Best Magnum Exotics Coffees in 2022

Most people around the world cannot imagine life without their daily dose of coffee. With so many varieties of coffee that is grown all around the world, there are plenty of choices for modern connoisseurs and coffee consumers.

Right from the coffees grown in the local estates to premium instant coffee, there is something or the other available for everyone in the world. From big FMCG companies to a few boutique brands, coffee companies and firms are all trying to capture the taste and the attention of the consumer. But only the best prevail. Fortunately, one coffee company falls under this category – Magnum Exotics Coffees.

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Magnum Exotics Coffees

The Magnum Exotics Coffees Roasters started off as a family business. Kevin Kihnke, or also lovingly known as The Big Bean, is the owner of the roaster and a coffee connoisseur himself. Kevin has been into the world of coffee for more than 25 years and brings in a very heavy and caffeinated approach into the company.

Kevin developed a taste for coffee when he was engaged in a late-night study session while at college, like most college students. This encouraged him to try and pursue a career in the emerging wholesale and specialty coffee business. It was at this time that the coffee specialization business began to bloom and Magnum Exotics Coffees has been forefront in this sector ever since!

At first, the business endeavors included co-packing for other coffee roasters. But Kevin quickly moved to roasting and packing his own batch of coffees. Kevin soon gained a lot of passion and knowledge about the coffee industry and later became an expert in private label programs like tea packaging and creating custom coffee.

Why Magnum Exotics Coffees?

Under the guidance of Kevin Kihnke, Magnum Exotics Coffees has become one of the leading private label coffee suppliers in America. This full-fledged roaster delivers specialty tea and coffee all around the world, representing your brand of taste. The company is fully dedicated to producing the best private label and brand specialty tea and coffee with the help of only the best ingredients.

With more than a decade’s worth of expertise and experience in the coffee market, Magnum Exotics Coffees works with brands personally to deliver a customizable cup of specialty coffee, syrup or tea.

Where are the coffee beans and tea leaves grown?

Magnum Exotics Coffees takes its responsibility to deliver the best-quality products very seriously. The company owns and operates an independent sourcing company called Cafe Trading, and makes sure to spend money and time to send their tea and coffee experts to parts of Central America, Africa, and Indonesia, in search of the most stunning coffee beans and tea leaves.

Magnum Exotics Coffees officials make sure to meet up with the farmers and ensure that sustainable agricultural practices are being observed. The coffee beans are tasted and sampled at various stages of growth before being harvested. Magnum Exotics Coffees are sourced directly from coffee farms that are located in the highest altitudes of any mountain range.

Different blends from different nations

Not only premium gourmet beans, but Magnum Exotics Coffees also source coffee beans from different parts of the world. You will find coffee bean blends from exotic locations like Jamaica and Hawaii as well. You have a wide range of coffee blends to choose from, each having its own unique aromas and flavors. If you love varieties, then Magnum Exotics Coffees is the one roaster for you. There is a reason why Magnum Exotics Coffees is so popular around the world.

Some great blend of coffee here are:

  • 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain: This is a medium roast coffee that is rich, highly aromatic and full of flavors.
  • New Organic Peru: This is a USDA-certified organic coffee that has a full body with a smooth finish. This fantastic cup of coffee is robust and aromatic.
  • Hawaiian-Hazelnut: This is a classic coffee flavor that is known for its rich aroma and brilliant flavor.

For the Magnum Exotics menu, you have:

  • Kona High Mountain Blend: This blend of ground coffee is grown in the high mountainous regions of Hawaii. It is a perfect blend of moderate acidity and light taste.
  • Costa Rica Tarrazu Ground: This flavor of coffee has a very brilliant fragrant and a taste that cannot be simply matched. It is light, clean, and has a very unique silky taste.
  • Organic French Roast: This is an OCIA-certified organic coffee that has been cleared by the USDA as well. It is the flavor of dark roasted beans with smooth finishes and a full body. The taste is nicely balanced.
  • New Organic Sumatra: This coffee is certified by USDA and the OCIA as organic coffee. It has a wonderful and rich full body that has a smooth finish and a well-balanced and aromatic aroma.

For the taste of the exotic, you can try out:

  • French Roast: This is delicious and dark coffee that will remind you of the Parisian nights. It is available in ground only.
  • Organic Rainforest Blend: This is a full-bodied and smooth whole coffee bean that is filled with lively and acidic notes, thereby giving it a unique tang.

Some custom-packed flavors include:

  • Colombia Supremo decaf (decaf): This Supremo is a medium-roasted coffee that has a mellow fully body, slightly nutty and has a gentle acidity.
  • Amaretto (flavored): This flavored coffee has a taste of amaretto, which is creamy, light, and delightful tang.
  • Boulevard Blend (Regular): This regular coffee is an aromatic and robust mixing of coffees from Guatemala, Indonesia, South America, and Africa. It is a combination of medium-dark roasted coffees.

Apart from the above, Magnum Exotic Coffees roaster also manufactures gift baskets and crown cups of different flavors like Kona Blend, Jamaican Blue, Peppermint Mocha, etc.

Brand standout

As said above, Magnum Exotics Coffees is one of the leading private label coffee industries. This means that if you are a new coffee company, Magnum Exotics Coffees will help your brand grow its name. Magnum Exotics Coffees will provide you with private label products that will positively help your brand shine. As you already know, new coffee brands are springing up on a regular basis, hence being different and unique is very important.

From the above, we have seen that Magnum Exotics Coffees not only provides the best coffee and tea made from the finest coffee beans and tea leaves respectively, it also does something that other coffee brands do not – they will help your brand standout if you are a new and emerging coffee brand. If you just love coffee, then you will be glad to know that you can also purchase your own brand of coffee beans.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020