Best Manatee GOURMET Coffees in 2022

There has been an increasing interest in Manatee Coffee, a Canadian coffee producer, amongst coffee lovers and for good reasons too. The company produces some of the finest coffee varieties that have unique and delectable tastes. The coffee is easy to prepare, is quite nutritious, and has an aroma that is subtle but energizing nevertheless.

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Manatee Gourmet Coffees

Manatee coffees are known to provide a refreshing flavor that can re-invigorate your mornings like never before. Its secondary aftertastes are quite delectable that will leave you wanting for more. All the beans are produced in the shade of rainforests which makes them fully organic products.

The company is also a Fair Trade company and yet has managed to make available its products at highly competitive rates. The bags are whole bean and it is necessary to ground them beforehand which works to bring out the different layers of flavors in the coffees.


It is fairly easy to prepare Manatee Coffees. Of course, a coffee grinder is necessary. Once the bag is opened, the aroma of the coffee should will fill up the space and get you started for the day. Grind the beans as soon as you open as the ground coffee releases its flavor by doing so.

If left for some time, it is likely that the coffee will absorb flavors from the air around and alter its makeup. Manatee Coffees are not instant coffees, and need to be brewed. For this purpose you will require a coffee filter into which you will put the coffee and brew through the coffee maker.


Depending on the product that you get, you can get anywhere from a medium roast coconut and hazel flavor, to a dark roast with a balanced and smooth profile. The former is not the strongest coffee flavor that you are likely to encounter as it is only a medium roast. You are more likely to find the flavor of a vague fruity essence with coconut, caramel, or hazelnut undertones.

The medium roast is quite low on acid which ensures that the flavors can reach their true potential when cut with creamer or sugar. There can be a slightly bitter aftertaste but that is the essence of organic coffee which contains no artificial flavoring.


The coffee has a low acid blend that ensures that it doesn’t irritate or agitate the throat or the stomach. Other than providing an invigorating kick, it also contains vitamin B2, B3, magnesium, and potassium. Though drinking coffee won’t contribute too much to one’s daily recommended allowance of essential nutrients, it is always good to know that the thing you’re consuming doesn’t consist of any harmful chemicals. This is because the Manatee Coffees are composed of 100% Arabica coffee which is completely organic.


After use, it is best to store Manatee Coffees sealed in a bag with the top folded. Keeping the bag open is not recommended at all as coffee is known to absorb flavors from foods nearby that can disrupt its natural compositions and greatly affect the taste and aroma. It is not ideal to make a second pot of coffee with the same beans as you will only get one-third – or even one-fourth – of its natural potency. The grounds can be thrown in the trash or the compost as coffee makes for excellent compost.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020