In today’s time, coffee is the most popular energy-boosting drink that is consumed by people from all corners of the world. There are some coffees that can be categorized under the elite category of the most expensive coffees in the world. The reason why they are so expensive is because of how incredibly rare they are. And, as we all know, the rarer an item, the most expensive it becomes.

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Most Expensive Coffees in 2020

Coffee on a global scale

Even before we sit down to determine what the ‘normal’ and ‘high’ price of coffee should be, you do need to remember that the cost expectations are not universal and objective. For people hailing from the developed section of the world, coffee is an affordable luxury.

When coffee is reduced to a commodity or manufactured goods, it can get easy to forget that there are millions of people who are depending on it for their daily livelihood.


Why is coffee an expensive business overall?

Here are some reasons why coffee can be a bit expensive:

  1. It is a risky business

The coffee industry is a volatile business in more than a single way – shifts in the consuming trends can create ripples across coffee-producing countries, the commercial market might fluctuate due to unseen circumstances, experiment and innovation come with the potential for a reward or a loss, and the coffee plants being vulnerable and delicate.

In most cases, the reason for paying higher process cost, and therefore higher prices, for coffee is a way to compensate for those risks.

  1. Less is always more

You will find a lot of issues that can be threatening to a good coffee supply chain. However, these threats are the reason why some coffees have such heavy price tags. Climatic changes are shrinking the average size of the farms, the harvest season, and the available arable land all over the world.

Additionally, ecological nuisances like infestations and diseases, as well as frost and natural disasters, play their respective roles in lowering the yields, which results in prices over the roof. Then there are also low ages, industrialization, and immigration. The more obstacles are available in coffee production, the costlier is the price.

  1. Many hands make the art

On average, coffee beans are handled by approximately 30 pairs of hands before it reaches to you in the packaged form. While most of us already know about pickers and planters, the roaster and the barista, there are also some entities in the middle that can drive up the cost.

While there are some middlemen that can be cut-off from the production line, some play important roles in the creation process. For instance, they sort out the defective beans from the bunch to maintain the quality; or they push the rakes across the pile of coffee as they are drying under the sun. Then you also have people who carry the beans from one place to another while others manufacture the packaging. These are just some of the people who work behind the scenes for delivering your daily cup of joe.

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