Looking to boost your brain function like never before? Now is the time to switch to Nootropic coffees. With the benefits of both coffee and Nootropics, Nootropic coffees have become the talk of the town and have skyrocketed people’s productivity levels and mental well-being. With these coffees, never again would you have to experience brain fog or low levels of motivation.

#1 Coffee Cup News - SmartJava Organic Ground Coffee with Brain Boost, Improve Focus & Memory, Medium Roast, Healthy Coff
  • CREATIVE FOCUS: L-Theanine is a natural nootropic that has been clinically proven to elevate focus and concentration when combined with the natural caffeine in coffee.
  • MEMORY, CONCENTRATION, BRAIN ENERGY: Alpha GPC is a natural nootropic prized for its ability to improve memory, boost mental energy, and increase alertness.
  • BRAIN CELL PROTECTION: Antioxidants contained in turmeric and cinnamon have been shown to protect against age-related cognitive decline.
  • HEALTH & IMMUNITY: Vitamins B1, B6, B9, and B12 are key brain nutrients that fuel neurotransmitter growth and overall cognitive health.
  • ELEVATE MOOD: Vitamin D3 and Alpha GPC have both been shown to improve mood.
#2 Coffee Cup News - Wild Cocotropic Nootropic Superfood Powder - Raw Cacao with Reishi Mushroom Powder, Chaga Extract, R
  • Powerful health promoter: raw cocoa is blended with premium herbs and mushroom powders to make a delicious, nutritionally dense and mentally potent drink to support cognition, focus, immunity and health
  • Premium quality the Wild way: every batch of raw material is quality tested for heavy metal and microbial contamination and purity. All Cocotropic ingredients are non-GMO, grain-free, nut-free, soy-free, sugar-free small batch, allergen free and produced in small-batches
  • Easy to use: cocotropic powder is extremely versatile and can be added to coffee, tea, smoothies, shakes, or enjoyed alone with hot water and a dash of sweetener
  • Small artisan farmers: our mushrooms are grown by expert Chinese farmers that have been growing mushrooms in high-altitude mountainous regions for generations. Mushrooms are grown in greenhouses with carefully controlled light, water and temperature to ensure mushroom purity
  • 100% organic ingredients: Wild Cocotropic is made with all-natural superfood ingredients such as cocoa powder, reishi mushroom extract, raw maca, chaga mushroom extract, and turmeric powder to give your favorite beverages a clean and powerful boost
#3 Coffee Cup News - Mastermind Coffee Infinity Blend - Organic, Nootropic Infused High Elevation Coffee with Ashwagandha
  • NOOTROPIC COFFEE: Mastermind Coffee is a potent blend of Organic High Elevation Coffee combined with Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Eleuthero ingredients, which boosts mental clarity and provides all-day energy. It is easy to take and tastes amazing.
  • BEST-QUALITY COFFEE: Produced to the highest standards, Mastermind Coffee Co. supplies both Organic Coffee and delivers Adaptogenic herbal coffee ingredients to the body.
  • DARK ROASTED: Cultivated in the high elevations of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Dark Roasted to enhance its Rich Flavors!
  • PURE, ALL-NATURAL COFFEE BLEND: Mastermind Coffee is produced from 100% Organic Coffee, while containing Ayurvedic Herbal Ingredients.
  • GROUND COFFEE: This Gourmet Organic Coffee has been Ground from Whole Bean Coffee for the Perfect Drip.
#4 Coffee Cup News - ONNOR Nootropic Infused Arabica Coffee with Adaptogens, Cognizin® Citicoline, Lion's Mane Mushroom,
  • OPTIMIZING - Created to support and assist with focus and concentration, as well as with memory and learning, mental energy and mood, clarity, reduced brain fog and stress response, and other important cognitive activities
  • NATURAL - Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom extract with Rainforest Alliance Arabica Coffee
  • THINK CLARITY - Natural nootropics shown to support memory, focus & concentration; Recognised for its support of cognitive function, help kickstart your morning
  • PERFECT FOR ALL DIETS: Our vegan, paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free non-GMO and Soy Free. All natural ingredients.
  • TASTES SMOOTH: Tastes like coffee and not of mushrooms
#5 Coffee Cup News - Dark Roast Organic Whole Bean Coffee by Four Sigmatic | Fair Trade Coffee Beans Coated with Lion's M
  • BREWS SMOOTH, DARK, AND REMARKABLY CRASH-FREE — Each brew of our organic coffee beans creates a delicious cup of full-bodied, flavorful coffee without the bitter aftertaste. But that's where the ordinary ends.That coffee beverage is infused with some of the world's most nutrient-dense ingredients, creating an astoundingly effective cocktail of immunity-increasing, attention-amplifying superfoods.
  • WHY WOULD WE EVER COMBINE MUSHROOMS WITH COFFEE? — We love coffee, but it has its downsides. We took 250mg of organic Lion’s Mane (per serving), a functional, nootropic mushroom, which has been used around the world for centuries for increased focus and creativity, and combined it with our delectable, organic fair trade coffee. This unparalleled pairing means no jitters, and hours of crash-free FOCUS.
  • RISE AND REALLY, TRULY SHINE — Each cup contains 250mg of wild-harvested, organic Chaga. Known as "The King of Mushrooms," Chaga got its title from its incredible immune-supporting effects. Chaga is absolutely loaded with antioxidants. In fact, it is one of the most antioxidant-dense foods on the entire planet!
  • REMARKABLY ELEVATED COFFEE — Grown in the Marcala, La Paz region of Honduras, at 5,500 feet above sea level, these specialty-grade, single origin low acid coffee beans brew a decadently delicious coffee.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY SPEAKING, THIS COFFEE IS PRETTY MUCH MAGIC — Functional mushrooms have been used around the world for centuries to improve productivity, immune support, and more. Unfortunately, the majority of the mushroom supplement market aren't mushrooms at all, but rather the mycelium (basically the root system). At Four Sigmatic, we bring only the best of nature to your daily routine, so we always use the mushrooms' fruiting bodies which contain 15x more active ingredients than the mycelium!

Nootropic Coffee

Ever since their invention, Nootropics have won the hearts of many for their productive and wakefulness-promoting elements. Known as “smart drugs”, they are becoming more and more popular amongst the younger demographics. But what’s even more fascinating is their partnership with coffee to create Nootropic coffees.


Everyone already knows that coffee is good for you and for the promotion of brain function. On the other hand, there are Nootropics that are drugs that provide cognitive benefits to the brain such as mental clarity, focus, motivation, and cognition. They are completely safe to take with virtually no side-effects. Technically, coffee is a Nootropic as well. But Nootropic coffee is a match made in heaven that takes everything up a notch.

It has been noted that Nootropic promotes neurogenesis or the growth of new brain cells. But some people are wary of taking Nootropics alone and prefer to have it taken as a blend of Nootropic and coffee. Other than providing one with brain-centric benefits, there are various nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins that work to boost your immune system, improve heart and metabolic conditions, and keep you from getting exhausted.


We would be remiss if we don’t mention the variety of flavors available for you to try out. Everything from a smooth, classic coffee texture, to chocolaty and fruity hints, to spicy overtones – there’s a lot that can satisfy your palette. You can pick form a smooth and subtle light roast or go for a truly bold and eye-opening dark roast. Since these Nootropic coffees are low in acidity, you can indulge as much as you want without worrying about acid reflux or stomach irritations.


Prepare your Nootropic coffee the same way you would your regular coffee. You can choose either to have it cold or as a hot brew. Mix with milk and sugar as you please and you’re good to go. All the coffee products come pre-ground so as to make it convenient for you to prepare your coffee.


The coffees are sourced from the top coffee producing countries of the world. Be it the Dominican Republic, the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, the Ethiopian prairies, or the hills of South America – the coffees are cherry-picked from the top producers in these regions. The coffees are ground and blended with the Nootropics in healthy amounts to provide you with a product that is equal parts savory and healthy.


All Nootropic coffee products are completely organic and the farming methods utilize sustainable practices so as to ensure the healthy growth of the coffee plants. The coffees are also certified organic, FairTrade compliant, and non-GMO verified. This should reassure users that every bit of coffee is completely natural and safe for consumption. 

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