Best Peaberry Coffees in 2022

Peaberry coffee is also referred to as carcacol/caracole meaning snail in Spanish. It is naturally occurring type of mutation and it is popular for its fantastic flavors and scarcity. One cherry contain just one bean of the sought and it is also round shaped.

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Peaberry coffee

Usually a single coffee cherry contain two coffee beans and they are kind of flat in the sides that they face or touch each other. They are like each other’s halves (like peanut halves). However about 5 percent of the coffee, there this special coffee beans and are single bean in each cherry. The cherry does not look like a peanut halve but rounded. This is the bean usually referred to the peaberry.

Though people believe it rich flavored like two beans, the fact that it is a very rare bean makes it very special and also expensive. Though most coffee lunatics believe the coffee is more flavored and sweeter, some people still insist the difference cannot be detected.

How to select

It is not possible to tell the difference between a normal bean and a peaberry by just seeing the coffee cherry. For the producers to sell this kind of coffee separately and for what it is worth, it is hand-picked after harvesting and processing.

For the farmers to select the peaberry in the farm and sell for themselves, they do processing in the farm to separate the coffee cherry from the bean so as to hand pick the peaberry bean.

It is sad that a significant number of the peaberry coffee do not get identified and are usually sold as normal coffee for roasting. In some occasions the farmers will select these small coffee beans one by one from the rest and then have them sold as premium products. They are expensively sold because of the great and rich taste, their scarcity and also the hard work involved.

How the peaberry bean develops

Owing to the fact that the bean is the only one found in a single cherry, it grows round since it is not competing for space with any other (does not have one flat side like the normal two beans). It is oval like or pea with a smooth edge. To top it up, the bean develops into a relatively smaller bean unlike the usual two beans in one cherry. The bean usually forms to elongated appearance after the roasting process.

Some people tend to think that the bean is a crop variety of its own while others assume it is a defect which is generic leading to underdevelopment into two beans. The fact is that the bean actually develops naturally and normal. Mind you it is a premium quality.

What might be the reason for having a peaberry?

While it can be argued that the bean is as result of endosperm growth failure or failure of the ovule being fertilized the ultimate cause may differ. Other factors being connected to the formation of the coffee peaberry include environment conditions, lack of enough pollination or a generic defect. The bean is most common in plants growing in severe conditions such that pollination agents like win, gravity and insects got a harder time reaching the coffee flower stigma for fertilization.

Why so special?

A peaberry coffee is considered a super quality bean since it extracts all the flavors plus nutrients which would have been shared by two beans thus being very rich and flavorful. There are people who say the bean have a bright sweeter and juicier flavor as compared to the other beans.

Since the bean is rounded, roasting is uniform making a super well developed flavors. Something else is that the peaberry bean is the best quality ever because it is hand -picked.

How the peaberry coffee is roasted

Since the bean is small in size as compared to the usual beans it got to be roasted slightly different. There are a few things that should be addressed

  • Mess size used in the roasting chamber like the drum. Something do about the size can be sought out by having beans in the cylinder and the shake it to know how many beans will be lost while roasting before you start batch roasting. This is one reason why the size of the peaberry coffee challenges during roasting.
  • Since the beans are relatively small and rounded, they tend to burn out quite fast than the regular large bean thus requiring smaller temperatures.
  • The time for roasting is also reduced to avoid the being burnt for the same reason that the roast really quick.
  • To roast the small coffee green beans, a sprouted bet technique for roasting coffee is recommendable.
  • Should be carefully supervised during the roasting process since hearing the pop sound as they crack may be harder. If not they may burn to some a level not intended.
  • The beans produce extra chaff and hard dealing with especially when using the drum method. For this reason air roasting for peaberry coffee is preferred since it separated the chaff with the coffees into a different chamber.

Several coffee roasters argue that it is quite challenging to roast the peaberry coffee as compared to the normal large bean. Attention to detail is required owning to the size and shape of the bean.

Steady and slow order is required to ensure consistency in roasting the whole bean and have the flavors well extracted. The fact that the bean needs special care just adds to the price of the coffee as well as demand respect from brewers.

Shopping for the best peaberry

As coffee is a special drink to those like it, having a more flavored and pleasant tasting coffee is very important. Since coffee berry got so many advantages and praised for its flavor fullness, it is worth choosing it.

Tanzanian peaberry is one of the most sought after coffee in the world. Though the country is not as popular as countries like brazil and other countries from south America like Costa Rica, it I a mystery and popular for sale than them.

The best peaberry coffee that is worth having besides the Tanzanian peaberry is Hawaii Kona peaberry.

Tips on enjoy your best peaberry coffee

Buy peaberry whole coffee bean

The first step to a good cup of coffee from any bean is using freshly ground coffee for brewing. Buying a peaberry coffee bean ma quite expensive but if you want that fantastic brew, paying the will do. Since a lot of work has been put in place and attention all the way from selecting the peaberry to processing it is not worth to lose such a treasure by buying the pre-ground coffees. The bean flavor is also believed to be very rich and a whole bean will preserve it the best way possible than a ground coffee.

Give the bean the respect it deserves when brewing

Besides having an expensive production cost, the bean is hand selected and not mixed with the batch of other beans. For this reason the bean is high end quality not to forget its shape allows it to get most flavors and more so the fact that it is a one bean per cherry variety. It is characterized by more sweetness and juicy notes coupled with intense floral aroma.

All this features can be well brought up by using hot off boiling water to avoid having the delicate flavor scorched by boiling water. Brew only what you can consume at a time to make much out of it.

Be choosy on the roasting method

If you want to enjoy the floral and fruity flavors of the peaberry, a light to medium roast will be just fine. A dark roast will mask the natural bean flavors by making them replaced by dark, roasting flavors.

A peaberry coffee bean can either be Robusta or Arabica. But since in general Robusta have an inferior flavor, a coffee Arabica peaberry bean will be much better tasting.


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Last Updated: 07/22/2020