Best Olde Brooklyn Coffees in 2022

While your regular run of the mill coffee is well and good for most days for most people, the true coffee connoisseurs with refined palettes know the value of a well-crafted cup of coffee excellence. It is to cater to these coffee lovers and the ones looking for that something extra, that Olde Brooklyn Coffee offers blends that are created to achieve gourmet perfection. Like everything Brooklyn, these coffees are also replete with attitude and artisan craftmanship.

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Olde Brooklyn Coffee

Olde Brooklyn Coffee, as the name suggests, is everything you would expect a brand flaunting the Brooklyn name to be. It is a coffee maker specializing in artisan coffee to cater to a clientele that understands the value of a well-crafted cup of coffee. The secret of the signature taste and aroma of their coffee is highly sought after and lies in the slow roasting technique that their coffee beans are subjected to.

Olde Brooklyn Coffee sources its coffee beans from all over the world and countries that have the richest coffee cultivating heritage. This is done to ensure that the quality of the beans is unparalleled as attaining high-quality is half the job done to creating good coffee. The list of regions that supply beans to this brand includes ones in North, Central, and South America along with parts of Africa and Asia such as India, Indonesia, etc.

The other half of the job to creating good quality coffee is the roasting process and Olde Brooklyn has its own unique method that lends their coffee the distinct taste. Furthermore, due to the location of the distribution centers, they also initiate their roasting process in smaller batches to ensure that every client gets a fresh batch.

Why Olde Brooklyn Coffee?

There are many kinds of coffee options available to coffee lovers these days. This is due to the fact that the drink has become so popular around the world that to meet demands hundreds of coffee places have come up in the country and beyond. The market is over saturated with brews that all tend to taste quite similar though a few stand out due to their quality.

Olde Brooklyn Coffee is one such coffee maker that offers premium quality artisan coffee brews that stand out quite easily. If you have been sufficiently intrigued about this brand yet, then you must be wondering about the various qualities of their blends. So, without further ado, here is a closer look at all the reasons to try out Olde Brooklyn Coffee.

The freshness of the coffee

The taste of the brew you get out of a batch of coffee depends on the freshness of the beans be they whole beans or pre-ground beans. The freshness of the coffee is determined by how long ago it was roasted and the amount of time it has spent in a packaged form. In order to ensure that the coffee you make out of Olde Brooklyn Coffee packs is completely fresh, the brand pays special attention to the quantity of beans that are roasted at a time.

Unlike other brands that roast and process all the coffee beans right after they are sourced, Olde Brooklyn only does in small batches. This technique ensures that the time interval between the coffee is roasted and packed and its shipping out to you is quite less.

The difference this process makes to your coffee will be evident the moment you open a bag of Olde Brooklyn Coffee. The coffee beans contained within will carry none of the musty scents that is characteristically present in most other store-bought coffees.

The Roast quality

The quality of the roasts offered by Olde Brooklyn Coffee is unmatched due to the special roasting technique they apply. This constitutes subjecting their beans to a slow roasting process that works to bring out all the essential flavors carried within the beans without compromising the essence of the coffee beans.

Furthermore, Olde Brooklyn Coffee also offers its beans in different degrees of roast that range from light to dark roast. The lighter roasts allow the beans to retain their essential flavors that lend it a more complex profile, while the darker roast lends the coffee a smoky quality. The availability of both roasts ensures that customers can opt for one or the other depending on what they prefer their coffee to taste like.

Whole Bean Coffee

True connoisseurs of coffee tend to swear by coffee in whole bean form. This is due to the fact that in the case of coffee that comes pre-ground, you have no control of control over the level of coarseness or fineness of the ground. The degree of coarseness of a batch of coffee that greatly affect its taste and pre-ground coffee does not offer you any leeway in manipulating the ground and the taste it accords.

On the other hand, whole bean coffee allows you the flexibility to experiment with the degree of coarseness and achieve the exact fine form that suits your tastes. Olde Brooklyn Coffee understands the need for coffee lovers to figure out the perfect coarseness level that tickles their taste buds and consequently makes their blends available in whole bean form.

The blends

Olde Brooklyn Coffee offers three different blends that coffee lovers can try out. These include the French Roast Whole Bean Coffee, the Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, and the Brazilian Santos American Light Roast. All thee different blends come in 5-pound packs. These blends are all subjected to the same slow roasting technique that is the signature of this brand, bringing out an even flavor.

The Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee is marked as one of the world’s strongest coffee blends containing about twice the amount of caffeine than your average coffee. this blend is designed to give its consumers a boost of energy to get through the day. On the other end of the range is the American Light Roast that conserves all the mild flavorful notes that form a complex palette.

The Premium pricing

The pricing of the different blends offered by Olde Brooklyn Coffee closely reflects the quality and level of work that has been put into creating these artisan blends. While the price may seem slightly on the higher end of the spectrum, each of their blends are worth every penny due to the sheer quality that is converged in each pack of their coffee. The brand is targeted at a more upscale category of consumers who can appreciate its finesse.

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Last Updated: 07/22/2020