Best New England Coffees in 2022

Coffee making is an art that only a few have perfected to achieve perfect blends that taste unique and contain a memorable aroma. New England Coffee is one such brand that goes back a hundred years and has used the past century to perfect the quality and flavor profile of their offerings. Their time-tested roasting technique relies on precision and the expertise of the human element that only they can deliver. This results in coffee that maintains its rich flavors and quality cup after cup.

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New England Coffee

New England Coffee is a true old world brand established in Boston, Massachusetts about a hundred years ago in 1916 in the form of the New England Tea & Coffee Company. The company was founded by the brothers Menelaos Kaloyanides and George Kaloyanides who immigrated to New England from Greece in 1910.

What was originally started as a restaurant in 1910, slowly developed into a coffee business that was owned and overseen by the two brothers. The consistent quality of the coffee brews offered at the restaurant led to the slow spread of its renown through the decades which led it its increased demands.

By the 1960s the company had started developing a healthy roster of commercial clients who sourced their beans from New England Coffee. The year 1999 saw New England Coffee further establish its name in the coffee industry with deliveries offered all over the country in the form of packaged coffee batches retailing in supermarkets.

The coffee offered by New England is sourced from places are far-flung as Central America, South America, the East Indies, and Eastern Africa. The people associated with the brand travel to the farms in these places to oversee and carefully select the best batches of coffee beans. These are then put through the exacting processing techniques of the brand to lend them their unique and consistent flavor profile.

Why New England Coffee?

Every coffee brand attempts to offer something unique to its customers in order to stand out in a market that is as heavily saturated with brands as there are consumers. New England Coffee is one of those brands that has already set its identity as a widely loved coffee maker and need no gimmicks to appeal to people’s taste.

There are many advantages to the New England Coffee brews that makes the brand a must try for all coffee lovers. These range from their position as one of the oldest coffee brands in America and as such, something of a heritage to their great flavors achieved through over 100 years of dedication to quality. Here is a close look at a few of the reasons as to what makes New England brews so special.

Overall attention to detail

New England Coffee is closely involved in every aspect of the coffee making process. This starts from overseeing the cultivation of the plants and the flowering to the picking of the beans as well as it’s drying and processing. This ensures that the company has complete control of the coffee making leaving nothing to chance. It is due to this reason that their coffee blends have been able to maintain their high standards of quality and taste for over a century.


The quality of each brew made from New England Coffee is unparalleled. According to data, about 75% of the world’s coffee yield comprises of Arabica beans out of which only 10% are of good quality. New England is especially dedicated to selecting the best quality beans to create premium quality blends.

Unlike a lot of store-bought coffee or the ones offered at chain stores, each New England blend has a distinct flavor and aroma that is discernible the moment you open a pack. Each of the blends has been consistently reviewed to be high on quality that has been honed by over a hundred years worth of expertise.

Rich Flavors

New England Coffee blends are known for their flavorful brews. But apart from the distinct flavors and aroma have been praised to high heavens by their dedicated customers, they also offer a range of coffee flavors that lend their coffee a unique profile. These range from eggnog and pumpkin spice to chocolate raspberry and maple cinnamon French toast. These flavors are quite a ride to more adventurous coffee lovers who are not coffee purists who like their coffee to only stick to its own flavor profile.

Roasting technique

It is the specialized roasting technique applied by New England Coffee that lends its brews the distinct smoothness in taste and its characteristically consistent quality. The company realizes that different varieties of coffee beans need different time-bound roasting processes. As such, they are flexible with their techniques to make way for the requirements of each batch of coffee they select.

The brand also highly values the human element in the roasting process and knows that there is no substitute for human expertise. They develop and nurture talents who are then tasked with overseeing every element of the process to ensure the premium quality of their products.

Variety of blends

The large variety of coffee blends by the brand is another feather in its already overcrowded cap. New England Coffee offers both medium and dark roasted coffee to its customers. While medium roasted coffee retains more of its essence, dark roasted coffee is known for its richer taste and aroma. Their line of flavored coffee adds an exciting component to their coffee line as it presents their customers with the opportunity to experiment with various flavors. Furthermore, they also offer seasonal and decaf coffee.

Multi-purpose Coffee grounds

The New England website offers a host of recipes for their coffee grounds that are innovative and exciting. While one is called Iced Coffee Slush, another is named Mocha Malt Shoppe Coffee Rubbed Steak. The later is an innovative use of ground coffee which involves rubbing coffee and cocoa on to your steak before cooking it over a hot grill. These recipes along with others are worth a try and you should definitely take a look at the recipe section of their website.

Accessories and paraphernalia

New England Coffee has a range of accessories and assorted paraphernalia available for sale for dedicated customers. These include the usual coffee items ranging from coffee mugs and tumblers to gift sets comprising of single serve packs and flavored coffee sets. The tumblers and mugs are sleek looking and well designed while the cold coffee tumbler is tight enough to hold protect the ice from melting too soon.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020