticated where they sought just from a few in a container offered by the farmers. Most of the times the cats do not feed on anything else apart from the coffee fruits since this is only what the farmers feed them.

Where coffee luwak is produced

This variety coffee is fetched from the coffee growing regions in the country of Indonesia especially the nihuta in Lintong and north of Sumatra Island. The coffee is from the Arabica beans and is good quality. The coffees are collected from the coffee plantation owners by a small farmer’s organic coffee organization in the region.

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