Best Nicaraguan Coffees in 2022

Nicaragua coffee bean flavors vary greatly. Most of the beans grown in Nicaragua have a common flavor of smooth and medium body with bright mild acidity that is coupled by fruity, well defined snap and crispy flavor. The beans also have a wine like taste.

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Nicaragua coffee

Nicaraguan coffee have it good and bad time since it initiation to the economy of the country. Though the industry received government support in the 20th century it was on quantity not quality. During this same century the coffee growing industry was severally disrupted by a number of factors including imports ban when the cold war was active. Around the end of the 20th century, there were about ten thousands coffee farmers with around 300 000 workers.

Growing conditions

The best Nicaragua coffee growing regions have elevations varying about 3600 to 5250 feet above mean sea level. The altitudes and size of plantation varies all over the country and some regions are relatively lower. Most of the Nicaragua coffee is high grown under the sheds.

Varieties of coffees grown in Nicaragua

Nicaragua coffee growing mostly consists of Organic Arabica beans which are responsible for the high quality Nicaragua coffee. The varieties grown include Caturra, typica, bourbon, red and yellow Catuai, Maragogype, Maracaturra, Catimor and Pacamara. Maracaturra is a hybrid of the Caturra and maragogype.


Coffee harvesting in Nicaragua normally takes place between October and February or March. Coffee is typically available in June and January after the coffee is already shipped out.

Processing Nicaraguan coffee

Though the coffee grown in Nicaragua is mostly processed using the washing method, other methods are also used.

Dry/ natural processing- the coffee beans are dried on the open sun on concrete or on sacks/any other method.

Wet processing method- this most popular method where the cherry covering the coffee bean is removed through wet washing using water.

Honey processing- this is a method between dry and wet processing.

Nicaraguan coffee taste

The Nicaragua coffee beans have lot of similarities with the rest of Central America beans only that they are overall mild. Since the coffee is grown like every part of the country, the flavors vary greatly. Most of the beans grown in Nicaragua have a common flavor of smooth and medium body with bright mild acidity that is coupled by fruity, well defined snap and crispy flavor. The aroma is usually sweet with notes of caramel, chocolate and citrus. The coffee can have a bittersweet, pleasant and balanced flavor.

Particular flavors range from floral, citrus, and mild fruitier and notes of nutty/toasty and chocolate with vanilla hints. The general profile of the coffee is reticent, self -controlled and strongly powerful with a variety of notes varying from one plant to the other.

Major coffee growing regions in Nicaragua

Coffee farms in Nicaragua are many with the nation being famous for large amounts of coffee production. These areas include Managua, Madriz and Estel??. However, besides the many coffee growing regions in the country, just a few of them grow good quality coffee beans.

Matagalpa coffee beans

This is a region to the northern region of Nicaragua and grows very good beans at high altitudes. The area has very rich volcanic soils coupled with typically tropical forest weather making it grow very great high end coffee beans.

Nueva Segovia coffee

Region to the north of Nueva Segovia have one of the rare type of coffee crops grown there. The beans have exciting and unique flavors such as floral with acidic properties. The beans produced from these region appeals to very many people in the world.


This is the best Nicaragua coffee production region. It is characterized by a tropical climate with high humidity and rich volcano soils which are responsible for coffee success in this region.

Roasting Nicaraguan coffee

The coffee varieties produced in Nicaragua can be favored by any roasting method as they are not ground specially with touchy details. They are very compatible with home roasting.

Basically for a tremendous experience a medium or dark roast will serve you right. The longer the roasting period the better, the richer and the more subtle the coffee is. For espresso brewing a Vienna/ city roast or dark roast of Nicaraguan beans are the best. Matagalpa and Jinotega beans are the perfect combination for making dark roast and the product is usually a dusky, deep and very balanced coffee cup.

Brewing Nicaraguan coffee

Since the Nicaragua coffee is well rounded there are very many options that go with this. It can give the very best product when for Americano or long black coffee. Milk based coffee drinks also sit well with this Nicaragua beans. Roasting the beans either dark or medium also gives them the ability to suit most brewing methods.

The coffees in Nicaragua are not only good as espresso, but also good as cold brewed. The cold brewing helps in dampening the acidic tone to give them a wine like taste. The cold brewing method also helps in delivering a good quality and well balanced overall flavor. Processing method of the coffee bean influences the taste and aroma of the coffee.

Production of the Nicaraguan coffee beans state

Though the industry have got it trying moment it is still among the 12 best coffee farming nations in the world. Most of the coffees produced in this country are exported to high profile nations such as the US.

Most of the beans and the best ones are grown organically though they are not all certified as organics. Lack of good infrastructures has greatly influenced this type of farming without necessarily using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This contributes to their natural and unique good flavors.

Major climate events like the area being prone to hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions have greatly affected the industry.

However, Nicaragua have withstand all this conditions and continued to produce tremendous high quantity and high quality. On top of that the country also has a reputation of producing gourmet coffee recently making its coffees to attract high and worthwhile prices.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020