Best Lavazza Coffees in 2023

Lavazza Coffee is a company from Italy that is known for its great line of coffee bean production. Additionally, the company also manufactures the best espresso coffee machines. The coffee made by Lavazza Coffee has held the taste of the people for more than 120 years and is synonymous with Italian quality.

#1 Coffee Cup News - Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, light-Medium Espresso Roast, 2.2 Pound (Pack of 1) ,Pre
  • One bag of 2.2 lb Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend
  • Roast: Light/ Medium
  • Taste: Mild and creamy
  • Aromatic Notes: Hazelnut and brown sugar
  • Blend: 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta
#2 Coffee Cup News - Lavazza Espresso Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Roast, 2.2 Pound Bag (Packaging May Vary) Premium Q
  • One 2.2 pound bag of Lavazza Espresso whole bean coffee
  • Roast: Medium
  • Intensity: 5/10 Delicate
  • Aromatic Notes: Fruity and Floral
  • Blend: 100% arabica
#3 Coffee Cup News - Lavazza Crema e Aroma - dark roast Coffee Beans, 2.2-Pound Bag - Pack of 2
  • Suitable for espresso (fine grinding) and drip coffee (coarse grinding) preparations
  • Lavazza Whole Coffee Beans
  • Strong, full-flavored, medium-roast coffee with thick crema
  • Italy's favorite coffee
#4 Coffee Cup News - Lavazza Classico Ground Coffee Blend, Medium Roast, 12 Oz
  • One 12 oz bag of Lavazza Classico ground coffee
  • Roast: Medium
  • Intensity: 5/10
  • Taste: Delicate
  • Aromatic Notes: Dry Fruit
#5 Coffee Cup News - Lavazza Espresso Italiano Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Roast,Premium Quality Arabic, 2.2 Pound (P
  • One 2.2 pound bag of Lavazza Espresso Italiano whole bean coffee
  • Roast: Medium
  • Intensity: 5/10 Delicate
  • Aromatic Notes: Fruity and Floral
  • Blend: 100% arabica

Lavazza Coffee

The story behind Lavazza Coffee began back in 1895 when a young entrepreneur by the name of Luigi Lavazza opened a small grocery shop in Turin, Italy. At first, Luigi started off by selling consumables and dry goods. Later, he found out that his on-the-spot roasted coffees were a hit among the locals there. With the famous Italian craftsmanship and the finest attention to detail, Lavazza Coffee became a standard for prestige and quality for coffee more than 120 years later. The company is a symbol of Italian excellence.

Why Lavazza Coffee?

With relentless attention to detail and many decades worth of experience in the coffee field, Lavazza Coffee is the leading brand in Italy and has a presence in more than 60 countries around the world. They are also the market leaders in coffee pods, which are produced by millions for daily consumption.

You will also notice a full array of coffee-based blends and products. In fact, Lavazza Coffee has a reputation of always staying one step ahead in the game. The company has revolutionized the coffee industry with the invention of a tin that is vacuum-sealed. This allows them to keep the coffee beans fresh for a longer duration of time, thereby allowing it to travel further without the worries of the beans getting spoiled.

The company also sells state-of-the-art coffee machines via which you can enjoy the best espresso any time you want. With more than 300 intellectual property rights, innovation and Lavazza work hand-in-hand.

Different varieties of coffee

Lavazza Coffee produces coffee in various different formats. Some of the different blends available here are:

Lavazza Intenso Coffee

This coffee is from the new Lavazza range. It is based on Robusta beans, which makes this coffee dark roasted. You will also see chocolate and nuts in the packet. The Lavazza Intenso Coffee is a gold old-fashioned coffee that hits hard. But, as strong as it may sound, the coffee is not harsh and you will not find any metallic aftertaste, which is a common phenomenon is most dark Robusta roasts. The cream is very velvety.

Lavazza Vivace Coffee

The company has had stuck with their classic branding for years now. The Lavazza Vivace Coffee is a mid-strength coffee and a super-fine espresso grind. It is very strong and grainy. It has a very intense aroma and is quite penetrating, but the sweetness prevails over the bitter smell. The taste is very decisive, which is the result of a strong roasting. But, it tastes quite delicious.

Lavazza Caffe Crema

The Lavazza Caffe Crema can be gulped down very smoothly. It is a medium coffee that you can take all day long for drinking from a big cup. It is a potent brew and has a very intense and creamy texture. The sweetness prevails while drinking and the aroma is very consistent. It is a perfect balance between bitterness and sweetness.

Lavazza Crema e Gusto Coffee

The Lavazza Crema e Gusto Coffee has a very glitzy and nice packaging. You will definitely like it because it is oozing of tasteful Italian design. This coffee will end up with a creamy foam sitting on top of your cup of coffee. This is also one of the most pocket-friendly varieties of coffee at Lavazza Coffee. Each coffee bean is bought from different places and is medium roasted to create the Lavazza Crema e Gusto Coffee.

Lavazza Espresso Coffee

The Lavazza Espresso Coffee is a strong but mellow variation of coffee you get from the company. The taste of the espresso remains in your mouth in a nice way. It is also very easy to prepare a cup of this coffee. Even the packaging of this coffee shows continental sophistication and great quality. Also, this coffee comes in a vacuum-sealed packet; hence, you do not have to worry about the quality of the roasted coffee.

Lavazza Coffee Machines

As stated above, the Lavazza Coffee company also manufactures top-of-the-line coffee machines. It is called the A Modo Mio and is manufactured in partnership with Electrolux, one of the biggest household appliance companies in the world. The Modo Mio encompasses several models that are capable of catering to almost everyone, right from a laid back owner who just loves a normal morning cup of coffee to the most hardcore coffee connoisseur.

Some of the best coffee machines of Lavazza include:


Lavazza’s flagship coffee maker, the Fantasia has a very elegant and modern design and fitted with a range of great features. It has an in-built milk frothing system, adjustable cup sizes, scheduled brewing functionality, and customizable froth, coffee, and milk quantities. It is completed with automatic capsule disposal and a large water tank.

Espria Plus

The Espria Plus by Lavazza brings in a simple and compact body with one-touch controls, which will allow you to make your cup of coffee without having to face many troubles. The water tank is placed outside and transparent for easy replenishment. The drainage grille is made of stainless steel. With overall metal housing, the Espria Plus will last for many years. You also get a complimentary coffee starter pack that will introduce you to the world of Lavazza coffee.


A simple and easy-to-use espresso machine, the Minu is the sleekest and smallest coffee machine manufactured by Lavazza. It is an easy-to-operate knob that allows you to select your desired amount of espresso. After that, the appliance will brew the espresso automatically. Despite its size, the Minu is in no shortage of features like automatic shutdown function, adjustable temperature, and cup height, etc.

It should be noted that all of the Lavazza coffee machines come with a year’s manufacturing warranty, giving you peace of mind in case something goes wrong with the appliance.

Known all over the world for excellence and quality, Lavazza continues to honor and pursuit its 120 years of tradition when it comes to discovery and innovation. The company is focused on different types of projects but will make sure to strive for a future that is grounded in tradition and paved in consequences.

The constancy and commitment of the producers form the very basis of this incredible success of Lavazza Coffee Company. The company’s importance in the field of coffee has been increasing year after year. While new innovations are always in sight, the products preserve the age-old goodness that has always been the fundamental principle of the Lavazza Coffee Company.

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